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Samyog: New Pradhanmalla Review

Before learning about Vinob’s understanding of political ideas, one must remember Vinob’s method of study.

In the Indian philosophical tradition, there is a way of presenting one’s philosophical theory. Opposing views are politely rejected when presenting one’s own side. Sankhya Darshan (atheist) stands in opposition to theistic philosophy. He is called ‘Pradhan Malla’. This method was taken further with the development of Vinoba similarities. In the article ‘Samyayog ki Samyog’, Samyog describes the social and political aspects in the article ‘Samagra Darshan by Samayayog’.

I named the idea behind ‘Bhudan Yajna’ Samyog. We want to create a Sarvodaya-society based on this similarity. When it comes to the Sarvodaya society, we know that he wants the interests of the whole society, not the majority. I would like to further explain the similarity on which this idea is based.

As you know, there are three theories in the world today. There is a vintage capitalist policy. Capitalism says our goal is to increase efficiency. The second is democratic socialism and the third is communism. Communism says it will meet all the necessities of life.

Before learning about Vinob’s understanding of political ideas, one must remember Vinob’s method of study.

Vinoba looks at anything from a different angle, traditional or modern. Both traditions have an approach to study. It’s just as important. Vinobahi knows that way. However, you can easily put your ideas in front of people. The idea that people could experiment with it and think again according to the results of the experiment. His idea recognizes both ‘Siddhant’ and ‘Kritant’.

If Vinob’s idea is not taken into account, the lyrics he composed may also be misunderstood. It can also be said that they could not understand the political and social aspects. Their efforts for coordination can be placed in this group. Here comes a problem.

What are the implications of capitalism, democratic socialism and communism? On the contrary, the question is inevitably what kind of picture Sarvodaya Vichar or Gandhi Vinob puts before us thinking about the future of human society. On the other hand, what is its role in relation to the ideology that rejects similarities? Communism for example. ‘Communism is based on compassion and equality. Rejection of these values ​​would increase the reputation of communism. They also explore why Nazi and fascist ideologies became so popular.

Recognizing the importance of the numerical philosophy, his philosophy gave him a major wrestling position. Synthesis also makes us think seriously about the ‘wrestling’ before us.

– Atul Sulakhe jayjagat24

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