Lokmanas: The country needs an effective opposition, all you need to know

Lokmanas: The country needs an effective opposition

A strong opposition is needed to put the ruling party on the right track in a democracy.

Read the article ‘Position and Direction of Opposition’ (June 2). At the Center, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has completed eight years. But in the last eight years nowhere in the country has the strength of the opposition been seen.

A strong opposition is needed to put the ruling party on the right track in a democracy. However, regional parties do not currently have the capacity to exert effective pressure on the largest party at the national level. Most regional parties are single party leaders. Their strength is limited. It has become almost impossible for parties to stand against the BJP, which has an ideological base nurtured by a strong body like the Sangh. An ideology can be supported by a rational ideology of equal strength. It needs effective opposition. But the Congress party has been weak since it lost power at the Center. Many of his key leaders have joined the BJP. There are several reasons behind this, says Sasemira, the Central Investigation Agency behind those who speak out against the central government. Today, the country needs an active opposition party to support the BJP.

Sunil Kuvre, Shivudi (Mumbai)

Dreamed of becoming an officer through Ghokampatti

I read the news of ‘Marathi percentage further decline in UPSC’ (Lok Satta – 2 June). Keep in mind the demand of the candidates preparing for the MPSC exams. He demanded that the MPSC examination be held in writing in the near future (the recommendations of the committee appointed for this are still pending). For this, pressure groups were formed on social media. He said that this will benefit the candidates who are preparing for UPSC as they are writing the UPSC exam. But why not think that this practice is good if you also write the UPSC exam without thinking like this? The test procedure is subject to change from time to time. It is not fitting for Maharashtra to dream of becoming an officer, to make unrealistic demands, to oppose any change, to write the test as we have said, and to put pressure on the Commission. If the candidates decide the examination procedure, what is the purpose of the examination? How to increase Marathi percentage with UPS? We always give the example of Uttar Pradesh, Bihar and southern states, how do they go about it? However, their examination procedure is similar to that of UPSC! It is good to remember that you also have some responsibility without blaming the government. Otherwise the Marathi percentage will continue to decline.

Ganesh Mapari, Buldana

R. Wash.Pike is not a patriarchal culture.

‘And. Wash. Curve is a pike of patriarchal culture? One such letter (June 1) was published, in which Raghunath Karve attacked the attitude. The correspondent was curious as to how Curvey was, what his idea was, why he only put half-naked, nude pictures of women on the cover, and why not put pictures of such men. In fact, if there was a source to this question, he would have to examine the issues of ‘social health’ himself. But the day after the Maharashtra Foundation made all the ‘Samajaswasthya’ issues available on the internet, it was an incomprehensible haste to publicly express this curiosity.

In fact Dr. about gender relations. William J. Robinson, Havelock Ellis, Proc. R.D. For many years, he argued that men should have contraceptives. But when the burden of pregnancy is placed on the females, they need to be relieved of it and therefore the surgery should be performed by the females. I.e. Rs. Accepting the right ideas.

‘Why post pictures of naked women?’ It was Shakuntala Paranjape once R.D. After that, he also published pictures of naked men, Shakuntalabai himself wrote elsewhere. Summary, and. Wash. The answers to our questions about Curvey can be found in the issues of ‘Samajyaswastya’ magazine. The real solution is to surrender to them. However you have to suffer a lot.

Anant Deshmukh, Pune

R. Wash.Don’t blame me!

And. Wash. Some doubts arise as to whether Gargi Banhatti started a website about Carvey. While praising sexual freedom, he printed pictures of nude women on the front page without any trouble, but why did Carvey refuse to print pictures of nude men on the front page that women also have the right to have sexual pleasure? Why is he so big on patriarchal culture? By Gargi. Wash. If this stupid question had been asked merely out of curiosity, his ‘innocent’ mind would have understood. But by using the word ‘in vain’ it is ‘cowardice’, which implies that Amal was brave and somewhat embarrassed. While reading his ‘Social Health’ issues, R. Wash. They realize how fearless they are.

He never ignored Sanatan insults and court cases. Any enlightened person who reads ‘Samajaswastya’ will be Rs. Wash. He is no doubt the pike charm of patriarchal culture. The question remains ‘why only pictures of naked women’. In this context r. Wash. ‘Some women ask why there is always a photo of a woman in our magazine, and sometimes men do not. But if a nude picture of a person is given, it must be given from the other side (i.e. ‘description of the background’- in brackets). I think there will be a problem with the ERV law. In fact, it is the folly of the law and in Germany, magazines with nude pictures of men and women are allowed to be sold on the streets.

Mukund Takasale, Pune

Brahmins who are not affiliated with the Sangh are also subject to criticism

I also (May 31) read the news and the response to it. This is the main reason why Brahmins lag behind in arithmetic. Another consideration needs to be made. The Sangh Parivar is targeting only Brahmins due to pro-Hindu politics. Even Brahmins who are not associated with the Sangh have to be criticized. The most surprising thing is that no non-Brahmin leader in the Sangh or the BJP family has come forward to respond to these criticisms. This indicates that the Sangh Parivar wants only the Brahmin community to be criticized.

Yogesh Kulkarni, Kulgaon-Badlapur

Controversy over Hanuman’s birthplace from tourism competition?

I read this news (Lok Satta – June 1) from ‘Hanuman Janmasthalavar Hamratumari’ and started circulating ‘Shatapatre’ written by recently read Lokhitwadis. Gopal Hari Deshmukh’s nickname ‘Lokhitvadi’ for social consciousness ‘Shatapatre’ was reprinted 125 years ago and there is no doubt that the author would not have survived. Scholars have argued that ‘myth is not history but poetry, with ideas that bring perfection to the bridegroom’. What is the real achievement of Chiranjeevi Maruthi coming to Hammutumari from his birthplace as a witness to such myths? Nowadays, religious tourism has become a fast growing business. Is that why you are creating such controversy and propaganda?

Gayatri Salvankar, Kolhapur

Not granted; Arrears or refunds

I was shocked to read the news of ‘Rs 14,000 crore GST subsidy from the Center to the State’. Although the Center says it has paid the full amount, the state says it still owes Rs 12,000 to Rs 15,000 crore. If the Center gives ‘grants’ to the state it means something different. The Center did not help the state but paid the amount due to the state. It seems that the center has been drawn again in the full news. If all the media is covering at least one ‘Lok Satta’ is expected to keep this in mind. Despite reports from the Central News Agency, he did not hesitate to describe the grant as a “refund” or “arrears” rather than a grant.

Abhijeet Atalye, Lonavla

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