Loksatta Samyog Acharya Vinoba Bhave Biography ZWS 70 | Samya Yoga: Coordination of commentators

– Atul Sulakhe

‘I understand more than the saints. Looks more. Because I sat on their shoulders. I did not have the courage to display such arrogance. We did not continue the tradition of the saints and tomorrow they said ‘Leko, what is the answer if you fall asleep?’ Vinob’s words are as follows.

Another feature of Vinob is the songwriters’ coordination with this concept. Gita is not a controversial forum, but a place of harmony, which is reflected in the coordination of Gita interpreters. These commentators have such literature and they seem to persevere in that regard.

Early Shankaracharya found commentators, but his commentary on the Gita did not provide adequate information on who the commentators were. Hence Acharya Advaita Siddhanta has to be considered automatically. He considered the Vedas to be authentic, yet he gave secondary importance to the rituals in the Vedas, namely Yajna-yagadi. The role of the Acharya is that there is no knowledge without karma and no salvation without knowledge. Vinoba played a different role in this ‘ritual’ done by Acharya. What if the person who has been piping for 16 years and even doing the panchayat is not fit for the ritual?

After Shankaracharya, Acharya Ramanuja was an important commentator on the Gita. His view is called ‘Visishtadvaita’. The Ramanujas also believed that Nirvana was the goal and combined knowledge and karma. Acharya’s philosophy is based on both devotion and creative equality.

Jnanadev is the third most important commentator who insists on selfishness and plays the role of coordinator. Although Mouli says in his literature that ‘Bhasyakarante wat pusatu’, his character is ‘Dharma Kirtana’. Gnaneshwari is actually an independent treatise. There is a combination of knowledge, devotion, yoga, Hatha Yoga etc. He also said that if the devotee worships ‘Swakarmakusumanchi’, he is extremely pleased with God.

Gyandev is the messenger to the Marathi people, Gnaneshwari Granth and Gyandev’s life work Dharmasthapana. Vinoba quotes two steps to express the importance of Gyan Deva in precise words in Mouli’s Aarti. ‘The world that speaks the secret that has been revealed is Brahmachi Kale!’

Among the modern commentators Lokmanya Karma Yoga, Gandhiji Anasakti Yoga, Arivada show the future direction of human evolution important. Respectfully accepts this and other lyric meanings. While writing the song, Vinoba Acharya did not dismiss the opinion in the slightest while speaking. Jnanadev is their all. He was inspired by Lokmanya and studied the Gita and Darshan of Sagunagita in the form of Gandhiji.

If tradition is so influential, is Samyoga just a compilation of ancient traditions, and what exactly did Vinob do to add to the tradition?

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