Lokmanas: The rejection of regional parties is a short-sighted mistake.

The biggest question that arises after the Congress Navasankalp camp is, why does the Congress avoid the question before us? Rahul Gandhi did not discuss with Rahul Gandhi in the camp the most important question of what the future holds for the Congress. Instead, talks are underway to fill party vacancies across the country in the next six months. All that remains is to nominate one person in a family! Today there are more than one MP, MLA or office bearer in a family in the organization and even if they have held these positions for five years, they can still get a ticket, after this concession, the ban will become ridiculous. The statement made by Rahul Gandhi in his lengthy speech seems likely to turn against the Congress in the 2024 general elections. He opined that regional parties have no ideology and they cannot defeat the BJP. The Manmohan Singh government was formed and run entirely in collaboration with regional parties. So underestimating regional parties and rejecting them is just a short-sighted mistake. This is an expression of Congress arrogance. Which regional party would like to go along with the national party of past presidents who disrespected such regional parties? The solution to any problem can only be found when the problem is identified. Today, when Congress is not ready to accept the existence of major problems facing itself, there is no reason to believe that the party has become more aware.

– Tushar Ashok Rahathgankar, Dombivali

The opposition is forgetting its responsibility.

After reading the headline ‘Inactive Ideology’ (May 18), I realized that in order to strengthen democracy today, two things are needed – one is to have responsible voters and the other is to have strong opposition. Neither of these exists in the country today. The authorities are constantly under illusion. Since you came to power, the authorities have swayed you with false nationalism on how you have tarnished the image of the country, how you have tarnished hostile nations, how happy the people are, and how the country is on the path of economic development. So it is impossible for them to focus on the basic questions! The second important point is the opposition! Forgetting self-confidence and not even having the balance to speak, he fell into the trap of the authorities and was blessed with a focus on waffle items instead of basic issues. It is difficult to say that democracy is strong in such circumstances.

– Vithal Kishan Rao McPalle, Rajura (Chandrapur)

For whom did the original Congress organize this camp?

‘Inactive ideology!’ Read this front page article (May 18). The present Congress central leadership has no experience of coming to power from the Opposition. Other experienced leaders in the party do not have the nature to fight as rivals when the central leadership is inactive. The current generation in the Gandhi family is currently finding it difficult to pursue political activism. Why blame those who are always politically active in such situations? If this does not improve the current situation of the party, then for whom exactly has the Congress camp taken up a waste of time and money? He said the current Congress leadership was temporary and those who wanted to continue in the post should not belong to the family. Given that regional parties in their respective states are likely to contest against the central government in the near future, the day is not far off when Congress will have to make a last ditch effort to preserve its electoral mark!

– Praveen Ambeskar, Thane

The strengths of the BJP are the faults of the Congress

Rahul Gandhi’s speech at the end of the Chintan Shibir signaled that the Congress party along with him was inactive. Punjab Congress leader Jakhar left the party the day before the camp and Hardik Patel from Gujarat also left the party. The Congress party could not accept Narendra Modi becoming the Prime Minister. That is why the party is busy condemning Modi. Some of the characteristics of a party leader such as pure nature, public relations, ability to solve public problems, and ability to fight public issues in a timely manner make voters think of themselves as party. The Congress does not have these qualities, the BJP has these strengths. Congress should learn from this.

– Hemant Purushottam Kadre, Pune

Learn about the other side of organ donation

‘Excuse me for organ donation?’ This analysis (May 17) sheds light on society. Increased organ donation increases the availability of organs to be destroyed after a funeral. Many will find new life in it. Over the past decade many cases of fraudulent organ donors have come to light. Although divisional and district level committees were set up to enforce it, illegal transactions did not stop even after that. The poor patient was expected to bear the costs of transporting the organs of the brain dead person, removing the organs and implanting their organs into the body of the poor patient with the approval of the government committee. Even if the brain dead person donates organs free of cost, the required patient will have to spend up to Rs 15-25 lakh for the entire procedure. In such a case, the removal of the dead patient’s organ was delayed. The night passed until a decision was made on who would pay the increased air ambulance fare. Beneficiary patients and hospitals have also changed, I have seen this happen. Who will ask the people concerned about such cases? Of course, giving this certificate is not intended to undermine the organ donation movement. The purpose, however, is to illuminate the other side as well.

– Laxman Sangewar, Nanded

Yet ‘that lawsuit’ is not that important!

Read analysis (law still pending) (May 18). In this case, two important factors need to be considered. The first point is that the analysis states that “some such cases may have been delayed before the law came into force (i.e., July 11, 1991).” Section no. Provisions 3, 6 and 8 shall come into force immediately (i.e. from September 18, 1991) and the remaining clauses (ie sections 1, 2, 4, 5 and 7) dt. Effective July 11, 1991. The second point is that subsection (2) of the same section states that cases pending before July 11, 1991 will remain the same. The word ‘abbot’ was used. The word literally means ‘losing the intensity or effect of something’. (To become less intense or severe; do less active or intense, less total or less intense). In the definition of law, it means – ‘blurring’. Moreover, considering the overall background and intent of the law given in the analysis, the meaning should be the same. So, in fact, it does not matter when the case related to the seizure of the Gnanavapi Mosque in Kashi was heard in the Varanasi District Court – before or after July 11, 1991. Even before that, its importance will be diminished or canceled! It is certainly important that the Court be informed of the role of the Central Government in this Act as directed by the Supreme Court.

– Srikanth Patwardhan, Kandivali (Mumbai)

Visas are measured in multiples, because ..

In ‘Bhashasutra’, Dr. Neelima Gundi’s article ‘Wakprachar ani Ankalipi’ (May 18) provides information on the etymology of ‘Athara Visa Daridray’. Visa coefficients have been measured since ancient times because the total number of fingers and toes is 20. People from the British and many other countries are also measuring visas. The score is a group of 20 subjects. So, came the question of how much is measured in terms of ‘how much is the score’. Then came the mention of visas; But in the case of sports, the question of ‘how much is the score’ still arises. ‘Score’ a set of 20 objects. V. Provided by Joshi.

– Prakash Chande, Dombivali

2022-05-18 18:32:00

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