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Locamanas: Covering should be done center only

The decision came as a surprise to British citizens as there were no positive results on the patient graph.

I read in the news (Health System Warning ‘(Lok Satta – 5 June) that it seems necessary to cause the positive and negative consequences of masking force and use in other countries. Negotiations have also begun in India, with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson easing sanctions and a decision taken in the absence of any positive results on the patient’s graph that has come as a surprise to British citizens.

Currently, the number of daily coroners in India is slowly increasing again. So instead of wasting too much time on this, it is appropriate to descend into nationwide outrage at the central level before the situation gets out of hand. Earlier, Union Finance Secretary Rajesh Bhushan had directed the chief secretaries of all the states to lift the additional sanctions, but Union Health Minister Mansukh Mandvia took the ‘wait and watch’ role till the end of March and created chaos. This suggests that there is no ideological coordination between the Union Minister and the Finance Secretary. In fact, most of those who have come to Jerusalem over the past two and a half years are opposed to the country’s lockout and enforcement. But we saw the effects of relaxation on the second wave of the corona.

No democratic government has been created to push the people into crisis. The Government of India has also announced corona regulations for the benefit of the public and amended them as per convenience. But do you think those who run the government will enforce these rules if they flout them? The government should formulate rules according to the situation so that the affluent class does not violate these rules. Otherwise the common man will have to pay the price for the fun that the affluent class makes. It does not seem appropriate to relax sanctions and remove the mask in our country in view of the health facilities and population in other countries.

Krishna Balabhim Galande, Gevroy (District. Bead)

Look at the complainants rather than appointing a committee.

As mentioned in the ‘Accelerated Governance Verification’ (Lok Satta – June 2) report, the state government has appointed a committee to formulate governance rules. It would have been better to seek suggestions from complainants coming to the Secretariat with their problems from all over Maharashtra than to appoint this committee. With the administration red tape these poor people are suffering severely every day. Ordinary people go to the ministry after two o’clock in the afternoon, at which time the Saheb’s meetings begin. Complainants who have come too far are not even considered. The complaint is forwarded to the concerned department or subordinate officer; However, no action or decision has been taken on the complaint. Instead of appointing a committee, it is best to seek advice from those who have been visiting for years.

Praveen R. Suryarao, Bhiwandi (Thane)

Retirees on the brink of poverty

From ‘Chandni Chowk’ to ‘Poverty will end ..’ P. Nadda described the Modi government’s plans for the poor, but said that the fall in interest rates had pushed many senior citizens to the brink of new poverty.

To date, Rs 2 lakh 80,000 crore of EPS-1995 pensioners’ rights have been deposited with the Central Government. They are all fighting on their own to raise pensions. MPs in Parliament are demanding. He was positive when pensioners met Prime Minister Narendra Modi. In fact there is still no pension increase. Therefore, the capital saved after working for 30-35 years will have to be spent on Arakora pension. The question is how to deal with rising inflation. However, as per the decision of the Koshiyari Samiti and the Supreme Court, the Central Government should pay the arrears to the senior citizens.

Vijay Kadam, Lower Parel (Mumbai)

Second Kashmir FilesLet it happen?

Three innocent Hindus have been shot dead in Kashmir in the last three weeks. The government declared it an act of terrorism. All these terrorists are not from Pakistan but from Kashmir. The local government should find out why the Hindus were shot dead. (Presidential rule continues in Jammu and Kashmir from June 20, 2018. After the repeal of Article 370, the Deputy Governor is in-charge of the Union Territory.) Is the government waiting for another ‘Kashmir files’? The killing of Hindus cannot be stopped just by talking about brotherhood. There will be no peace in the Kashmir Valley unless the government takes concrete steps.

Add. Strong coming, Pune

Who is responsible for the insecurity of scholars??

A total of 40 civilians were killed in Jammu and Kashmir in May alone. Due to the increase in killings of Kashmiri Pandits and Hindu minorities, Hindu citizens are finding it very difficult to get out of the Kashmir Valley. He said the central government had failed to provide security to the people of Kashmir. It seems that this situation is not under the control of the government. Leaders of the country have been firing on Tahoe, accusing him of torturing and killing the same Pandits. Who is responsible for the growing insecurity among Kashmiri Pandits? Did the government take the issue of rehabilitation of Kashmiri Pandits seriously?

Vivek himself, Report (Thane)

Whether to build affordable homes or raise the income threshold?

Why change the revenue group for MHADA? I read ‘Analysis’ (Lok Satta-June 1) with such a questionable title, but avoided logical and public interest answers to that question. The method of determining the income based group and income limits for MHADA housing projects has been followed for years. However, this ‘analysis’ of the new changes in that context does not provide a logical reason for the state government’s decision to raise the revenue limit for these MHADA draws. MHADA is mainly divided into four groups namely Low, Low, Medium and High. Under the new changes, the government will raise the income threshold of the middle class and upper classes so that they do not suffer. Given the limited housing available to such groups, the working capital they have and, most importantly, the easy access to credit from banks and finance companies, the changes made for these groups are not very drastic.

Then there is the question of small and marginalized categories. The government has almost doubled the income limit for these groups to six lakhs (Rs. 50,000 per month) and six to nine lakhs per month (Rs. 50,000 to 75,000 per month). The question arises as to whether the lower middle class who are interested in buying a house in these groups have the resources to earn such an annual income. The next question is whether the government has increased the income limit for these groups based on any study report on the increase in income of these groups.

MHADA Homes is the best choice for Marathi middle class youth to get proper and formal home for years to come. This can be estimated based on the number of people who have applied in the last ten years. The previous income limit made it possible for aspiring young, hard-working migrant workers to find their own home. But now, with the new changes, many groups that want so much are lost. A small group of applicants will have to leave the house that was once a bit larger and now they will have to apply in a much smaller group. Isn’t this unfair to ordinary workers?

In the post-tax period, in view of the overall jobs and financial uncertainty in the private sector, does the government need to make this change now? Or did the government now have to make this decision under pressure from banks and finance companies? “Many people do not get a loan because of the difference in house prices and income. Analysts say it will no longer be easy for winners from minority groups to get loans. This means that MHADA’s exorbitant house prices are an important issue. Instead of lowering it, the government is doing injustice to the workers by raising the income limit. Without taking corrective action to get loans from banks the government has chosen the easy way and got rid of those who are reluctant to give loans!

The so-called economists say, “But why build a project? It costs money. Do not take home if you can not give! But those who know the concepts of ‘Inclusive Banking’, ‘Welfare Governance’, etc., and know the dreams of working people would not say so.

Srirang K. Bhatwadekar, Thane

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