Lokmanus: .. Since when do you believe predictions? Full report check now

Lokmanus: .. Since when do you believe predictions?

On the one hand the Chinese people have full confidence in the government, on the other hand we are the ones who are trapping the government meteorological department.

After reading the editorial ‘Sung Sang Bholanath’ (June 1), I was reminded of an incident that happened during our China trip. Chance of rain that day. It rained a little in the morning and the rest of the day was clear, so we asked our Chinese friend if your weather account was not as reliable as ours. He immediately said, ‘No, it did not rain in the morning. Our weather account is always accurate. On the one hand the Chinese people have full confidence in the government, on the other hand we are the ones who are trapping the government meteorological department. Ever since you started believing weather forecasts, now compare them to Skymet‌? Now everyone agrees that it rains every year, why so much fuss?

Maya Hemant Bhatkar, Charcop, Mumbai

Saint-Mahant is much more common than usual

It was reported that a meeting of saints, saints and mahants from Karnataka and Maharashtra was held in Nashik (June 1) to find the birthplace of Hanuman in the Ramayana written by Valmiki. Compounds that have not been able to issue birth certificates of their ancestors for 10 generations are standing in front of gangsters in the streets based on the Ramayana and Brahmapuranas. It is a shame for all the saints and monks that the police intervened and covered up the matter! These saints-sages who pay homage to conscience, common sense, and restraint are more ordinary than ordinary. Lord Rama took the reins of government to bring happiness and justice to the citizens of his kingdom. And these so-called saints entered the field from the birthplace of the servant of Lord Rama. If Hanuman is worshiped in his homeland, why should the starving poor suffer? The commoner bows down to any stone and bows before Hanuman. This is true Hanuman devotion and this is his place of worship, this is the birthplace of Hanuman. Hanuman did not understand the so-called saint-mahantana who came to Hamrutumari for honor.

Sharad Bapat, Sahakarnagar (Pune)

Stop talking nonsense

I read the news of ‘Hamrutumari from the birthplace of Hanuman’ (June 1). How do those who are not related to society know the questions of the common people? They don’t care if we do anything for those who make a living by donating to charity or helping anyone in the corona crisis. They do not seem to discuss worldly matters such as how everyone can earn a living, how to avoid financial fraud, and how to reduce corruption. The wrath of this abbot, the abbot, is great. How good we are in general. It is my prayer that this meaningless debate will come to an end forever.

Abhay Vishnu Datar, Opera House (Mumbai)

Student interest determination

12th grade marks are just as important for admission to vocational courses’ (June 1). The state government has taken this crucial decision in view of the educational interests of the students. Due to this decision, students are seriously studying XI-XII class subjects. Since so far admission is given only on CET marks, students are also focusing on CET with multiple choice questions. Many teachers / parents emphasize the same thing. But the basic subjects that students have to complete the next vocational course are neglected. It is generally accepted that only those who have obtained the required marks (i.e. at least 45%) for admission in 12th class. Lack of serious study on the basics can have an impact on further education. Students who got admission in the best educational institution with good marks in CET were not able to complete the vocational course satisfactorily. There are many such examples. Such students fall behind in the competitive examinations of the Maharashtra Public Service Commission and the Central Public Service Commission.

Taking all these factors into consideration, there is no doubt that 12th class marks are important in the admission process. Therefore, this important decision taken by the state government will have a very positive impact on the educational interests of the students. It should also be noted that as this decision will come into effect from the year 2023-24, after the next two years, students who want to get admission in vocational courses will get an idea in advance about admission.

Rajesh Shriram Budge, Thane

CBSEKaran is not okay; But ..

News item (Lok Satta – 31st) Parental preference for Mumbai municipal schools, enrollment of 35,000 students’. Looking at the syllabus of the JEE entrance exams to be held at the national level after Class XII, there is a growing trend among parents and students towards English Medium and Central Board (CBSE) schools not only in Mumbai but in all parts of Maharashtra. Against this backdrop, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation has made a great effort to attract parents and students by launching CBSE schools. Its success can only be tested when this effort is properly fulfilled.

However, it would not be appropriate to convert all schools in the entire state like the Mumbai Municipal Corporation into CBSE boards. To this end, state government schools along with the state government education policy makers like SCERT and State Board can make changes in their textbooks and NCERT type syllabi so that the state government schools can survive in the educational competition. With the recent availability of semi-English medium option for government and aided institutions, it is not difficult for these government and aided schools to compete in English medium. Therefore, institutions such as the State Government Board of Education should now reconsider the curriculum and curriculum design, the level of rigor in it. Education boards in other states, central boards should study the curriculum, textbooks, evaluation methods and accept the good and bring about positive changes.

Dr. Rupesh Chintamanrao More, Kannada (Aurangabad)

The command must be strictly enforced

The Supreme Court ruling on prostitution is welcome. These girls and women are forcibly brought into this business, otherwise they agree to this business with Neelaja. His family depends on the income from this business. It is unfair to convict these women who are victims of crime.

The brothels were formerly outside the city. Over time the cities expanded so much that now these settlements came into the center of the city. Naturally, most people pay attention to the valuable places there. Efforts are being made to uplift these villages from there. The police start harassing these women by holding their hands. Their grievances towards these women are so polluted as to be ignored. In such a scenario, the Supreme Court decision would bring some relief to these women, but that order must be strictly enforced.

Kiran Gaikwad, Shirdi

The Constitution of India is a symbol of nationalism

Read the article ‘Pasayyadan of Indian Nationalism’ (June 1). Although Nehru said not to define Indian nationalism, his nationalism was seen as unity in diversity, the ideal state structure. As Rabindranath Tagore said, ‘Patriotism is not the ultimate spiritual refuge. Humanity is my refuge. I will not buy glass for the price of diamonds and will not allow nationalism (patriotism) to conquer humanity as long as I live.

Dr. According to Babasaheb Ambedkar, ‘A country with only a geographical shape is not a country. One language, one race, one caste, one identity, one faith is not one nation. In contrast, the country has a goal social inspiration. The foundation of the concept of unity in human life. On the whole, according to these three nationalists, Indian nationalism is expressed in the sentiments of the Indian common people. As a matter of fact, our Constitution is framed with a holistic vision of humanity, religious freedom, protection of minorities, sovereignty, diversity and so on.

– Anand Manatkar, Nanded

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