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This is not the first time MPSC has canceled eight questions. This was the case in all the examinations conducted by the Commission after the coronation period. Four questions canceled in State Service Pre-Examination 2020, eight questions canceled in State Service Pre-Examination 2021, 23 questions canceled in State Service Main Examination 2020, five questions canceled in Joint Group B Pre-Examination 2020, five questions canceled in AMVI Main Seven questions in the Examination 2020, Civil Engineering Main Examination, a mixture of 11 questions were canceled and now eight questions have been canceled and the answers to three questions in the Joint Group B Pre-Examination have been changed. How should we students study if this happens? The period between the first answer sheet and the second answer sheet is important for reading the main test. Students make the most of that time. The Joint Secretary of the Commission says that the cancellation of the question is part of the process. Three questions in the Joint Group B exam on September 4 were canceled after correct answers. We have to bear the consequences of 13,000 candidates. Due to a team of experts from the Joint Secretaries, our main examination has not taken place for the past eight months. True, some mistakes can be made when preparing a questionnaire, but to what extent?

The candidate who got 50 marks in the first answer sheet now got 39 marks. Who is responsible for his future?

Prashant Belkar (Test), Srinagar, Nanded

No one has time to listen to students ’questions

The second answer sheet of the Maharashtra Public Service Commission Joint Group B Pre-Examination 2021 has been published recently and has once again damaged the future of the students. A few points about it.

* The period from examination to publication of answer sheets is very long (even in the fast age of technology) and regularity is very rare.

* MPSC has a lot of experienced professionals, they have time to cancel a lot of questions and it is better not to talk about changing the answer. Why repeat this stately task entrusted to them by the State?

The Joint Secretary said there was no question of causing harm to students by making meaningless, irrational statements. According to the information I have about this exam procedure, the total marks are 100 and the time is 60 minutes which means 13.33 minutes for each question. Considering the wasted time of 13.33 minutes for the eight canceled questions and the subject-wise division of the canceled questions, it gave an easy time to solve all the time.

Political Science-1, History-3, Geography-2, Economics-1, Arithmetic-Intelligence-1 = 8. Now suppose, some others like me could not reach the questions of mathematical intelligence. The eight questions that have been resolved are now canceled, so the time spent can be used for further questions and I have not been harmed. But now it has happened. There are a lot of people who say that the time equation does not come every time. So, should such questions be canceled? No one is allowed or aspired to take note of students’ questions.

Version Bhagwan Thule (Examiner), Gangakhed, Parbhani

Basically why this time falls on the commission‌?

The Maharashtra Public Service Commission canceled eight questions, the report said. This is more or less the case in almost all previous tests. There is intense resentment in the minds of students over the commission. (The issue of the Joint Main Examination-2020 is still pending in court.) There are some questions in this confusion.

Why is it time for the Commission to cancel the question? Pretty much?

If the tradition of quashing already exists, should it be continued?

Will the Public Service Commission take any strong and comprehensive measures for knocking on the court door for every exam, delaying the exam and losing the examinee? A senior official of the commission said that the cancellation of the question and answer session would not cause any harm to the students. All have been canceled. On what basis do they make this statement?

S. S. Panamond, Ahmednagar

Solve the problem of inadequate staffing.

Following the tradition of canceling answers .. MPSC canceled eight questions in the joint pre-test and changed the answers to three questions. Although the Commission is in fact a constitutional body, the number of questions canceled in the last few examinations, especially in the pre-examination, is low. The Joint Secretary of the Commission said that there was no question of loss to the candidates and if they passed the examination with a difference of just .25, it would definitely make a difference. This led to some candidates appealing to the court even after the announcement of the third answer sheet in the previous joint pre-examination, which ended the main examination. It is not yet known when that test will take place! Therefore, the question should not be canceled due to wrong choice or other reasons. Uncertainty in the sector has increased over the past three years due to various reasons. So Commission‌, the government needs to take minimum precautions in this regard. The state government only announced that it would implement the commission, but did nothing. How can the Commission appoint only new members? Today, perhaps due to a lack of staff, the commission is coming. However, students are suffering due to the delay. The expectation is to make a decision as soon as possible keeping in view the interests of the students.

Umakant Swamy, Bridge, Parbhani

Kissinger has never been a peace lover?

After reading the article ‘Kissinger to Jaishankar’ (May 5) by Vikram Singh Mehta, I remembered some things. Le Duck Tho and Kissinger, leaders of North Vietnam, were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1973. He received the award in 1973 for his country’s negotiations to end the Vietnam War. But some members of the Nobel Committee disagreed with Kissinger. Two members of the committee later resigned. The Kissinger choice was widely criticized at the time. Kissinger’s order to bomb the U.S. capital, Hanoi, during talks was a major cause of controversy. Henry Kissinger accepted the Nobel; But Vietnamese leader Le Duck Tho, along with Kissinger, refused to accept the award. The big mistake made by the Kissinger selection committee for the award; Because this committee measures both the country of aggression and the victims of aggression, ”Le Duck Tho said in an interview ten years later.

Kissinger’s political life was marred by bloodshed. He was a key figure in American foreign policy from 1969 to 1976. In 1970, elections were held in Chile, and the Left Front, led by Marxist leader Salvador Ainde, won. However, America did not like this incident. A 40-member committee was appointed in the United States to “monitor” the plots. Kissinger is its president. Eventually (with the help of US “intelligence”) General Pinochet of Chile staged a military coup and was killed in the ensuing conflict. Three thousand activists were killed on a football field in Santiago (the capital of Chile).

Some of the events that took place during the emergence of Bangladesh are in line with Kissinger’s overall behavior. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Awami League won a landslide victory in the 1970 elections in Pakistan at that time. Mujibur was later arrested. The people of Bangladesh were dissatisfied with this. Yahya Khan’s attempt to suppress him led to arrest, imprisonment and torture. All this is the blessing of Henry Kissinger. Archer Blood Kissinger, head of the US Consulate in Dhaka, and Nixon sent a message to the government that “some serious things are happening here.” The Consulate sent a message to the US Government that it did not approve of the policy approved by the US Government; But Kissinger-Nixon Duckley ignored this and continued the policy of supporting these mines.

The examples given above are just a few examples. Kissinger’s career has been marked by many bloody events. When he left office in 1977, he deposited large sums of evidence and documents in the American Library of Congress. However, he agreed with the library not to publish it until five years after his death. So, with all this, it is interesting to see how meaningful his diplomacy can be, as he puts it, ‘If only Kissinger was active today.’

– Ashok Rajwade, Malad (Mumbai)

2022-05-08 18:52:57

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