Lokmanas: Football is also mad on Kolhapur soil

‘Multiplication of multiplication!’ Reading this front page article (May 18) is especially inspiring to learn about the best performers even if they are not publicized. When it comes to sports, some places have their own power. Kolhapur wrestling and football fan. Bengal-Kerala-Goa in football! The Football Federation should come here and really test. Cricket, which is popular everywhere, is also popular here, no no no. However, football is gaining popularity locally. Over the last 40-50 years, shooting has become a popular sport. Sangli has a lot of kabaddi, kho-kho and chess lovers. There is a need to explore such diverse sports-loving places and inspiring places. Arrangements should be made to promote sports there. If there are some special properties in the soil of that area, they should be cultivated.

Subodh Gadre, Kolhapur

Now expectations on the women’s team have risen.

The Indian men’s badminton team won the Thomas Cup for the first time, thanks to the players as well as the Indian Badminton Federation and the Ministry of Sports. Over the last four years, the Sports Ministry has spent Rs 67.19 crore on training and participation of Indian badminton players. Including salaries of foreign and Indian coaches. Last year, the sports ministry spent Rs 4.5 crore to participate in 14 international competitions. The confidence shown in them by the Ministry of Sports and the Badminton Federation of India has paid off. Of course this is only the beginning. Not only on this team but also on the women’s badminton team the countrymen had high expectations.

Shyam Thanedar, Pune

The state is interested in cricket?

‘Multiplication of multiplication!’ In this first page article, the problems of non-cricket and other sports and the lack of sports facilities in Maharashtra are presented in very specific terms. While states like Odisha are giving special encouragement to hockey, Maharashtra is all set to host this year’s IPL in Pune and Mumbai. The state government should take bold steps in the stadium. The state government will give due respect to badminton players like Chirag Shetty from Mumbai and take steps for a bright future of cricket and other sports.

Yogesh Pandit. Kullal, Ahmednagar

Pedestrian cricket, Success in badminton ..

The success of cricketers in India speaks volumes about the success of any other cricketer. The golden age of hockey has always been history. Under such circumstances, the badminton players winning the prestigious Thomas Cup is an inspiration not only to the field of badminton but also to other sports.

Pvt. Prajakta Vaghole, Pune

Health care needs to be improved

The news item (May 16) reads: The number of beneficiaries of public health services has increased beyond the cost of private hospitals during the coronation period. Many doctors have closed their clinics. Many lost their jobs due to the lockout. At a time like this the poor and the rich resorted to government hospitals for timely treatment at a discount. This has increased the pressure on hospitals. It is undeniable, however, that the vast majority of these patients receive government health care as a preventative measure. There are many reasons for the unavailability of health workers and doctors, the unavailability of timely services, inadequate medical care, unhygienic conditions in hospitals and mistrust of government medical services in proportion to the number of patients. The state Department of Health should take this seriously. Efforts should be made to improve the quality of facilities in government hospitals and to recruit adequate staff to divert patients towards government services. Therefore, the rich and the poor can get better treatment at affordable prices.

Dattatraya Sathe, Pune

The country provides food when farmers are in poverty?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that India is traditionally a benefactor to the world in Germany. The purpose of agriculture in our political system is not only to give self-respect to the farmers but also to provide cheap food grains, vegetables and fruits to the people of the country. The Agricultural Prices Commission was established in the 1960s to determine the basic prices of agricultural commodities. But even these basic prices have failed to provide real support to farmers. This is because the law does not stipulate that the price of agricultural produce should be determined on the basis of cost of production. Therefore the Prime Minister’s statement did not bring relief to any farmer in our country. It is because of our political poverty that our breadwinners have always been mired in poverty. The Prime Minister would not have made such a statement if he had observed the situation a bit.

Pvt. Dr. Raghunandan Ghuge, Beed

Lie, But talk, This type

Read the front page article (May 16) entitled ‘Donor Poverty’. Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. In the past it was said that inflation would be reduced but it did not happen. Cooking gas prices have become unaffordable to the average person, though lying, while some compounds are being caught retweeting. This strategy may be successful for a while, but it will always be successful, it is an illusion. The authorities should take this into consideration.

Ramesh Vadangekar, Kolhapur

Right now your river of happiness has dried up

What is the answer to why India is at the bottom of the list of happiest countries? Currently the river of happiness is drying up rather than drying up due to mistrust, futile conflicts, allegations of political leaders, negotiations, corrupt system, inflation, unemployment.

Q. At. Black, Nashik

Special Marriage ActBe inclusive

Researcher Tahir Mahmood in his article ‘Before the same civil law ..’ (May 16) provided very important points. Courts comment on government inaction on equal civil law when hearing minority cases. Recently, only a few states have been making announcements to enforce a single civil law in the states under their jurisdiction. Instead, we need to talk about how the Special Marriage Act, 1954 and the Indian Inheritance Act, 1925, which provide a secular alternative, can reduce the flaws and expand the scope of these laws. According to the Special Marriage Act, 1954, if two persons in a marriage are Hindus, their property is governed by the Hindu Inheritance Act. The 1976 amendment to the Secular Act was a setback. This example of pluralistic mentality is mentioned in this article. According to the author, the old Portuguese civil code in Goa (and Daman, Diu) should be changed. Accordingly, the women’s rights movement fought for the issue of women’s inheritance property being more just and equitable than the ‘Indian Inheritance Act-1955’. This is something to remember before seeking change. At the same time, an environment must be created for the implementation of amendments to various religious and personal laws for equality. The idea of ​​gender equality should be broadened in view of the presence of LGBTQ groups, nomadic races, different tribes, tribals etc. We must insist on inclusive reformist equality. The broader reality of diversity must be seen through the lens of an aggressive majority mentality. Until then, it is advisable to try to increase approval by using the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Aruna Burte, Pune

2022-05-17 21:13:22

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