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After depressing the body-mind, the sadhu-saints have a vision of equality. Through the practice of Swadharma, by worshiping the Lord with the almighty Bhagavad Gita, the ultimate truth appeared to him. He said this interview will be easy for everyone. The worldly power of the saints is a special thing.

Panjoba Sant Bhanudas Maharaj of St. Eknath is an example of this. He brought the idol of Sri Vithoba back to Pandharpur which he had taken to Vijayanagar. Vinob described the event as “nothing less than an establishment.” In short, worldly equality and ultimate equality may play an important role in the practice.

Chokha, Sena, Sawta, Gora, Janai and any other word of such sages also reveals the absolute truth. Vinoba chose the St. Chokha Mela family as the best example of a family reaching a transcendent place in the spiritual realm. The Chokha, Soyara, Nirmala, Banka and Karma families insisted on equality at the secular and spiritual levels. It is becoming clear that they understand the truth by thinking beyond the body and mind.

If anyone thinks that this ideal situation is possible in the case of saints, it is misunderstood. Suryaji Malusare was one of the few who stood out as the ideal for Vinob. In fact not much is known about Suryaji Malusare. When his brother Dharatirti fell on Sinhagad, Suryaji dismissed the Maratha soldiers.

Historians, although they find different clues, deny the incident. However Vinob seems to have understood the incident spiritually. Vinoba learned the philosophy of ‘rope tying’ from Suryaji and followed this path many times in his life.

Compared to the sages of Ramdas and Tanaji, they expressed the hope that they would live beyond their slavery and physical intellect. Samartha is famous for its famous proverb ‘Dehe dukh te sukh manit jave’. We can understand their desire for enlightenment because of their spiritual authority. But Narveer Tanaji is a traveler on the same path.

‘Complete first, said later’ is considered a flexible condition. According to Vinob, Tanaji did it before and did it later. Their silent voice echoes in the Sahyadri valleys. Saying this .. Vinoba directly questioned whether the meaning of this silence can be understood by Maharashtra. He goes on to say, “The beauty of Tanaji Shivaji’s life.” With this single sentence Shivarai enters the Raghukulam. In short, from Jnandev to Shivarai, we see a series of great men who reject the body-mind. This tradition is important in defeating the body that interferes with the sense of equality. This tradition has also shown the way to facilitate our path towards equality. Most importantly it gives opportunity to the next generation of heroes. That is why this journey of equality is perfect.

– Atul Sulakhe

2022-05-25 18:32:00

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