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Samyog: One point equilibrium

Vinoba Literature respects previous literature and welcomes new literature.

– Atul Sulakhe

A cohesive perspective was expressed in the village donation in Koraput. His inspiration is in them. His thoughts are as much desired in the hearts of devotees and devotees as the spur of the moment.

– Vinoba

(From analog-formula-description preface)

It can be described as the ‘Patanjali Yoga Sutra’, the smallest and greatest book in Asia. Yoga has no conditions. The number of these sutras is 195. However, tradition has created very small forms of yoga sutras. One can find verses like ‘Trisutri Yoga Darshanam’ in Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita.

1. Then yoga discipline.

2. Yoga is the restraint of the actions of the mind.

3. Then the seer is in a state of self-realization.

Experts say this is where the yoga philosophy ends.

There are 108 similarities that illustrate the similarities. The essence of all these principles can be summarized in a single formula. Formula –

The object is the ultimate equality.

Vinoba gave a lecture on this subject on September 30, 1957 in Pandavapur (Karnataka). When expanding the formula, it is necessary to specify the reason why each word should be used. Vinob made a similar introduction.

The first word in the formula is ‘Abhidheyam’. What is your title? So what’s the point of your idea? The goal is the aspect of meditation. Usually, two words are used for the object you want to achieve. ‘Goal’ and ‘goal’. The term ‘target’ is used if the object is far away and ‘target’ if it is near, front and actual.

Abhidhay is different from the two. Abhidhay is an idea for the whole life. The ultimate similarity is the object to which the senses are directed, in which direction all life-thoughts must be evaluated.

Vinoba named her lyricist Samayogahna. He gave three reasons for this. According to him, equality is the religion of this age. His work in Bhudan, Gramadan, etc. was to establish equality. The third important reason is his belief that the whole secret of life is harmony. From this set came the word synonym.

Vinoba Literature respects previous literature and welcomes new literature. For equality to be seen everywhere, we must play such a liberal role. In fact, it manifests itself.

In the first principle, the word ‘param’ comes before ‘samya’. According to Vinob, this final word is very important. By this single word the similarities simply transcend the similarities. Economic and social equality is a requirement for ultimate equality. But Paramatman is not just Paramatman. Its scope goes even further. Once this scope is grasped, the essence of Samyoga can be found in the single principle of ‘Abhidheyam Parama Samyam’.

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