SBI Cyber ​​Alert State Bank of India Find out the details of its customers for cyber fraud

SBI Alert Customer: State Bank of India, the largest public sector bank in the country, is constantly alerting its customers about cyber scams. Over the past few years, people have started using credit cards, debit cards and net banking instead of cash transactions. Nowadays cyber criminals are turning people into their victims in various ways.

These cybercriminals steal their accounts and all personal information by giving individuals various shopping offers or sending phishing links. After this, he transfers all the money of the client to the customers’ account in his account. Under such circumstances the suffering of the people disappears. State Bank has asked its customers to be vigilant about such phishing links and cybercrime.

The bank gave the information via tweet
When State Bank of India shares information by tweeting from its official Twitter handle, you are told without hesitation to click on any shopping offers, phishing links, cashback rewards and links sent via fake emails. By clicking on such links, your personal information will reach the criminals. After this, by attracting you with offers, they will get your bank details. They will then steal all the money in your account.

Do not forget and do not share personal information
To keep yourself safe from cyber fraud, be sure not to share your personal information with anyone.
Before clicking on any offer link, confirm the offer by clicking on the official website of the company.
Do not share your PAN card details, Aadhaar details (Aadhaar card), debit card and credit card PIN, card number with anyone.
Do not share your personal information on calls made by a telecom company.

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