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‘Raj Thackeray is a great orator and cultured leader!’ Read this title letter (Locmanus 5 May). ‘Are you making Raj Thackeray as Anna Hazare?’ (Lokmanas 4 May) While condemning this letter, the letter writer unknowingly supported the program currently being undertaken by Raj Thackeray. According to the author, any political party leader should give a program to his party workers. In fact, if Raj Thackeray wants to give programs to party workers, there are many problems in the state. Rising unemployment, rising inflation, rising energy rates, cities that are destroying sidewalks day by day. What exactly does Raj Thackeray want to offer? It is not that educated leaders like Raj Thackeray are unaware of the dire situation facing today’s youth. Needless to say, however, Raj Thackeray’s changed attitude after the entire notice made him lean towards the BJP.

– Rajaram Chavan, Kalyan

It is not surprising that BJP supporters think so

I read the article ‘Raj Thackeray is a great orator and cultured leader’. In the year 2019, when Raj Thackeray accused BJP leaders, especially Modi, of ‘video with Love Ray’, Raj Thackeray became the top villain in the eyes of all BJP leaders and their supporters. The language used by BJP leader Raj Thackeray at that time is still remembered by the people. When the MNS was formed by adopting a holistic approach when Hindutva was not ahead, Raj Thackeray was not so important to the BJP. Now in the year 2022, when Raj Thackeray put aside the Marathi issue and suddenly raised the issue of Hindutva, the role of BJP leaders changed; Leaders of the BJP, especially those who joined the MNS-Shiv Sena yatra recently, were overwhelmed by the overwhelming response to Raj Thackeray’s rallies and showered praise on Raj Thackeray! It is no surprise then that even BJP supporters are looking at Raj Thackeray’s attributes anew.

If the ‘change of heart’ continues at the same pace, it is not surprising that in a short period of time even Nawab Malik and Anil Deshmukh were considered polite, cultured, noble-minded and flawless.

– Uday Dighe, Vile Parle East (Mumbai)

We need public participation and governance

In the editorial ‘Water Crisis ..’ (May 5) a good effort was made to awaken the people of Maharashtra. However this is not the case. Because the authorities start working only when the citizens wake up. The immediate solution is to save water. Remember digging wells when thirsty. Sugarcane cultivation is short of water. There is a shortage of water all over Marathwada along with Solapur. Sugar yield is two to three per cent lower than Kolhapur. But farmers are cultivating sugarcane as the sugar factories offer guaranteed prices for sugarcane. Now the Vasanthadada Sugar Institute has started spreading sugar beets for sugar production. Sugar beets require less water. Sugarcane drip irrigation also saves a lot of water. Looking at the photos of fifty-five women climbing a hill for water with three pots on their heads in the newspapers, it is hard to change the fact that those who fetch tap water at home are as satisfied as sesame seeds. Water conservation is the only way to get out of waterlogging. But water conservation is difficult without the participation of the villagers. Some like Aamir Khan, Nana Patekar, Popatrao Pawar, Anna Hazare are doing a good job. But power and administration need to work harder.

– Jaiprakash Narker, Mu. P.O. Patchal, Ta. Rajapur, District. Ratnagiri

Plans should not just be on paper.

Editorial ‘Water in Crisis ..’ We need awareness and / or restraint from the government level regarding rainwater harvesting in urban and rural areas across the country. Staying on paper is dangerous for the future. The scheme should also be implemented at the urban and rural levels. Funding should be granted on this occasion. Otherwise the land will have to look like a desert before our eyes. Without awareness that time is not far off.

– Subodh Gadre, Kolhapur

Now we do not have that moral authority.

I read Vikram Singh Mehta’s article (May 5) on ‘International domination needs war-mediation – Kissinger to Jaishankar’. No matter how intelligent and intelligent Jaishankar is personally, international politics is not just person-centered. As important as a person’s ingenuity and intelligence is, so is the position of the country he or she represents in international politics. “Kissinger Yom Kippur succeeded in ending the war because at that time the United States dominated international politics,” Mehta said in his article. Unfortunately, it cannot be said that India was then the dominant American state in international politics. In contrast, the internal situation in the country has become alarming in the last seven to eight years. Religious strife is destabilizing the country and provoking concerns in the international community. This is clearly reflected in the media in different countries.

During the Bangladesh War, a diplomat like Kissinger was defeated by Indira Gandhi. Because at that time India had a moral dominance in international politics. We have lost this moral dominance with today’s politics. Therefore, I do not think that the representative of this country, which lost its moral dominance at that time, can successfully mediate the end of the Russia-Ukraine war when we do not have dominance like America.

– Girish Norvekar, Jogeshwari East (Mumbai)

Political depression has been exposed ever since.

‘Progressive Maharashtra Question Paper’ Dr. Read Ajay Deshpande’s article (May 5). Maharashtra and Bengal, which were at the forefront of social reforms in the country in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, were also ideologically led. Almost every new idea was born in this soil and then adopted by the country. Maharashtra has been at the forefront of the country in cultivating and guiding the ideology of the saints. Questions are yesterday, today and tomorrow. But Maharashtra has successfully implemented a policy of taking the state forward by taking into account every aspect of the society and finding a way out of it. In every crisis that befell the state and the country, Maharashtra forgot all its differences and continued its course. There are political contradictions, but within the framework of morality.

Due to fruitful politics and good governance, Maharashtra has established its high position in the country. But it was shattered by the unprecedented crisis of the corona. Maharashtra’s political prowess was portrayed as gone. The people sided with the government, but the government did not receive all-round support in the crisis.

The problems and challenges of the people in our state have become secondary due to the parties implementing an arbitrary program to keep the political calculations in their heads and win the elections anyway. After the devolution of power in 2019, the state framework was shaken with the determination to politicize everything and sell its political agenda. In which the state, the people, the development issues are lagging behind. Instead of addressing fundamental issues such as declining values ​​of democracy, declining socio-economic development, rising unemployment and inflation making it harder for the common man, priority has been given to raising issues such as Hanuman Chalisa and Bhonghe. The country has developed a new system that answers all problems through religious certification.

Not only did this technique bring immense benefits from winning the election, but it also painted a beautiful moral picture about the public support for our character. In fact moving from progressivism to regressionism is a political tragedy. This is not right for the state. ‘Using religion for politics’ is a medieval retrospective idea, an obstacle to the formation of a rational and scientific society. This is a violation of democratic values.

– Hemant Sadanand Patil, Nalasopara

2022-05-05 18:32:00

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