Red Fort: The game of hate politics!

Mahesh Sarlashkar

With the arrest of BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Bagga, the country’s extraordinary politics and the changing culture of politics over the years have come to an end., But there were also serious questions beyond that.

Disha Ravi, an environmental activist, was arrested by Delhi police from Bangalore last year on charges of creating a ‘toolkit’ against the BJP. Two years ago, Bihar police arrived in Mumbai to investigate the death of actor Sushant Rajput. These examples are not very old. Police in three states clashed over the arrest of a rebel leader two days ago. BJP leader Tejinder Paul Bagga was kidnapped by Punjab police and a case was registered against him by Delhi police and Haryana police took immediate action against him. The Modi government at the Center and the Aam Aadmi governments in Delhi and Punjab have shown the extent to which the police can be misused for political purposes. The arrest and release of Bugga brought to light the intensity of hate politics in the country. No political party can deny that hate politics has sharpened over the past seven or eight years.

In a parliamentary democracy, in electoral politics, one party loses and another gains power. You have to fight to win the election, you have to come to power, otherwise it will take five years. Political parties have won and lost in 70 years of electoral politics. However, with the formation of a BJP-led government at the Center, the plan is to demolish the states where power is not available. After the BJP’s defeat in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP regained power in the corona wave, breaking Congress MLAs. In Maharashtra, the BJP has slipped out of power. For this, various tricks and pieces were used. It is not acceptable for the BJP to take power in another state. The BJP hopes that the sole aim of the political party is to seize power and to work for it 24 hours a day. As a result hate politics is running rampant in the country. Otherwise, slogans like ‘Congress-free India’ and ‘Mamata-free West Bengal’ would not have come to the BJP. The BJP was already in power at the Center but then no BJP leader wanted to end the other party. Looks like the Modi-led BJP is in a hurry to launch ‘Akhanda Bhagwa’!

The BJP has proved that it is not wrong to use the four weapons of price-punishment-discrimination to gain power in the states. Saburi, an old BJP leader, advised the state leader, “Sasemira questioned why the ‘ED’ was behind the opposition. He would also do revenge politics if he came to power. This leader fully supported ‘revenge politics’. Many leaders in the state joined the BJP out of fear of the ‘ED’. Or they started following the BJP under the slogan ‘Hanuman Chalisa’! The Gujarat leader was in jail for 100 days when the Congress leader was in power at the Center. If we put him in jail for 100 days, he will put us in jail for 110 days. There may be some fear behind it, and then how can BJP leaders have personal relationships with leaders of other parties?

Recently, other parties have started implementing the tactics hatched by the BJP. The same animosity was seen in the case of Tejinderpal Bagga in Delhi. AAP will not have peace without arresting Bagga for provocative remarks against Delhi Chief Minister Ariwad Kejriwal. Punjab sent police to Delhi. The BJP, realizing that they were using their own weapons against them, hired the Delhi Police, who also took decisive action. BJP government in Haryana .. Police there also took action. Central and Haryana police cordoned off the AAP government-controlled police station. The BJP retaliated with pride at how the Opposition felt the need to take immediate action against the Chief Minister and how it dared to touch our leader. Police were used as pawns in three places. The value of speaking out against the ruling party has to be paid for by ‘treason’. Authorities want to prosecute critics from Uttar Pradesh to Maharashtra, what is the real name if not hate politics? Shiv Sena chief Balasaheb Thackeray has never seen a case registered against Sharad Pawar Thackeray as he made personal remarks. No one can deny that the politics of resentment and hatred started after the Modi government came to power at the Center. Earlier, only in Tamil Nadu did the DMK and AIADMK engage in contradictory politics.

The right ‘vacation’ fill?

The buggy case raised a more serious issue. After coming to power in Punjab, the Opposition became aggressive, saying, “We are an alternative to the BJP, not the Congress.” “We can replace the opposition parties in the country,” he said. Politicians have long been concerned about filling the void left by opposition parties. In the past, when the Congress was in power at the Center, the Opposition was replaced by the Socialist or Communist or similar Left parties. The BJP won only two seats in the Lok Sabha at that time. Opponents are not surrounded by right-wing or right-right parties. While the ruling party at the Center is moderate towards the Left, the Left is also in opposition. Over time, however, the right-wing BJP began to fill the void. After the BJP came to power at the Center, the marriage of politics fell completely to the right. Then came the BJP, the moderate Congress in opposition, and other parties that practiced religious politics on the basis of draft Hindutva at the Center. Due to the weakened Congress, the process of filling the vacancy of the Opposition with a light Hindutva idea began. We want to remove the moderate Congress, which is leaning towards the left from the position of the opposition in the politics of the country, and fill the ‘op’ based on soft Hindutva. From the Bagga case, it seems that the ‘Op’ is doing bitter anti-BJP politics. During the Delhi Municipal Corporation elections or the Gujarat Assembly elections, opposition to the BJP can be seen to have resurfaced. With all these tactics, the Opposition is constantly raising the possibility of shifting the political direction from the BJP to the Trinamool Congress or the DMK or the Congress instead of the Opposition. The change would be complementary to BJP politics if the Opposition were replaced by a lighter pro-Hindu party like the AAP instead of the Left or moderate parties. Hence the anti-BJP aggression of the ‘Op’ benefits the BJP. This does not mean the politics of hatred or revenge of the BJP or the AAP. The BJP has changed the political culture in the country. The Opposition must act aggressively against the BJP if it wants to occupy the Congress seat. The BJP will pursue extreme politics to end the politics of the Center or the Left permanently. But by doing so they are planning long-term complementary politics. The Sangh and the BJP always think of long-term politics, so who is to say that the BJP does not recognize the benefit of the ‘AAP’? In politics, vertical and horizontal threads are woven. BJP opponents also need to look at the twists and turns of hate politics in the country. Left-moderate parties have a responsibility not to hand over opposition to light pro-Hindu parties.

2022-05-08 19:33:46

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