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Read Analysis on Siltation Challenge in Dams (May 12). As mentioned in it, removing silt from large dams is a very difficult task. It is financially and practically unbearable, technically impossible. During this period I had the opportunity to do the same for a few years with a remote sensing system at the Maharashtra Engineering Research Institute (MERI) which was surveyed and studied. ‘Mary’ conducted this mud survey for several large projects not only in Maharashtra but across the country. Jharkhand (Damodar Valley), Karnataka, Gujarat, Rajasthan etc. The company has moved closer to the states. The important purpose of the silt survey is to understand the dam’s useful water storage of the reservoir today. Sludge accumulates not only in dead stock but also in useful (live) stock. In the past, when irrigation was planned, the full utilization of water in the reservoir was planned. Irrespective of the overgrowth in it, there is not even water left to drink in the summer when the crops are wasted. Now, while planning, the Department of Water Resources will remove the sludge and plan the remaining useful reserves. So enough water until the end. This point is very important. This can prevent crop damage.

– Shriram Vaijapurkar, Nashik

Misleading statements by national leaders

The ‘Big Bang’ of Bang Bang! Read this front page article (May 13). The son of a totalitarian dictator in the Philippines won a landslide victory over the people. This shows how ignorant people are. People forgot the lies of Marcos Jr. and chose him. Don’t be surprised if tomorrow this bang bang creates chaos in the Philippines. The situation is similar in Russia and China. The people there should learn by watching this. Indian citizens should also consider this. Such a period will not come if people are vigilant.

– Vivek Ingle (Umarikar), Parbhani

Necessary measures on inflation

The news item (May 13) reads: ‘Boss hui mahangai ki mar, ab ki bar ..’ Then the country got independence. Carrots have shown people that ‘inflation will go down in 100 days’, but after eight years the good days are gone for the people. Living has become difficult. The country is already reeling from the recession, exacerbated by the corona crisis. Similarly neither the central government nor the state government is making any effort to reduce the financial burden on the people. They are imposing a huge financial burden on the people on the pretext that the government treasury is empty. The crisis is serious, but the country’s finance minister is still asking, where is the inflation? Recognizing the fact and persuading the people, honest action needs to be taken on inflation, but the ruling party and the opposition seem to be digging into different contentious issues. The question arises as to what is the priority of the actual politicians. Former rulers do not flee from international conditions. Rulers must follow the true monarchy. Not only sound education but his alertness and dedication too are most required.

– Anant Borse, Shahapur (Thane)

Favorable layout without context of nationalism

Ravindra Sathe The nationalist structure seems to be confused. They are trying to paint the Brahmanical structures perfectly. In his essay ‘Person in Nationalism – Samashti Sambandh’ (May 13), he first described the nation building project on the idea of ​​the Chaturvanrya caste system composed by Bhrigu Rishi and later performed in the song. Why is it necessary to classify mass according to human anatomy in any democracy? If so, why not make it an amoeba? Where only one center remains, if another center is formed, it will remain the same as before.

In fact, in a democracy, there are various organizations that want to focus their work on democratic values ​​so that all communities have access to justice and equal opportunities. Why does the Sangh not think that there should be coordination between these institutions which are different parts of the human body? Do we feel that even though we are oppressed, we should have the same attitude as society, that is, the people, the country, the moon, so that injustice can happen to us and we lose some of our possessions? In a democracy, the distinction between the proud moon and the dedicated chatak disappears. Sathe remembered Kennedy’s phrase, “Think of what you give to the country,” but did Kennedy compare different parts of the country to body parts? It shows Sathe’s attempt to break the context and make it easier.

– Prajvala Thatte, Nagpur

Laws are not enough to lead us to the moral path

Read the front page article (May 12). The court should focus on decisions that can be made at the administrative or legislative level. Ordinances are framed in a hurry with the strength of any undisputed majority through the process of deliberations, in-depth discussions and expert opinion. So it is time to dump her and move on. Nani Palkiwala said in a speech, ‘All problems have an answer in law and we must stay away from this irrational belief. What is not mentioned in the law is just as important. Laws are for survival. Laws are failing to lead people towards morality.

– Srinivasa So. Dongre, Dadar (Mumbai)

Forced time should not come upon us.

‘Use the cover for train travel!’ Read this news (May 12). Knowing that Corona was in custody, the government relaxed several sanctions. Transactions in public places such as restaurants, malls, movie theaters, markets, etc. are canceled. His goal is to get the economy back on track. But even if the government relaxes the sanctions, we should all be self-disciplined. Strict adherence to the rules that groups should not be crowded in congested areas. Masks are mandatory in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Karnataka. We must be careful not to get such a time.

– Ashok Afale, Kolhapur

What about justice in the sound of tanning?

Read the news (May 13) that the demand to open 22 rooms in the Taj Mahal was rejected. Thank you to those who gave such a verdict in today’s circumstances, and to those who slammed the petitioners. However, there is no guarantee that those who try to write history at their convenience in the name of enriching the entire country will not file such petitions in the future. Or the petition may be re-tried in a ‘favorable environment’ in another few years. If that happened then we would all be in big trouble. So be careful, listen to the next call!

Shailesh no. Purohit, Mulund (East)

Need to get documents from the builder

The news came that ‘plan to give an income card to every flat owner’. Basically, the ‘income card’ is what the government wants to call the ‘property card’. Income is the monthly income of an individual. It is not objective whether or not that income is reflected in this income sheet. The term ‘real estate magazine’ is apt. Secondly, to get this proof, tenants have to submit construction plans, work start certificate, occupancy certificate, completion certificate, NA order, convenience deed.

Basically, 60 to 70 per cent of the structure in Mumbai today has been partially demolished by developers. Flat owners do not have any of the above documents. They will be paid only after the developer completes the construction. In such a situation, if the tenant has no documents, how can he apply for the income sheet? To this end, the government should come up with a comprehensive plan to provide the above documents from the developers to the flat owners.

– Sudhir B Deshpande, Vile Parle (Mumbai)

2022-05-13 18:32:00

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