Lokmanas: India must once again lead its allies Lokmanas

“Quad’s thorny thorns!” In this front page article (May 25) ‘What does this country actually do?’ This question is very important in world politics and in the current situation. Weapons were a decisive factor during the Cold War in the twentieth century, and the world was bipolar. In a world divided into two groups, NATO and the Warsaw Pact, India is also an ally. In 21st century world politics, a country’s economic power is more important than its military power, so the quad has its limitations.

The quad’s diplomacy will be tested in the face of China’s rapidly growing economic dominance and in challenging the country’s expansionist policies. It is difficult to challenge China by ignoring Russia. This is even more difficult for India because its relations with its neighbors are not peaceful and China’s infiltration is more aggressive than others in its case. India should once again look at the leading countries in the alliance.

– Add. Vasant Nalavade, Satara

Do rulers divert youth towards productivity?

“Quad’s thorny thorns!” Read this article. At present it is impossible for Asian countries to directly oppose China. Almost all countries depend on Chinese goods. Currently, China has no choice in the international market for low-cost and high-quality goods. India is a ‘young’ country. Without engaging these young people in creating religious divisions, it will be possible to overcome China’s plight in the future if the country moves towards true self-sufficiency through a planned approach. For that the rulers must show willpower.

– Lakshman Narayan Bhosale, Hingoli

Whose country is anyone

I read Ravindra Mahajan’s article (May 25) giving evidence for Sanskrit texts and stating that there is a concept of race from the Vedas. In this country, some people have very creatively created caste barriers. Just developed a deep language for themselves. Reading literature, science, texts and laws is prohibited. Shambuk in Utopia shows what happens even if you try to read it. Two to three per cent at the top

With the help of the Kshatriyas the people used this vast land as their colony. 30% of people have been treated cruelly for centuries by saying that you are a witch. The Sanskrit texts testify to them that their colony was a comprehensive, organized and constitutional nation.

– Dattaprasad Dabholkar, Satara

The concepts need to be unpacked

If you are reading Ravindra Mahajan’s article ‘Ekatma Manava Darshan’ (May 25) some things are not clear. Nirvana means liberation from reincarnation. Does this religion mean that the doctrines of karma such as soul, reincarnation, heaven and hell and the reward or punishment for sin and virtue in a past life are acceptable in this life? It is this principle of karma that creates and strengthens our caste system. Does the author agree with all these arrangements?

The path of knowledge, the path of devotion, the remembrance of the name and the path of karma are mentioned to attain salvation. Devotion to God. Then the question arises, whose is the Lord? What is the answer? Or ritual means ‘doing karma according to one’s character’. That is, the caste system is acceptable to this religion. Whether all things in Europe are considered bad or ignored, or the good in them accepted, it must be made clear who they are and who decides. Who chooses the professor? Will elections come or not? Are there political parties? What is the electoral system like? Many such questions arise in this.

– Subhash Athale, Kolhapur

All parties are incompetent on the Kashmir issue

‘Do you want to keep Kashmir in the fog ..?’ I read this article written by Sachin Sawant (May 25). As the General Secretary of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee, his statement was in favor of his own party. The question of the coexistence of the Pandit community and the Muslim people there in Jammu and Kashmir. So far all the officers are being carried wet instead of solving this problem. The Opposition and the ruling parties have unanimously agreed to increase honorariums and allowances in Parliament, so why not build on these important issues? What is the real reason behind the inability of all parties to hold a special session of Parliament to find a lasting, viable solution to the Kashmir issue, an important issue facing the country?

– Praveen Ambeskar, Thane

Flickering culture ‘is a matter of concern

“Didn’t hesitate to fight?” Read this analysis (May 25). Four accused in Hyderabad gang-rape case killed in police encounter Justice V., who was appointed to inquire into the encounter. The. The Sirpurkar Committee’s recent report is not surprising. The committee’s recommendation that the police investigate the murder should be welcomed. Because the brutal killing of the accused is not an appropriate action for any civilized society. Even if the perpetrators commit a crime against humanity, they can be punished by following the criminal justice process. The killing of the accused by the police in a fake encounter is challenging the judiciary. Unfortunately, this kind of ‘flickering culture’ is prevalent in many states of the country, which is a matter of great concern.

– Ganesh Sasikala Shinde, Aurangabad

Why a team of 18 players?

The South African cricket team will tour India in June to play in a five-match T20I series. The selection committee for the series recently announced the 18-member Indian squad. Why choose an 18-member squad for the series in India? If the series was overseas and the corona was damaged, an 18-member team would have been appropriate, but what about the need for 18 members in the domestic series? As in the past, a 15-member squad is to be announced for the series in the country.

– Shyam Thanedar, Pune

Monosyllabic phrases enrich the language

I read the article ‘Ekaksharpradhan Vakprachar’ (May 25) in ‘Bhashasutram’. There are many other monosyllabic phrases in the Marathi language and its dialects. Some of the phrases in it are memorized by Animita. The two phrases ‘kho dene’ and ‘kho ghalane’ are derived from the kho kho game. ‘Kho Khone’ means to support and ‘Kho Ghalne’ means to obstruct or impede work. The ego of the proud person is called the barrier. Being in a trance means being scared and upset. Pulling the ‘ri’ means taking it sideways. Many such monosyllabic phrases have enriched Marathi and its dialects.

– Tilak Umaji Khade, Nagothane (Raigad)

Lothal is not the ‘oldest port in the world’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said in Tokyo that the Indo-Pacific region is a hub for global trade, economic investment and manufacturing, with India playing a key role. He also said that Lothal (Katiyawar) in Gujarat is ‘the oldest port in the world’. But in fact, the world’s oldest monkey, four and a half thousand years ago, was found in Egypt on the shores of the Red Sea. Lothal is one of the oldest monkeys in India, dating back to about 3,700 years ago. The. Invented by Rao.

– Dr. Srikanth Parlkar, Dadar

2022-05-25 18:32:00

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