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Lockheed Martin Forms New Company – BETHESDA, Md.



BETHESDA, Md. — Defense giant Lockheed Martin Corp. says it is forming a new independent company out of 10 non-core high-technology business units with nearly 5,000 employees scattered across the United States.

The new company, to be called L3 Communications, will be jointly owned by Lockheed Martin, Lehman Brothers Capital Partners III LP and a management team, the Bethesda, Md.-based company said Monday.

The management team will be led by Frank Lanza, currently executive vice president of Lockheed Martin, and current Corporate Vice President Robert LaPenta, Lockheed Martin said.

Lockheed Martin said it had signed a memorandum of understanding in which the partnership, a merchant banking affiliate of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., will own a 50 percent stake in the new company; Lockheed Martin 35 percent; and the management team 15 percent.

The move is part of Lockheed Martin’s effort to focus on its core strengths and to streamline itself, Lockheed Martin President Vance Coffman said in a statement. He said no job cuts are planned.

Additional terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The 10 units primarily produce products and components for communications customers. They include Lockheed Martin’s communications systems unit in Camden, N.J.; its wideband systems unit in Salt Lake City and eight smaller, specialized companies that comprise Lockheed Martin’s products group.

The eight units include display systems in Atlanta and telemetry and instrumentation in San Diego. The other units are in Sarasota, Fla.; Warminster, Pa.; Menlo Park, Calif.; Hauppage, N.Y., Rancho Cordova, Calif; and Woburn, Mass.

The 10 units employ about 4,900 people and had combined revenues of $650 million in 1996. Lockheed Martin has 185,000 employees in all and had revenues of $27 billion last year Coffman said the deal is consistent with the company’s intention of shaping its business portfolio to concentrate on core strengths.

With the streamlining, Coffman said the resulting Lockheed Martin organization will reduce overhead costs and compete more effectively in the rapidly changing defense electronics and information markets.

The proposed deal is subject to the signing of a final agreement and regulatory approvals, and is expected to close by the end of the first quarter of 1997, the company said.

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loksatta Readers Mail loksatta Readers Letters loksatta Readers Response zws 70 | People: …




Statement in the news that ‘Central Government is flying the flag ..’ He said that the people were not aware of the sense of patriotism due to this statement and that the national flag would be hoisted at home on the occasion of August 15. It adds definition to patriotism and those who do not fly the national flag are considered traitors. Thus another rectangle will be handed over to the ‘new patriots’ who are already fighting on the basis of religion and race, suspecting the patriotism of the people. Doubts in the news about the implementation of this plan and the desecration of the national flag are very real. However, in times of crisis like Kovid-19 it is in vain to expect seriousness from the current government about the national flag scheme and its implementation which has made people resort to thriller measures like escape, clapping and ringing of bells.

Due to the lack of public awareness about the flag code, the national flag may be insulted by mistake or accident. It is also impossible to fly over most homes as the national flag is not available. If this happens, neo-patriots will have the opportunity to choose their relatives based on their religion / caste. Their overzealousness also raises serious questions about law and order.

In view of the above possibilities, it is imperative that the government plan actions.

Uttam Jogdand, Welfare

Building temples is not easy

‘Central Government Flag Flying’ (Lok Satta – May 22) The purpose of the campaign is to fly our beloved tricolor flag over all the houses for a week on the occasion of Independence Day. Building a house to express willful happiness is not so easy.

In these days when the mentality of holding the national anthem for a few seconds is deteriorating everywhere, how can there be a guarantee that millions of families will strictly follow the flag-waving? If flags can be flown even on the day the flag is flown, how can citizens feel that it is customary to observe the flag for days a week? Parents need a lot of discipline and patriotism to provide for their children; It is decreasing day by day. For this, politicians, professionals, people from all walks of life, young and old alike should be given counseling whenever and wherever possible.

