Neurosurgery: Hemicrania – Migraine – Migraine!, all you need to know..!

Neurosurgery: Hemicrania – Migraine – Migraine!

Since the birth of mankind, he has suffered from headaches. Animals have also been shown to cause specific headaches

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Dr. Jayadev Panchwag

The nature of this disease, which has plagued the human head since ancient times, has become apparent in recent times.

Since the birth of mankind, he has suffered from headaches. Animals have also been shown to cause specific headaches. Headaches are a very common problem, according to medical statistics, more than 95% of people suffer from them at some point in their lives. Naturally, there are references to this in ancient writings.

Most of the time the headache is mild or unbearable but sometimes unbearable headache also appears. That is why efforts have been made to stop it for many years in different parts of the world. Excavations in many parts of the world have uncovered ancient skulls of various shapes. (I wrote about this at the beginning of the article) The goal is to reduce the severity of headaches and find a way out of the ‘ghost that causes pain’. Once the scalp was treated with a hot iron, the skin was scalded.

E.S. In the year 400 BC, Hippocrates wrote about half the disease of the head. He noted that there was a sudden flash of light in front of one eye, and for a while after that the rays of light seemed to continue to shine. E.S. About 600 years later, in the writings of Acharya Vagbhat, half the headaches were referred to as ‘semicircular’ and the whole headache as ‘headaches’. In medieval Europe, headaches were reported to be treated by scalping with garlic and filling with blood.

One of the funniest treats I read for headaches is holding a person by the neck and head and making a round! It is believed that the ‘centrifuge’ effect causes blood to flow from the head to the feet and cause headaches. The patient must admit that the headache is reduced by the formula ‘Bigging Butt Dog’ Hour ‘after twisting hard a couple of times! With the exception of the fun part of it all, the need for all these awful treatments is to give an idea of ​​the severity of the pain!

Despite research and studies on headaches and their causes over the past 100 years, the nature of some causes and their cure are still unclear. Although there are many types of headaches, they can be divided into two main groups. The first group is CT scans or MRIs of the brain, when there is no specific disease. (Basic) Headaches in this group are diagnosed by their specific ‘pattern’. Most people have a similar headache. These include tension headaches (migraine headaches) or migraine headaches. Both are very common.

Another important group is headache as a ‘symptom’ of brain disease. For example, brain tumors or bleeding. Such headaches should be taken seriously from a different angle. Now the question that naturally arises is, how can these two headache groups be separated from each other? I mean, if a person has a headache, is there any way to know if it is of the first type or the second type, it is difficult to answer in simple terms. Although you know the obvious symptoms of one type of headache, it can sometimes appear as a headache rash for a variety of reasons.

Tension headache is a very common headache. It feels like pain in both the forehead and the back of the head, ‘as if someone had pressed hard’ and ‘tightly wrapped’. This headache starts and increases after a day. Some people have more or less tension headaches almost every day. Most often the pain is stopped by simple treatment and pain relief.

The second and most common type of headache is migraine. It is called Ardhashishi in Marathi and Ardhabhedak in Sanskrit. The term migraine is also used as a Marathi word in everyday life. Although migraines are not usually dangerous, they can be fatal. There are examples in the lives of many famous people around the world that this pain caused serious problems. Many like Serena Williams, Abdul Karim Jabbar (basketball), Napoleon Bonaparte, Sigmund Freud literally cried for this headache! In the case of Serena Williams, there have been cases of migraines starting during the Ain match, distraction and hitting Vedeva.

Galen was the first to use the term ‘hemi-crania’. The word was later mispronounced as hemigrania, migraine, migraine and ‘migraine’.

In most cases, migraines start in one half of the head. Sometimes it stays the same or spreads all over the head. In addition to this headache, headache and discomfort are also high.

Some people experience some symptoms a few hours before the onset of the headache. For example, suffering from bright light, blurring, frequent jaundice, feeling depressed, dizziness, bad breath, etc. This is called a migraine ‘aura’. It can also be described as ‘premonition tea’. Then the headache begins. However, for most people the headache starts without these early warning signs appearing. Therefore, there are two main types of migraine: early warning and non-warning. There are many factors that can trigger a migraine headache. Prolonged exposure to bright light, fatigue, insomnia, stress, etc. due to working beyond physical or mental capacity. Consumption of certain foods or beverages is also a factor in many people. For example, cheese, Chinese food, chocolate, red wine, fermented carbs, fermented or skimmed dairy products (cheese, cheese, etc.), some fruits, especially sour fruits such as oranges, coffee, preservatives, especially monosodium glutamate (tar) ) Containing ingredients, processed meat. E.g. Bacon, hot dog, sausage. (It uses nitrates to preserve food. It increases nitric oxide in the blood, which triggers a migraine attack.)

On the other hand, in some people, caffeine stops the headache. Therefore, everyone should decide through experience what exactly the effect of coffee is on us. Sour foods with fermented and pickled. E.g. Pickles from kimchi, Chinese and Korean food etc. Different types of alcohol consumption. Red wine, other ultra-sour liqueurs and whiskeys can cause discomfort. But in reality any alcohol can cause.

Rapid changes in hormone levels in the body. Some women have frequent migraine attacks before or after the onset of menstruation. Lack of rest or sleep, irregular sleep, insufficient or excessive sleep, straining of the muscles of the neck and back for many hours, climate change, extreme cold or tight hair. Although the triggers shown above are given, these triggers may vary from person to person. Properly covered, it will withstand a great deal of adverse conditions.

My experience in talking to most patients is that migraines often require two things to come on. The first is that at that time a person is more likely to get a migraine for whatever reason and at the same time a migraine attack should occur.

When a migraine headache starts, some people may experience severe symptoms such as heaviness of the tongue, loss of vision in certain areas of vision, and loss of strength in half of the body. People with severe migraines prefer to sleep in a dark room free of light, noise and odor. It is impossible to work or make any movement during this time, even simple tasks like talking to others.

What is the most important thing to remember when it comes to headaches? Here are some tips to help you get started: If the headache starts anew in people under the age of 10 or 50, it can suddenly become more severe and an ‘unprecedented experience’, increasing rapidly in a few days, especially in those who have been diagnosed with cancer or HIV in the past. For example, paralysis, loss of speech, etc. If some of these symptoms are accompanied by a headache, it is necessary to take the headache seriously and seek medical help and examination as soon as possible.

This article has made a concerted effort to bring to light even a small part of the topic of how big headaches are. Author Brain and Spinal Surgeon.

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