Locmanus: The authorities are famous, but the system is weak

Locmanus: The authorities are famous, but the system is weak

The attitude of many officers working in important positions is greedy for fame. This leads to the arrest of Aryan Khan.

The attitude of many officers working in important positions is greedy for fame. This leads to the arrest of Aryan Khan. Such incidents are further exacerbated by the exposure of such greedy officials and the deteriorating credibility of the department concerned. The same thing happened with Sameer Wankhede in the case of Aryan Khan. If Wankhede had used his image to crack the roots of the drug problem in the country, he would have risen to the top and been able to control the drug wholesale market. But taking action against drug addicts, entrepreneurs, celebrities without doing so is just superficial. Applause from such situations can be short-lived and weaken the system.

Vaibhav Mohan Patil, Ghansoli (Navi Mumbai)

Whose smileIt has nothing to do with it

With the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, Bollywood, the scene of allegations began without drugs and strong evidence. The CBI has registered a case against Sushant for allegedly committing suicide by the Mumbai police. They have nothing yet. In this case Sameer Wankhede came (or brought him?). His fake ‘Matinee Show’ started. After that the cruise party case came to the fore. All this kept the society looking cold.

Now its second installment aired last Friday. The community also saw. You can see the perspective of not having money. The community is watching Bapda. Would this scene have stopped if society had said stop? Hundreds of kilograms of narcotics were found in the port of Kandla, many of which may have been cut off by a central censor board. In the end is it not your baby? The treasury of the country will be emptied if compensation is continued for errors in the relevant accounts. Why should society face ‘who laughs’? Inflation, unemployment, income crisis, job shortages, if this society loses its temper and it also becomes irrational, the rulers here like Sri Lanka will not have the status of ‘De My Dharani Thai’.

Add. M. R. Sabnis, Andheri (Mumbai)

The scenes are also the gamut of a chaotic society

‘Whose smile?’ (May 30) This editorial is finally about irrational society. Some in the community gutted a misguided officer without showing any remorse. What does society do? This society has experienced many times in the last 70 years that it is possible to distort the law if there is power and money in this country. The judiciary will decide based on the evidence submitted. Other agencies are responsible for gathering evidence. Sometimes someone secretly gives news from the riding system and all the evidence is destroyed before the officers arrive. Once the clues are collected, they disappear. Sometimes witnesses are blown up. Whether the accused is rich or prestigious, the society is in a dilemma as to whether the information is true or not. The credibility of the general public, with the exception of the military and the judiciary, has suffered to some extent. In such a situation, the confused society will take over the head of the officer who gives a net look to efficiency.

Mohan Bharathi, Thane

Laugh moreOf course the government!

‘Whose smile?’ Read this editorial (May 30). On the one hand, digging a pit should create a mound next to it. Wankhede is no exception. He was also one of those who always considered it a blessing to uphold the will of the central authorities. Instead of damaging the roots of plastic farmers and flooding retail consumers, strict action should also be taken in the case of 4-5 grams of minor narcotics, ignoring the hundreds of kilos of narcotics in Kandla port. Who is responsible for the loss of innocent lives in prison for so many months simply because of administrative system faults? It is true that this system has been tarnished in the Wankhede case but the government is playing so many Wankhede stamp officers, what is its significance? Does the government laugh at this?

Benjamin Kedarkar, Virar

To temptations No.Learn to tell

The meaning of ‘Nave Wetbeegar’ (May 30) is thought provoking. While it may not come as a surprise to the new generation that food is delivered within ten minutes, this ‘commentary’ makes you think about a lot of things behind it. Parents and acquaintances should tell their children that the delivery boy who delivers food ordered in ten minutes is part of our society, that he has a stomach like ours, and that young people are struggling to deliver food in less time for that stomach. . It is very difficult to rush after the time goal, but it will get ahead of you by making food in ten minutes. Getting there in just ten minutes makes Annie feel like she’s being held hostage. It is reasonable to expect such temptations to come home in ten minutes, knowing the facts and exercising restraint.

Rajesh Shriram Budge, Thane West

Use by cows has declined?

I read a statistical ‘analysis’ (May 30) that the declining number of domestic cows is worrying. From the point of view of Swatantryaveer Savarkar and dairy farmers who raise cows, the cow is a useful animal. As a result, the use of this breed of cow has decreased. It also seems to fit Darwin’s law of evolution, because abundant milk production is one of the main reasons cows survive. Since beef is banned in India, beef production is not a reason for them to survive. Considering the cow as a mother may not be the main reason for their survival at present.

Subhash Athale, Kolhapur

Rural solid waste management issues

10 Sanitary Napkins Rs. The use of sanitary napkins is increasing but we have no measures to dispose of them environmentally after use. Today the use of plastic bags, sanitary napkins and diapers has increased in rural areas as well. Solid waste management is zero in most gram panchayats. Once upon a time beautiful villages were clumsy with this waste. Local self-governing bodies must abide by the Solid Waste Management Act and protect the beauty and nature of the village. Also increase the popularity of devices such as ‘menstrual cups’ which are an alternative to sanitary napkins.

Dr. Vinod Deshmukh, Bhandara

Loss to the country due to unification

‘Decentralization is the right choice!’ Read this article by Milad Sohni (Sunday Special, 29 May). He is subtly advising the present government to implement the decentralization enshrined in the Constitution of India. However, judging by the policies pursued by the central government from 2014 to date, it seems that the program is only going to confuse the non-BJP governments in the states. The present central government has abused agencies like the CBI and the ED to create political instability and political instability (?) In the states by changing the decision-making process and handing over the constitutional governor. Period. For the past eight years, we have been in the process of learning the basics of these policies. In the name of ‘one country, one tax’, ‘one country, one market’ unification, this multicultural, multi-social country is suffering immensely. The Center must decide whether or not to demonstrate its political maturity by involving the states in the decision-making process. You have to decide whether to travel from evil to good or from evil to more evil.

Of. Ashish, Pune

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