Sripada p. Kulkarni, Pune

The country needs awareness after this warning

‘Explosive situation in India, just a spark!’ The headline reads in the news (Lok Satta – May 22) based on a statement made by Rahul Gandhi in London. The BJP spokesperson said, “This is treason.” . The fortunes of the country did not set the stage for democracy. Social justice and secularism are its foundations. That large-scale attacks are taking place today. The ‘before the race’ must understand that a strong nation cannot be formed by spreading duality in society or by conveniently remaining silent about it on the basis of narrow identities such as caste-religion-language. Where those who play a key role in the political process require deep political involvement in the equal distribution of power, wealth and prestige, the question of narrow identities is shrouded in secrecy. It is dangerous and if you are not ready to get out of it in a timely manner, you will face terrible memory. That is why Rahul Gandhi’s statement in London was not ‘treason’ but a ‘timely warning’. Rather than Rahul Gandhi repeating himself abroad … there is a need to build a strong community to create awareness in the country.

Pvt. Dr. Vithal Dahifale, Nanded

Not everywhere, But not so explosive

‘Explosive situation in India, just a spark!’ I read the news of Rahul Gandhi’s performance in England (Lok Satta – 22 May). Rahul Gandhi speaks to the best of his ability. But the foreign assessment of the current situation in India is exaggerated, contradictory and irresponsible. The current situation in India is not good everywhere, but it is not as explosive as Rahulji says. His party did worse than expected from opinion polls, which saw them at gaining about two thirds of the support. The main thing is to go out and hang your hands at the gates of the world; Exaggeration, perversion has no name other than irresponsibility!

Madhukar Panat, Talegaon Dabhade

Suspicion on Encounter, It’s a shame for the police

News item (Lok Satta – May 21) is as follows: The release of the Commission’s inquiry report on the encounter of the accused in the Hyderabad rape case has raised suspicions about the actions of the police. Appointed to prosecute a police encounter in a 2019 rape case against a veterinary doctor. The. The matter was mentioned in the Sirpurkar Commission report. “The suspects tried to attack the police, snatched their weapons and tried to open fire on them. The cause of the alleged encounter cannot be trusted,” the commission said in a statement. The 10 policemen involved in the encounter said it was a shame for the police that the commission was recommending that the officers be charged under Section 302 for murder. There have been many similar encounters in Mumbai as well. Police officer Pradeep Sharma, who is currently in jail as an accused in a special case, has been named as an ‘encounter specialist’. On the whole, the role of the police in the rule of such thugs has once again come to light.

Subhada Govardhan, Thane

Brahmins feel sorry for advertisements

NCP leader Sharad Pawar’s decision not to attend a meeting with Brahmin organizations in Pune on May 21 was taken by two organizations, the Brahmin Federation and the Parashuram Seva Sangh. The meeting was held on May 21. Later that night, a Marathi news channel showed statements made by Sharad Pawar and other NCP leaders about the Brahmin community and the dead saints. After seeing these statements, no self-respecting Brahmin can live without pity and heartbreak. The tolerant attitude of the Brahmin community has always benefited. Pawar’s statement at the meeting that he would “persuade his party colleagues not to make statements against caste-religion” was merely political diplomacy and whitewashing on the surface. Therefore, if both organizations boycott the meeting, it is appropriate.

Add. Suresh Patwardhan, Welfare

Now it is also the responsibility of the Brahminical institutions.

He certainly deserves congratulations for the positive steps taken by Sharad Pawar by holding dialogue meetings with Brahmin organizations in the face of growing caste divisions. It is wrong to deliberately drag any category into the fold of political parties. But now the responsibility of the Brahmin community and its members has also increased. They must be careful that we do not become pawns of any religious or canonical organization. This is because organizations and individuals who commit such religious politics have played an important role in creating an anti-Brahmin atmosphere. Instead of establishing a corporation for the development of the Brahmin community in the name of mythical and controversial characters like Parasurama, St. Gnaneshwar, St. Eknath, Sane Guruji. I would also like to point out that there are good choices for names like M. Joshi, Acharya Atre.

