Personalization: Dr. Ravi Bapat, latest news update about ravi bapat check now

Personalization: Dr. Ravi Bapat

Dr. who prioritizes social commitment while thinking about lifestyle. Bapat has also done a lot in the field of research.

People who have worked for a specific goal throughout their lives are slowly disappearing from society. Temptation Temptation However, it is very rare in the medical field to continue the work of your age without being suppressed. Known for his excellent diagnosis and proper medication, Dr. What makes Ravi Bapat special is that he goes to KEM Hospital in Mumbai every day even after retirement. This passion for your work is almost disappearing now. The physician is everything to every patient. His whole life was in his hands, and despite his weakness he was just as confident as the right doctor. Dr. Bapat got it and managed it. Achieving so-called practical success in the medical field in a secular sense is not impossible for them. But it takes some kind of stamina to reverse it. They were enough for her. Dr. who prioritizes social commitment while thinking about lifestyle. Bapat has also done a lot in the field of research. They are more interested in being with friends than in being in the limelight. In such a long career, Bapat got acquainted with various people. Some of them are included in their inner circle. P. L. Deshrapande, c. Ramachandra, Suresh Bhat, Kashinath Ghanekar, Dada Konde. He felt it was his good fortune to enrich himself by participating in such popular concerts. While serving the patient, he continued to develop an interest in music, drama and literature. After retirement, he served as Chairman of the Hofkin Biopharmaceutical Board, Vice-Chancellor of the Maharashtra University of Health Sciences and the Mahatma Gandhi University of Health Sciences. Although the doctor, who enjoys continuous work, decided to quit at the age of seventeen, he insisted on not ending his strong relationship with KEM. Today, at the age of 80, he still spends most of his time in KEM Hospital. The medical field has changed rapidly over the past few decades. The speed of treatment and innovation is enormous. The challenge is to keep your medical knowledge up to date at that pace. Taken by Bapat. Their efforts to impart this knowledge to the common patient while staying in the public sector Government Gazette are immense. With a focus on the new generation coming to the area, Dr. who teaches lessons late Sunday night or all day. Ravi Bapat is also a very student friendly professor. Their joy is the unparalleled joy of sharing their knowledge for free and for free. In doing all this, his performance as a writer is also important and significant. His books ‘Ward Number Five, KEM’, ‘Swasthyaved’ and ‘Postmortem’ are popular because of their integrity. Today, Dr. who is celebrating his eightieth birthday on Thursday. Loksatta wishes Ravi Bapat!

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