Lokamanus: Brahmins are left behind in tyranny

Lokamanus: Brahmins are left behind in tyranny

Going to any taluka in Maharashtra, it seems that there is at least one Brahmin in the original promoter of the BJP branch there.

The report (Lok Satta – May 31) wrote that ‘Brahmin leadership is difficult in Maharashtra BJP’. In politics, the Brahmin activist is often studied, dissatisfied, hard-working and honest. This quality in him is also a curse to him, because professional politicians see it as an obstacle. Any ideology in the political establishment – be it a comrade or a socialist or a Congress Brahmin – is considered by non-Brahmins to belong to the BJP or the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) and they are dormant to decide. So the needs are only for the needs of the party leadership.

If we look at the history of the Congress, the initiative taken by the Brahmins to give the Congress a permanent place at the top, and then the gradual influx of Brahmins from the Congress until the 1970s. As a result, only a handful of Brahmin leaders remained in the Congress across the country. With the BJP taking over the Congress seat at a time when the Congress is disappearing in the country, a similar situation will arise in the BJP in the near future. In power politics the vote bank has a price. Non-existent for Brahmins. Ideology is just talk. It is more common among Brahmins. The report also mentions Brahmin Shiladars in the BJP. But in every branch of the Sangh, a Brahmin is a humble and educated, as well as a zealous activist. Many Brahmins in rural areas of Maharashtra fought fiercely for the BJP. But the party has so far ignored him. Going to any taluka in Maharashtra, it seems that there is at least one Brahmin in the original promoter of the BJP branch there. This importance is gradually diminishing.

Therefore, there is a need for the Brahmin youth to wake up in time and remove the Hindutva air from their heads. Today’s politics needs numbers or money. Money is also needed to increase the number. So it is not always best to make money in a righteous way. Brahmins must learn to live in the present.

Sachin Kulkarni , Mangrulpir (District. Washim)

Brahmins in the team Listen ..In place?

The news (Lok Satta – May 31) read, ‘Brahmin leadership in trouble in Maharashtra BJP’. This means that it is clear that the party’s chances of victory in the 2024 elections by giving priority to non-Brahmin communities cannot be ruled out. This should be taken into consideration by the Brahmin leadership.

Come on in. Delay. It is important for the Sangh to think this way because this organization is still considered 90% Brahmins. However, officials noted that the Brahmin voting was marginal. That is to say, one has to wonder whether this society is in a state of ‘garaja saro vaidya maro’.

Ram Deshpande, Navi Mumbai

Until then IDBIDerivation deer water

Read the front page article (May 31). This is not the first time that conferences have been held abroad to find investors. Similar efforts have been initiated at the IDBI management level since 2015. The difference now is that the government is taking the initiative. It was the fault of the then government for IDBI to come to power.

The bank was set up for the industrial development of the country. Therefore, the bank has given thousands of crores of industrial loans with the strength of government capital. After the government got rid of this burden, the bank was placed in the category of other commercial banks. This bank has the same targets as other banks. With long-term loans of crores of rupees being huge, it has become difficult for the bank to reach the 40 per cent target for the priority sector even with the first few years of subsidies. Yet under the pressure of the Reserve Bank hundreds of crores of loans were literally disbursed to meet the priority sector targets. It must be said that the bank lacked the knowledge or expertise required to disburse such loans. Such loans were disbursed from 2007 to 2014. Needless to say, political interference is high. The same loans and other industrial loans are mainly bad loans (IDBI Bank on April 30, 2022 released a list of 324 people who went bankrupt for loan purposes. Titus Vijay Mallya Name 29th).

The bank has been running at a loss for some years in evading these loans. Now the bank is making a profit by making cuts. If the government loses control and gives the bank the freedom to operate in a fully commercial manner, it will be able to attract investors. Otherwise the deregulation of this bank will no doubt become a mirage for the government.

Raghunandan Bhagwat, Pune

People overwhelmed by Modi’s influence!

‘Ashtavadhani Kirkird’ Dr. Prime Minister Modi has left the Vinay Sahasrabuddhe track record with just eight programs in eight years. In fact Modi wanted to read about the charisma in the way he works. Because ‘they are not willing to take the risk unless they decide to do something, they are willing to take the risk, they have no personal interest in anything.’ Sahasrabuddha’s own opinion about Prime Minister Modi (‘Lok Prabha’ – June 2017) is one hundred percent.

It remains to be seen whether they will be able to withstand the Hindutva exercise and development. For the first time in the last eight years, people have bragged about Modi’s influence. Despite the turmoil in the economy, sociology, politics and cultural life, the BJP’s influence is still there because of its marketing techniques, event techniques, media management techniques and ability to engage the masses! In addition to this, there is a serious weakness in the opposition. Therefore, it is easy for Modi to ignore the opposition completely.

Srinivas S. Dongre, Dadar (Mumbai)

R. Dhoni Karvehi is the pike of male-dominated culture?

May 30 in Pune on behalf of the ‘Maharashtra Foundation’. Wash. I read the news about the website release about Carvey. This is a very welcome development. We cannot forget the contribution that Curvey made as a thinker ahead of time. What amazes me, however, is that they have the right to have sexual pleasure for women on the front page, not just the pictures of naked women they print, but also the pictures of naked men on the first page. He can use the popular opportunity to turn women into his readers. Why did she become a pike in patriarchal culture?

Gargi Banhatti, Dadar (Mumbai)

Girls are not just for cooking!

‘Girls top with UPS!’ Read this news (May 31). Girls are always proving their mettle. They are competent, there is no dispute about that. After reading the news today, I was reminded a few days ago that Bharatiya Janata Party Maharashtra state president Chandrakant Patil had addressed Supriya Sule saying ‘go home and cook’. Nowadays the days are changing so think about women. It does not make sense to apologize later.

Rajaram Chavan, Welfare

There were also death rumors about Mao.

Russia’s top dictator Vladimir Putin has died of leukemia, the British military’s intelligence agency MI6 has said. According to him, what was portrayed as Putin was actually a parody! Such meaningful news was read on the Loksatta website. In this context, a similar incident that took place a few years ago comes to mind.

At the time, there were rumors that Chinese party chief Mao Zedong was “dead” and that it was his puppets who were visiting instead. But Edgar Snow, the only Western journalist to have met Mao three times, could not confirm this. Later, when Edgar Snow became seriously ill, Mao sent his own team of doctors to treat him! It was also mentioned on the ‘’ website, which preserves Snow’s memory.

– Arun Malankar, Kalina (Mumbai)

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