– Yogesh Kulkarni, Kulgaon-Badlapur

2022-05-22 19:33:00

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Loksatta Samyog Article by Geeta by Acharya Vinoba Bhavezws 70 | Similarities: Tools …




– Atul Sulakhe jayjagat24

‘I think the fifth chapter is crucial to the song’s entry. And the key to this chapter is in verse eighteen of the fourth chapter of Gita –

Karma Akarma Joe Pahe

As if there were passive actions

He is one of the geniuses

So the yogi’s work is done. ‘- Vinoba.

The word similarity appears twice in the song. Vinoba chose the word ‘Samyayog’ for the word ‘Sami’ in the sixth chapter. However, Vinoba begins the discussion about the equality he intends in the fifth chapter. This chapter is very important in the eyes of Gita. Vinoba began writing the Gita from this chapter when it became clear that there was no distinction between monasticism and ritual, and that the purpose of the Gita was not discussion but coordination.

However, in this chapter two roles of equality are mentioned and thinking about it, Vinoba elaborates on his idea of ​​equality. That is, the fifth chapter is important in terms of both the lyric and the synopsis. This hymn –

Beloved, do not rejoice, do not worry, do not worry

బుద్ధి నిశ్చల నిర్మో⁇ బ్రహ్మణ జ్ఞానీ స్థిరవాలా॥

– Geetai 5-20

The explanation here is that leopard equality must be firm in any situation. A person with such a firm and imprinted mind is a Brahmastha.

According to Vinob, Nirmoh means a person who is not tempted. The temptation is to see the difference between the demons. The frustration of this temptation is due to the fact that it looks omnipotent green. Nirvana is defined as ‘the decay of temptation Nirvana’. For them, seduction is a different matter. Absolute oneness is lovelessness. As long as the flesh remains dear and unpleasant feelings. If those feelings are not present in the body it is called alien state. Salvation is available only if there is such a state. Tukoba says that the feeling of omnipotent green and beloved has disappeared, ‘the liberation ceremony is seen through the eyes of the body’.

The song also hopes that everyone will achieve such a status. Gentlemen who have reached such a state are called ‘Jeevanmukta’ in the Gita. ‘Buddhi nischala nirmoh brahmana jnani sthiravala.’ It is a sign of stagnation. Static and lifeless are here. Despite the likes and dislikes, the consistent traits include good and bad. Leopard and mind stability are expected on both sides.

In this hymn Jnani means Atmajnani means Brahmajnani. The word jnana appears only in this sense in Gita. Gita treats enlightenment and philosophy as one. Everyone should be an explorer. Universal equality means a vision of God. For that one must keep a steady mind and unite with Brahma. In the practice stage, equality, passion and omnipotence are the hallmarks of the literature of the Bhagavad-gabhavat ha Vinoba. We also want to see how Vinoba-based equality relates to equality on a practical level.

2022-05-22 19:34:00

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chetasansthechi shalya katha spinal cord disorders cauda equina of the lumbar spine zws 70 | …




Dr. Jayadev Panchwag

Andre Lazare’s detailed description of the vein-like ‘horse tail’ structure also led to the study of the disease.

“Doctor, can lumbar spine surgery affect sexual performance and sex life?” There are many myths, myths and legends on this subject. Today another patient asked me this question so I decided to write a detailed article on this topic. The idea is to write about a lump in the vein in the pelvic region of the spine and what is called a coda-equina (horse’s tail). Incidentally, these two things are very close to each other.

Human sexual activity involves almost all parts of the nervous system, including other parts of the body. It is important for the human senses and information to reach the brain through the five senses of touch, taste, smell, sight and sound, but it is also essential for the proper functioning of the sense organs and the nerves that supply blood. Vessels. These working nerves are concentrated in the lower back and lumbar region.

Maybe it’s because they work so poorly.

The chances of spinal surgery affecting sexual performance are very, very rare. The fact is that timely spinal surgery for some diseases can prevent or cure sexual dysfunction. Unfortunately, people with this condition are not aware that their sexual dysfunction or problem is due to stress on the ligaments in the lumbar spine. Therefore, it is important to remember that certain diseases of the spine can have serious effects on sexual function.

