Loksatta Samyog Spiritual Acharya Vinoba Bhave Thought ZWS 70 | Samya Yoga: A Philosophy.

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Two more words come to mind when the word ‘symmetry’ comes up. ‘Communism’ and ‘Samyasutra’. Vinoba compares communism with communism and writes about how communism is inevitable. Vinoba lectures are also available on some of the 108 synopsis.

When a subject is known, a question is looked at in terms of information, ancestral views, the role of the researcher and finally the conclusion. Vinoba does not do that. They mention all of the above in a first principle. E.g. ‘Harirev Jagat Jagadev Hari:’ The connection between the secular and the spiritual is clear in one of the principles.

The foundation for Vinob’s idea is classical. However, their expression is very simple. Today this way of thinking is somewhat forgotten. But she needs to know when studying similarities. In that regard, it is important to know exactly what Vinob has done for Indian philosophy.

The word darshan is associated with sages. The word sage is defined as ‘Darshanath Rishi:’. So ‘sage’ means one who meditates. The sages must observe the principles. The practice of our philosophy is that they or the next generation should develop that philosophy through meditation, contemplation and behavior.

For the seeds of any vision to germinate, they need to be harvested. They give formulas that are conducive to shape, mindfulness, and mindfulness. The first such composer was Lord Shankar. The grammar is believed to be based entirely on their ‘Shivasutrajas’.

After this the names of Lord Patanjali, Maharshi Vyas, Gautam, Kanad, Kapil etc. come on the screen. The sciences of yoga, grammar, medicine, justice, etc. are as follows. The closest introduction to these principles is attitude and extension commentary.

Vinoba harmoniously fitted all these organs. Using this ideology, he also summarized the teachings of religions such as Christianity and Islam.

Wrote a simple commentary on this ideology that should not be a burden to the common man. Gita, Gita lectures are the best examples of this literature.

Vinoba also added a new dimension to traditional philosophy. Their resemblance is with the saints. It is sophisticated and extends integration.

His view that the saints are greater than any commentator is clear. Their role is to establish a true religion only if science is added to the spiritual tradition. Vinob also mentioned the limitations of combining these two categories.

If this philosophy does not face everyday questions, it is useless. The philosopher, the practitioner, the coordinator, the one who gives due importance to modern thought, and hence the philosopher, Vinob’s form and previous similarities. Vinoba proved that the Indian philosophical tradition was the guide of any age.

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