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Evangelos Odysseus Papatanasiu died on May 17 at the age of 79. There is no reason for Indians to know the name of this musician. Most people may not even know his nickname ‘Vangelis’. Yet his tunes were heard by many Indians and many Marathi people. Someone may not have intentionally appreciated the song, but only those who heard it will remember .. because of that song! Chadhe Sur wearing Runji .. Yes Chadech. Powerful pig. Slightly aggressive. The music provided by Vangelis for the 1981 film “Chariots of Fire” won an Oscar that year. So why should Indians or people all over the world start recognizing Vangels immediately?

Not at all. But in 1988 came the Hindi film ‘Khoon Bhari Mang’. It was a hit with Rekha and Kabir Bedi. After the beginning of ‘Silsila’ the line character gained prominence. In addition to showing some aggressive love scenes between the co-heroine and Kabir Bedi in the film, Sangeeta also sang a song that conveys the heroine’s mood? Name Rajesh Roshan. In fact, the music for this song is Vangelis!

The true identity of Vangelis, who composed music on electronic instruments in the classical ‘Western’ style. He learned the piano from the age of four, but at the age of Egypt, he took up the electric guitar and when the synthesizer came, he invented his own tune. Vangelis was etched in the minds of fans playing almost five synthesizers and playing one of them. In 1966, he composed music for a Greek film. The popularity of this Greek film music was so great in Britain and later in the United States that they began to receive calls from local film and television series. Unsatisfied as the composer for the film, he composed the opera ‘Apocalypse the Animo’ while composing music for a documentary on wildlife. In 1993, he composed the entire Symphony Mythodia (lute with old instruments and vocals). This group is also known as Mythodia. The symphony was performed on both shores of the Atlantic, but in 2001, NASA selected Mythodia as the “official music” for the Mars invasion. Composed by Vangelis for the 2002 FIFA World Cup in South Korea, the anthem broke CD sales in Japan and marked a turning point for Japan.

Changing the tone rapidly without leaving flaws in the rhythm, maintaining the seriousness expected from the tune even by increasing the speed, are the features of their compositions that seem to be slow despite the huge speed. The range of tones in his music is also wide. That is why his music is what critics call ‘space age music’. This space musician is now on an endless journey.

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