‘Progressive’ Maharashtra Question Paper

The sluggish politics of today’s rhetorical representatives as well as their reckless and irresponsible behavior, cultural, educational, economic and political as a whole social environment is irritating to the common man.

Dr. Ajay Deshpande

Maharashtra has a rich history of sociology, politics, economics, literature, culture, religion, art, music, architecture, drama, education, science, enlightenment, movement and much more. Because of this all-encompassing, prosperous prosperity our state is called ‘Progressive Maharashtra’. Where has that wealth gone? Did she shy away from the nefarious politics of mouth-watering deputies? The state has a long history of political prowess. Have today’s MPs forgotten that? In fact, the problems of Marathi-speaking areas outside Maharashtra, despite looking to come to Maharashtra, are expected to be resolved within the last six decades. But it seems that there is a competition going on among today’s MPs to prove how capable we are by failing to address it and blaming others.

Progressive, progressive are the characteristics of Maharashtra, but is it time for the state to lose its integrity with progressive and progressive features? In fact, Dr. In the wake of the brutal assassinations of Narendra Dabholkar and Comrade Govind Pansare, the state must be prepared to move towards more progressive, scientific and fearless commitments to democratic thinking. Ahisa of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. In order to build an egalitarian, rational and scientific society towards Ambedkar’s democratic ideology, the people’s representatives of this state need to once again form a comprehensive movement. But contemporary MPs seem to be only blessing themselves by making stunts, making mistakes, making absurd and irresponsible statements even in the legislatures, and slinging mud at each other. Does the failure of the Delhi throne to extend a helping hand to wipe away the tears of the state during a crisis like hurricanes in the politics of thugs and crooks indicate that the politics of this country has reached a state of decline? At a time when people are dying unnecessarily during the Kovid 19 pandemic, the state has excelled in its efforts to model organizational skills at the level of public service and administration. Is it not a betrayal of the rich political history of the state and the oppressed masses to constantly create problems and embarrass those in power under such circumstances? Why do leaders feel compelled to say Hanuman Chalisa loudly at places of worship rather than the damage caused by hunger, unemployment, climate change, agriculture and education?

In the last ten to twelve months politicians have forgotten that religion, caste, creed, language and political parties have tried their best to save the lives of those who are on the verge of death. Do you want to restore burned memory? Do you want to leave science and go back to the superstitious darkness of ignorance? It is time for the wise people of Maharashtra to ask these questions to the politicians. Allegations: If the question of the people in graft politics is missed, is it not in good faith towards the voters?

The state has witnessed 15,000 child marriages in the last three years. When will the prosperous kingdom make their cause? In today’s world, even after this information has come out, the people’s representatives do not feel ashamed that they have failed in their actions and causes. In three years, 6,582 people, including 3,000 minor mothers, have died of malnutrition, but there has been no grief or response anywhere in Maharashtra. Has Maharashtra become obscure?

The first case of farmer suicide was reported in Maharashtra in March 1986. In 2020, 2,547 farmers committed suicide in the state during the Diamond Jubilee year. Maharashtra alone accounts for 43% of all farmer suicides in the country. As of November 2021, 2,948 farmers had committed suicide in Maharashtra. From October 2014 to October 2019, 14 thousand 961 farmers committed suicide. In the last 12 years (December 2019 to February 2022) five thousand 878 farmers are said to have committed suicide. On the whole, even before 1986, despite many measures being taken in the state, farmers have been committing suicide during the last one and a half years.

Violence against women continues in the state despite several measures being taken along with the energy bill. In 2020, there were 31,954 crimes against women. The number of atrocities against women over the past decade is alarming. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, the army chief, fought for 27 days and conquered the Belwadi fort and raped the defeated fort woman. The fort was conquered, but when Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj learned of the commander’s rape of an enemy woman, he removed his commander’s eyes and imprisoned him for life. This event dates back to 1678 AD. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, who respected the enemy woman, now has a democratic system of government in the country, including Maharashtra. But in such a state, is a woman really safe in the country?

The border areas of Marathi speakers have not been able to reach United Maharashtra for the last six decades. Maharashtra is vying for the status of Marathi as a superior language among the 12 and a half crore people who are ranked 10th out of 20 major languages ​​in the world and 3rd in the country. The problems of Marathi schools are increasing day by day.

In 1978, Daya Pawar wrote in ‘Balutan’: Anytime this arrangement takes me on the trail. I’m tired now. What has this country done for the future of my children? The political and social context of Daya Pawar’s statement is as fresh today as it was yesterday. There is an anonymous fear of contemporary politics, sociology and realism in this country, including Maharashtra, including workers, peasants, peasant laborers, laborers, laborers, laborers, poor wives, children of suicidal peasants, people on the sidewalks. Slums, project victims. This system, this politics, this sociology, this culture, this social reality can destroy us at any moment, this latent fear is in the minds of the common people. Sadly, this progressive state and country have not been able to achieve much success in eradicating this fear from the minds of the common people. This is true no matter how disgusting.

Raj Thackeray, president of the Navnirman Sena, has said that religious hatred will be rife everywhere in the country before the 2024 elections, which will lead to riots. Weapons or pawns in the hands of those who sowed the seeds of religious hatred yesterday? If leaders, leaders and representatives of the people act recklessly and irresponsibly, people should take a more serious, proactive, egalitarian, rational, scientific approach to democratic ideas. The wise people of Maharashtra have nothing to say about this.

2022-05-04 18:32:00

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