Recitation of Loksatta Samyog Geeta by Acharya Vinoba Bhavezws 70 | Synopsis: ‘high-theory’ …

– Atul Sulakhe

Concluding the second chapter of the Gita discourses, Vinoba addresses the doctrine of renunciation of karma. Pundalik was cited as an example of this theory. Even stating the ideal of consistent knowledge

Remember Pundalik. Vinoba used a concept in describing Pundalik’s whole action. He named it ‘Hi-Siddhant’.

God appeared to see the service rendered by Pundalik to his parents. Now that God has appeared, what more could a devotee want? However, Pundalik followed God’s advice and was careful not to interrupt his ministry. In his view parental service is a vision of God. No affiliation in his service. He did not want to leave his parents and visit God.

Explaining the philosophy of Pundalik, that is, the devotee who renounces static consciousness and karma, Vinoba says. Why was the universe insane before that form appeared? Pundalikudu God, I know that you have come to visit me. But I believe in high-theory. I do not accept that you are God. You are God, these parents are God to me. Forgive me for staying in their service and ignoring you.

This philosophy of Pundalik does not disrespect anyone and does not give up his own opinion. Such a stage can be reached due to the strong character of the ritual renunciation. Those who are strong in this role

A person’s ‘karma-samadhi’ is deep, his attitude is comprehensive, even and generous. My opinion is true

He does not think there are differences. ‘Here it is but for me

He lived in a modest and assertive character.

Samyoga, adopts this principle. Vinoba’s role is to say that my duty is right for me even if no one opposes.

He saw the role of coordination in the philosophy of the song. He took her twice. He therefore played a dual role in coordinating the ancestral literature and setting the chronology in a timely manner. Since synergy has dimensions of coordination, similarity and equality, this philosophy can travel anytime.

Vinoba surrenders to her ancestors. However it is clear in their literature that it is modern in all respects. Not only were they modern because they dealt with practical issues but they also overturned the whole religious tradition. He is trying to combine science and religion. This is the tradition of Shankaracharya, the god of knowledge. There is also a serious knowledge of this philosophical character. Samayoga reconstructs the chronology of this tradition.

Whatever you do, the song that comes before me is the song. But to me it is lyricism, which precedes the synonym of Vinoba lyricism.

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