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Headline: Whose smile is more?

People who keep the system weak and become strong .. whether it is administrative or political .. this is our real problem.

People empowered by keeping the system weak; So whether it is governance or politics, this is our real problem.

The Lok Sabha on October 21 last year in its editorial ‘Bum Bhole’ predicted that those who rely on costume officers like Sameer Wankhede, who is only interested in lightning, would be slapped in the face. No wonder it came true. This is a village in the nineties. Come on. Central Edition of Khairnar. In fact, such officials would be a disgrace to the system and would do more harm than good. His form is that we are the virtuous men who descended for the salvation of India. But the surprise was not theirs. But the society is amazed to see their turtles breaking the horns of their intelligence and entering the calf. Is it the mania of a man’s verbal abuse called Wankhede! Wankhede washed his hands and followed a man named Khan. That is to say, it is now clear that some clever political forces, the citizens who held their intellect hostage in their footsteps, were then celebrating. However, there is no evidence against him in the Aryan Khan case. That is, the officer’s action, which many dreamed of, turned out to be bogus. The real salt in Nawab Malik’s wound! It is a condition that can be tolerated without even mentioning the suffering. But there is nothing shocking about what happened. It is the habit of this society to be deceived into believing such buffalo mats. People who keep the system weak and become strong .. whether it is administrative or political .. this is our real problem. The real question is whether we do it on purpose.

In fact, even if it turns out .. A case of a person taking a minor drug for his own use. Basically do not take action against those who carry two and a half grams of narcotics, says the same aspiring government. Like many of our other laws, this personal drug use law is no longer in use. Two points about it. One, many developed and some developing countries have legalized the use of certain drugs. India also adopted the resolution at the United Nations General Assembly. In December 2020, a resolution was submitted to the United Nations seeking to identify marijuana as India’s first drug and it was approved by India. The meeting also decided that the countries concerned should amend the necessary laws in their respective countries. So this change must happen in us too. But we did not. Of course, there is no moral reason for this potential change. Whatever the views of the government or the moral cultural institutions behind it. There is no alternative but to give freedom to those who want to do it.

Second, there is no such thing as marijuana or marijuana use or alcohol in our culture. This is not a place to go in its history. But it should be credited to this versatile marijuana. There are a lot of variants of this. Cannabis, marijuana, hashish, marijuana, grass, pot, etc. This cannabis is made into charas with leaves, its leaves and flowers are dried, it turns into cannabis and is consumed by devotees as a delicacy. I mean, marijuana is used as a potion and if anyone consumes it without prasad, it is a ridiculous crime. Today, marijuana or grass is readily available for smoking in many cities or suburban villages throughout the country. But instead of being deceived into saying that it is not so, we do not have this kind of honest control because of these social traits of not believing what exists. This is a direct ban. And behind her, of course, is the Rajaros way to break it. Recognizing this social reality at the time, most countries removed the criminal shield surrounding the use of these drugs and approved their use. It is true that marijuana or its variants are used in many places, from pain killers to cancer prevention. That is why 16-17 states in a country like America have legalized the use of marijuana. You have to think of such a way to see the beauty of your ocean music due to longing.

Government statistics tell us why it is needed. Because we have this morality of Wankhede and 95 to 99 percent of the actions taken by his department are also against these trivial drugs. Riya is also a wanted accused in the Emperor case. In that case, too, he made a face. She and Aryan Khan were tried under the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985. While millions of people have been charged in the past three years, only a few hundred have been prosecuted for drug trafficking. All other consumers with one or two grams. It’s understandable how useless this law is. That means action will be taken against drug dealers, traders, sellers, etc., as well as retail and retail consumers. Even more if the person is nominated. And no matter what happens in action, the convenience of publicity is the same. What about the discovery of a few hundred kilos of narcotics at the Kandla port in Gujarat while taking action against this Aryan Khan?

Now Wankhede has said the wrong relevant account has done. However, due to this, some innocent people were imprisoned for about a month. How can they be compensated? This young man is the backbone of a great artist, he has an army of the best lawyers in the country. But tens of thousands of prisoners in the country are languishing in prisons seeking legal aid, what about them? We do not have the social stability to look after them. Then, due to the Wankhede case, the reputation of this system hung on the door. The relevant government system is in trouble, but those who revolve around such officials should think of it as a farce. Leave Wankhede, there is no reason to expect much from it. We need to be more careful about this irrational society.

Web Title: Cocaine seized at Gujarat Mundra port against Aryan Khan in Sameer Wankhede drugs case

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