Red Fort: Kejriwal’s ambitious fight, what’s happening check now latest update

Red Fort: Kejriwal’s ambitious fight

Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia have accused Bishwa of corruption in the purchase of PPE kits.

Mahesh Sarlashkar

Kejriwal said the Congress wanted to win votes by being aggressive against the BJP and keeping an eye not only on Himachal Pradesh but also on the forthcoming assembly elections in Gujarat after taking power in Punjab. After the defeat of the BJP, the entire action was taken against the OAP leader.

By taking ED action against Delhi Health Minister Satyendra Jain, the Modi government and the BJP have directly tried to undermine the credibility of Chief Minister Arivad Kejriwal. The AAP leader was arrested six months before the Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat Assembly elections. Based on this, what message does the BJP want to give to Kejriwal? BJP leaders personally attacked Kejriwal after Jain’s arrest. Kejriwal, who once fought against corruption, is now mired in corruption. How can Kejriwal stand by Jain even when Jain is abused by hawala racket? The BJP has made one allegation after another. The BJP hopes to capture the ruling Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) Congress political circle in Delhi. The BJP hopes that the old woman will work even if she dies, but not to waste time. Kejriwal should become the second Mamata Banerjee and the BJP should take care not to stand against Modi.

In eight years, Delhi Chief Minister Arivad Kejriwal has completed a big circle. Kejriwal, who drowned in the Ganges in Varanasi in 2014 to fight then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, is now preparing to side with Modi again. It seems that Congress is making good use of negativity for this. Kejriwal changed the direction of politics after slapping Modi in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. The focus is on education, electricity and health issues that appeal to middle-class people. Gained control over the Delhi state administration. Big states like Uttar Pradesh or Maharashtra need money to win. In smaller states like Delhi one can contest elections with less money. Kejriwal has attracted Delhiites in the face of the middle class, anti-corruption and modern age. For the third time in a row, voters have handed over the state of Delhi to Kejriwal. Although Kejriwal conquered Punjab by subduing the Congress, there is a big difference between running Delhi and running the state of Punjab. Kejriwal had this experience through the events in Punjab over the last month or so. It is very easy to control the administration in Delhi. It is very difficult to take over the administration in the neighboring state of Punjab. He is in the custody of Delhi Police Station. The AAP will have to maintain a police system in Punjab. If he can successfully rule Punjab, Kejriwal can sit in the ranks of national level leaders. This is what Kejriwal is trying to do.

Kejriwal is as ambitious a leader as Modi. His approach is similar to that of Modi. Kejriwal works alone and he has shown the way to all the leaders who are advising him. Kejriwal is interested in making decisions and implementing them while remaining in control of the administration. They appeal to the middle class. They are unknowingly using Hindutva for political purposes. Municipal elections are to be held in Delhi and it is believed that the three municipal corporations will snatch the ‘AAP’ out of BJP control. The BJP has decided to merge the municipal corporations for fear of losing even the municipal corporation that has been in power for 15 years and will now restructure the constituencies and then hold elections to the unanimous municipal corporation. Kejriwal is a big obstacle for the BJP to come to power in Delhi. The BJP hopes to prevent Kejriwal from damaging his credibility. Hence, the BJP has raised the weapon of ‘EDI’ against Kejriwal’s henchmen.

Kejriwal has no secrets in politics. Kejriwal wants to grow as a political leader. I want to show the people that I am an alternative to Modi. To achieve this, Kejriwal will have to authorize the AAP outside Delhi. The AAP was able to seize power in Punjab due to the opposition of the Congress. Kejriwal proposed to be aggressive against the BJP and vote for the Congress. With that, it seems that ‘Aap’ has increased its aggression against Assam Chief Minister Himant Bishwa Sharma. Kejriwal and Manish Sisodia have accused Bishwa of corruption in the purchase of PPE kits. The Assam Chief Minister has come under attack despite ongoing political tensions in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi and his loyalists targeted Modi; But AAP has started targeting Modi loyalists.

Kejriwal does not have as much institutional strength as the BJP. Even in Punjab, voters voted for AAP as an alternative to the Congress. There is no BJP organization in Punjab. Now Kejriwal has shifted his focus to Gujarat, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Gujarat is important to Kejriwal. The Patidar community, dissatisfied with the Congress, voted for ‘AAP’ in the Surat municipal elections. The Congress posed a big challenge to the BJP in the last assembly elections. This time it is unlikely to be repeated. A strong partisan leader like Hardik Patel has joined the BJP. The BJP has also given a chance to the Patidar community in the Chief Minister’s post. Therefore, it will be difficult to defeat the BJP in the forthcoming Assembly elections in Gujarat. Voters here can see the ‘AAP’ as an alternative to the weakened Congress, as in Punjab. Despite dissatisfaction with the BJP in Himachal Pradesh, the Congress situation is worse than the BJP. Here, too, the Op turned out to be a contender for power. In March, Jain handed over the responsibilities to Satyendra Jain, who is active in Himachal Pradesh. With the arrest of Jain, it seems that the BJP is trying to block the AAP in Himachal Pradesh and retain power. But like in Punjab, the ‘AAP’ debate has started here instead of the Congress. Like Union Minister Anurag Thakur, BJP leaders in Himachal Pradesh also seem to blame and criticize the AAP more than the Congress. Thakur made it clear who was the BJP’s opponent in the Assembly elections by saying ‘let the AAP blow up’. Though there are no assembly elections in Haryana now, the AAP is acting aggressively against the BJP. The BJP has had to change its decision to contest the June 19 elections for 46 municipal corporations in Haryana independently. The BJP also allied with Dushyanth Chautala ‘Jananayak Janata Paksha’ in the municipal elections. With the Assembly elections in Haryana set to take place in 2024, the Opposition, led by Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar, is challenging the Opposition to win the elections. Here in Haryana, the Congress is trying to keep the party afloat by supporting the Kaysabsa Bhupendra Hooda group. Every victory of the Trinamool Congress in West Bengal is the victory of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. Kejriwal’s success in Delhi, Punjab, Surat or Chandigarh Municipal Corporations also belongs to Kejriwal. Although Kejriwal did not have much success in Goa, his policy was to expand the AAP in smaller states. In states like Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana, if the AAP becomes the main opposition instead of the Congress, the AAP will grow into a national party and strengthen Kejriwal’s ambitions. Therefore, the BJP is likely to start a process of slashing the wings of ‘Sademira’ of the ‘ED’ on people like Satyendra Jain, who is loyal to Kejriwal.

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