Today we are going to discuss about severe stress disease on the ligaments of the pelvic spine. Fifty to sixty percent of sexual dysfunction disorders, among other symptoms, have been reported in patients with the disease, although these symptoms are not clearly stated by the patient or clearly asked by the doctor.

I mentioned in a previous article how autopsy and scientific thought were killed by the restrictions of theocracy for one and a half thousand years before 1500 BC. As autopsy resumed and scientists began to study human organs again, in 1605, a scientist named Andre Lazare dissected various parts of the spine, examined its structure, and recorded information in the famous book ‘Anatomy’.

He noticed that there were five vertebrae in the lumbar region below the spinal cord and that there was no marrow in this vertebral canal. In adults, the spinal cord ends at the top of the lumbar spine. (In the first vertebral region of the common pelvic region). Although there is no spinal cord to the lower canal, the veins coming from it become clogged. The veins leading to the buttocks, genitals, thighs, pelvis and feet are densely packed in the canal here.

While studying the structure of this part, he wrote – ‘The horse’s tail appears to have split into several thick hairs starting from its back, with a thick vein coming out of the spinal cord. When the pelvic spinal canal is opened at dissection, the structure looks exactly like a ‘pony tail’. Koda means tail and Aquina means horse. Although the name was given in 1605, it is still prevalent in neurosurgery today.

Coda Equina Syndrome is a group of symptoms that appear when a horse’s tail is severely ill or under extreme stress. These symptoms can start overnight (in a few hours!) Or progress slowly over a few days.

Both buttocks, thighs and legs are the main symptoms of numbness, cramps and numbness even while standing, walking or sitting. (Koda Aquina has nerves that provide strength and sensation to the thighs, ankles and feet.) The third symptom in this group is urinary incontinence, bloating and urination. The fourth symptom is lack of control and lack of control. The fifth symptom is numbness in the genital area and around the anus, tingling sensation in that area, loss of sensation. And the sixth symptom is the lack of proper sex taxes for sex. This includes loss of sensation in the genitals and genital numbness, as well as nerve deafness necessary for genital mutations to occur after sexual arousal.

These six symptoms are not always present in the disease. However, three or four of these symptoms can be detected. If treated shortly after the onset of symptoms of Koda Equina Syndrome, the tax is likely to return to normal.

The most common cause of Koda Aquina Syndrome is a disc herniation between the two lumbar vertebrae. (Slipped disc, prolapsed intervertebral disc – ‘PID’). Disc herniation usually causes back pain or sciatica. But sometimes, if most of the disk collapses and there is severe stress, a serious condition can develop, which is called Coda Equina Syndrome.

Another cause of the disease is the ‘horse tail’ – which is small in size with the birth of the canal containing the nodule in the cod equina. (Birth: canal stenosis). As we age, even the slightest process of spondylosis puts pressure on these nerves. In such cases the symptoms develop relatively slowly. This group of symptoms can also be caused by a fracture of the vertebrae in this area and the insertion of a portion of the vertebrae into it.

The important thing to remember in Coda Equina Syndrome is that treatment needs to be done urgently.

It can also be observed that patients suffering from spinal diseases who require prior surgery are wasting valuable time for various treatments. However, if the surgery is not done immediately and correctly, there is a situation where the compressed veins lose their function permanently. That’s why it’s literally grassroots in the countryside, with the title ‘Without Surgery’ before the name, meaning ‘sophisticated’ in a center that seems to have no pastime, no other time.

In the process of planting a tree, if watered at the right time, the leaves will germinate again. No matter how much water is given after the allotted time there will be no benefit. Therefore, the success of surgery depends on how short the nerves take after the onset of symptoms. Over the past few years, MRI tests have been able to understand the causes of the disease in a matter of minutes and find a solution.

Its name is ‘Time is Money’. Say ‘time is new’ in this disease.

For this reason, it is important to understand the pressure on the ponytail that is Coda Aquina Syndrome.

(Author is a brain and spine surgeon.

2022-05-22 19:35:00

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