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Arab Journalist and Women Arab Journalist Covering the Battlefield is one of the rarest. Perhaps Shirin Abu Akle may not have liked such a classification. But for the past 25 years, Shirin Abu Akle has covered Al Jazeera’s bloody Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli military and police raids on Palestinian bases. This island is no different than a battlefield. Arguments between the two neighbors continue even after dozens of peace meetings have been convened. West Bank and Gaza Strip – Israel has not stopped building bases on Palestinian territories. The Palestinian Authority has inadvertently allowed Hamas and other organizations to choose the wrong path to carry out terrorist attacks on Israeli soldiers and civilians because it has no ability to deter military or police forces. Thus the image of lasting peace between the two factions has not been seen for decades. The reason is, it is one of the most volatile, restless and dangerous islands in the world. Despite having Palestinian origins on the island, choosing the profession of journalism is even more risky. But after graduating from Jordan University with a degree in print journalism, she joined Al Jazeera in 1997 and worked there. He was one of Al Jazeera’s early field reporters. Seeing them, many Palestinian Arab girls turned to journalism. His stay was in East Jerusalem. Much of the Israeli press – mostly in the Palestinian-occupied Gaza Strip and the West Bank – has been the talk of the town. She was hospitalized after being hit by a bullet in a town on the west coast of Jenin. He wore a jacket and helmet that looked like a press. Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett said in a statement that Palestinian militants had been shot dead by the Palestinian Authority. Shortly afterwards, Israeli Defense Minister Beni Gantz said it was unclear who fired the shots. Another wounded Al Jazeera journalist, as well as the channel’s office, said Shirin was in the area when the Israeli attacks began. There was no firing from the Palestinians at the time. The location of the Palestinian rebels is further away. The Palestinian government and Al Jazeera say Israel has targeted Shirin with sniper rifles. Shirin Abu Akle is one of the most famous journalists in the Arab world. Leading BBC correspondent Liz Dusette, who works in West Asia, described Shirin’s qualities as “calm, smiling, understanding of the Palestinian cause and unwavering faith.”

2022-05-13 18:32:00

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