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Based on the news of the death of Rajani Parulekar on Thursday, May 5, the same day that the book lovers’ queues started as books were selling cheaply through Mumbai’s largest public library (Asiatic Library) .. it seemed new to many readers!

She lives in the middle class of the community, lives in Girgam, graduated with an MA in her sixties and has been teaching at the same college for many years. Parulekar did not stop as the fires did not reach the people. Of the four poetry collections, the fifth collection of selected poems (Parulekar made up for the lack of photographs!) Should not be overlooked as the first collection to receive a state award, followed by the Kusumagraja Foundation and the Mahanar Award. But fame or popularity is not his body and not his poetry. The violent reference to this verse is not even diamond. In the seventies, Granthali launched a project called ‘Poetry of the Decade’ with a focus on poets writing different poems than in the past. Parulekar was involved in it. There is no direct mention of Nakosha’s pregnancy in the poem, which tells the world how it feels to hear the sound of crying coming from nowhere to ‘Midnight’. Now there is concern that the stalk will break.

Parulekar knew that the ’embryonic features’ of animals were present in humans and that they were often seen, but he believed that human communication was possible just as easily as sparrows perched on a fence escaped the barbed wire between the wires. Did his poetry. But in later times, this poem saw the world and life more closely. The inevitable struggle, the inevitable ego behind it, is rooted in poetry without telling the stories of the inevitable violence that arise from it. Parulekar’s poetry, which evokes the same juice in a single verse, has temporarily considered all the states of optimism, rebellion and anxiety, and has been searching for a way to reach knowledge beyond those states. The path is long, so his poetry is too long. Her opening lines may be simple narrative or emotion; Her next expectation, however, was filled with joys and sorrows. This poem, which knows all the details of the world, is not left on the basis of imagination-dreams. Then, at the end of the same poem, in the words of each woman throwing an acid bulb in her hand and the man pushing the crowd, a new spring begins, the green liquid flows. Branches, Pre-Publicity: 1999 ‘Ashay’ Diwali Issue) Be realistic. Survivor Ashu Parulekar will have to look for new homes with the departure even if the clicks come.

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