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Personality: Roy Leotta

No Oscar award, yet Hollywood actor Roy Leota became a ‘legend’.

No Oscar award, yet Hollywood actor Roy Leota became a ‘legend’. The 67-year-old was pronounced dead Thursday while sleeping in the Dominican Republic. An actor like Robert De Niro remembers Leotta’s perfect role in ‘Goodfellows’, but another thing he remembers is the voice he gave to a character in the video game!

The name Leota comes from this tone. Controversial voice actors are everywhere and they adorn themselves in villainous roles. But Leota is even more different. Although his voice is sharp, the texture of his acting is very good. Hence, “I wanted to be a gangster. My ambition was to be called a gangster, not a president of the United States.” The part of the villain that is part of the coarse voices (his satashiva amarapurkar, though not the gross voice, brought the evil in the tone to suit the needs of the narrator) is not at all in Roy Leota’s voice. So what happened was that no matter how many manipulations he did in his roles he seemed to be the ‘man who actually did the wrong thing’. This humanity was first expressed in a series of films from the 1980s and blossomed into the 1986 film ‘Smiths Wild’. The role of the husband beating the wife. For the next few years the film continued at the same pace and for the fourth year in his career (1990) came ‘Goodfellows’. The saying “there is no shortage of opportunities after victory” may be true of Leota, but Leota himself denies it. Mafia gang leader rejects ‘gangster’ role as ‘One Ride’. So much so that he also turned down the hit film series ‘The Sopranos’. Recently, however, as a prequel to the series, Leota said she had personally met the director for the role in the film ‘The Money Saints of Newark’, which aired on OTT, and began to show some remorse for rejecting it. Character. Maybe now more characters will come to suit their age, in fact they admitted. Of the three films he has starred in, filming is still underway and three more are nearing completion and ready for release.

But in the meantime, Leota, who had turned down the film to preserve the diversity of the characters, was involved in a different industry almost in 2002. About 20 years ago, he voiced the computer game ‘Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice-City’. He qualified as Vice Mayor. He did not appear on screen .. but because of this voice as a ‘legend’ in the thirties for today’s generation .. incomparable, memorable!

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