Lokmanas: Revealing the alliance between religion and politics.

Lokmanas: Revealing the alliance between religion and politics.

Also! This is because the debate calling from Hanuman’s birthplace has taken a detour and reached the political level of ‘Congresswale-BJPwale’. Religion and politics in India are intertwined.

‘Welcome monk!’ Read this satirical and satirical editorial (June 4). Both Anjaneri and Kishkadha, the birthplace of Hanuman, are recognized for their devotion to the rational argument that the same soul arises in two places, at a meeting held at Anjaneri or Kishkadha in Karnataka, near the birthplace of Hanuman in Maharashtra. However, the ultimate truth is that we have everything to do with religion, and the gurus say the East is the same .. the purpose of the true religion. That is why the philosopher Karl Marx must have recorded in history the statement that “religion is an opium pill.” However, in this arrogance of being the birthplace of Hanuman, the saints and sages gathered from the seats called Dharmasabha and the council called Dharmaguru came to the rescue of Hammutumari. Therefore, the Dharmasabha was considered as ‘Shobha’ and the ‘Prabha’ of the assembled Sadhus-Sadhus-Mahants came on the screen.

Also! This is because the debate calling from Hanuman’s birthplace has taken a detour and reached the political level of ‘Congresswale-BJPwale’. Religion and politics in India are intertwined. History tells us that the alliance of religion and politicians has always been against progress for the common man. But it is also important to remember that it is the righteous who ultimately cause trouble for politicians.

Meanwhile, two groups of priests clashed over the Kalsarpa peace ritual at the Trimbakeshwar temple in Nashik. The incident took place when he was attacked with guns, knives and machetes. On the one hand he preached peace of mind to the masses, glorifying spirituality, and himself went on a path of unrest! This underscores the fact that the so-called religious leaders could not manage their own ‘dollars’. The so-called Dharmagurus at the Dharmasabha in Mathura, Delhi (Hindus say that Hindus should take up arms to protect Hindu Dharma). It is not Hinduism to commit riots and insanity with bare knives, the original Hindu code of conduct is to forcibly stab people with swords. In Indian literature, the importance of sadhu-sadhus is explained in terms such as ‘jati na pucho sadhu ki’ and ‘sadhu-sant yeti ghara tochi Diwali Dasara’. The saints are the pioneers of society. However, today’s modern saints are eloquent because of their shallow actions. All these developments, arguments, counter-arguments, the struggle for supremacy over the Dharmapeeths have to be described as’ God exhibiting zeal and gathering of devotees to the devotees, God in the temple, the tumult of the devotees. ‘. On the one hand Indian society is associated with many myths about ancestral deities and incarnations, on the other hand, along with the deities, the number and breadth of religious gurus – Baba – Acharya – saints – saints – mahantas increased rapidly and created powerful and prosperous shrines.

– Balakrishna Shinde, Pune

Tuka said burn their company.

After reading the satirical title ‘Welcome Saint’ (June 4) it seems that the story of Hanuman singing which started from Hanuman Chalisa has now reached its birth. Now the festivities have begun. By 2024, Chiranjeev Pavanasut Hanuman will be at the feet of Lord Rama along with the sages, saints and saints.

Hey, is this a Dharmasabha or a Gram Panchayat Gram Sabha? Radha remembered the Gram Sabha held in our village in Nashik Dharmasabha. It is noteworthy that before the opening of the Dharmasabha, no MLA, MP, Minister or political party leader recited Hanuman Chalisa.

Where did the heroes of ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ go? Such as.

The so-called saints and monks cannot get rid of anger, greed, passion, passion, love and jealousy, but they know for sure that it will lead the devotees towards the path of salvation.

This is exactly what we call the birthplace of Hanuman. Has Hinduism and Dharma really become so shallow? But how can the sentiments of the blind devotees not be damaged by such rebellious acts at such a time? Is this a Hindu state in the dreams of insane sages and shallow blind devotees? Those who put words like Pandit, Das, Muni, Shastri, Mahant before and after the name behave in such a way as to embarrass the Gangetic monkeys. What role models do these gangs stand in front of the society? However, it is important to note that this is not true.

How can I stay like this? Karma Karoni says the saint.

Keep your arms outstretched. Sin with blinking ॥2॥

The key to the despair of the claim. Bhogi Vishyala Veduka ॥3॥

I’ll tell you how much. Burned their company.

– Jagdish Kabre, Sangli

We welcome such insults from now on

While reading the title ‘Welcome Saint’ and its satirical commentary, Ranganath Pathare’s novel ‘Namushkichche Swagatham’ came to mind with its content. In it he exaggerated the satire of hanging on to the irony of ignorance in accepting the social, psychological, and economic insults that come from family and society at the individual level. From now on we welcome the saints on the front page, the naming of cities, Hanuman Chalisa, and those who struggle with the emphasis on things unrelated to living in old history.

– Sukhradev Kale, Dapoli (Ratnagiri)

Why should he be called Sadhu, Mahant?

I read the satirical title of Welcome Saint. Apart from Kumbh Mela, the once dormant Sadhu and Mahant community has been growing for the last eight years. It started to have the opposite effect. The question arises as to whether those who attain the material level in time should be called saints and sages

There is kindness, love, peace; The adage that one should conquer work, anger, and temptation and recognize the saint now seems extinct. Today, 60% of the people in the country are able to eat only one meal at a time. In such a situation, the question arises as to who is rich and who is interested in feeding such strong saints.

– Ram Deshpande, Navi Mumbai

The sense of caste domination must be eradicated

I was not surprised to read the ‘analysis’ in Lok Satta (June 4), ‘Casteism in America too ..’ This is because many cases of racial discrimination against Scheduled Castes in Silicon Valley have come to light in the past. Now it’s being repeated on Google. This does not mean that there was no racism in America before these events. Now such incidents are coming to light as the victims open up about this injustice. What is special is that these Indians who went to America were highly educated. The Scheduled Castes who went there were also highly educated and of good quality.

But this incident proves that people of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, no matter how educated they are, have to face caste discrimination and injustice from other Indians even abroad. As well as the notion of caste dominance in the brains of those who claim to be upper castes continues in the country and abroad. There are some respectable exceptions to this.

If this were the case in a country like America that values ​​equality, the thought of what would happen in our country was palpable. The vast majority of whites in the United States show remorse for the injustice done to blacks. But such incidents show that even Indians are not so fond of it. It is breaking the notion that we are all Indians in countries other than India.

According to this, in order to eradicate caste discrimination, the caste system must eradicate the caste dominance in the minds of the major beneficiaries, the upper castes.

– Uttam Jogdand, Kalyan

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