Headline: ‘Welcome’ Sadhu! What exactly happened, check now latest news update

Headline: ‘Welcome’ Sadhu!

It is said that one who conquers temptation, delusion, jealousy and anger becomes a saint. Now the word is outdated.

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Nowadays, raising issues aggressively and moving forward with context is considered a symbol of prestige. How can a saint be an exception to that?

Who made the mistake of holding a chair in his hand in support of this devotee named Gadadhari? If these saints do not have mace then what will happen if they choose Chanel boom as maze with hatred?

It is said that one who conquers temptations, delusion, jealousy and anger becomes a saint. Now the word is outdated. Although immersed in all these ailments wearing saffron clothes is still a saint, which is the new identity of today. What is the cause of others’ stomach ache if they are behaving according to his own? The question that led to this behavior is not a simple one. Why argue only from the birthplace of Hanuman when all the facts of the Purana period are being tested in logic? Why does his soksmoksha not apply? How long did Hanuman have to endure the injustice done to his devotee when all disputes regarding Sri Ramachandra were settled? How long will you remain silent despite the right environment to resolve such disputes? What if the saints, saints and sages are provoked by such questions? That is why he organized a scientific conference in Nashik. According to the current tradition, there is some controversy, and why bother? It is true that Hanuman is not only a symbol of power but also of the intellect. Besides, this devotee of Rama is famous as Gadadhari! So what’s wrong with taking a hammer in your hand passionately to support him? If there is no hammer in front of these saints, if the angry channel picks up and throws the boom .. What is the reason for the avatalivallaku chulana?

Observers say he now has to use the power he has been given as a saint to maintain the prestige of the religion. What an outdated argument! Nowadays, raising issues aggressively and moving forward with context is considered a symbol of prestige. How can a saint be an exception to that? It was a scriptural meeting and I did not think there was any conflict. Some refer to the meeting between Shankaracharya and Mandanamitra in the eighth century. Although Mandanmitru’s wife was the president of the House, Mandan was defeated and later he received Advaita initiation by Shankaracharya as planned. Those who make this reference do not know where the eighth century is or where the twenty-first century is. Everything changes over time. What if this meeting format also changes? That is why the mahants who presided over this Nashik assembly declared that Hanuman was born in both Anjaneri and Kishkinda to show that no one lost and no one won in this dispute. Now some scientists are also objecting to this. How can the same organism be born in two places? People started saying that this was a loophole, a ploy, a lie. True believers do not need to focus on this. This assembly is a part of the Dharmapeeth. So what really came out of it is true. All religions should believe this. To this day, the treatment of religious problems is not acceptable. The number of such practitioners is also steadily declining. It would be in the best interest of the country to accept this decision without heeding the cries of those left. Now some are saying compromise. This is also a mistake. In the end, this is the style of governing the country that he used to use in Russia. Is it a question for pagans to escalate the controversy? If the dispute was like this it would have been possible to go to the Supreme Court. That was not the case, however, as the speaker immediately silenced the two dignitaries who were talking about going to court. Some say the controversy did not suddenly erupt and came to the fore. A procession was held from Kishkinda to Nashik thinking that elections were going on in Karnataka. This is not even the case. The trip came to Maharashtra in good faith to at least reconcile the controversy that has been simmering for the past few years, at least scientifically. That is why it is not right to associate it with politics. During the same meeting, one Mahant accused another of being a Congress supporter. Now some are asking if this is politics.

The present is the time when all the saints, saints and nobles in particular need to be politically active. Adopt a political perspective to solve all religious problems! In such a situation, when a party name comes out in a rage, why its well? Many saints across the country today are leaning to one side. If there are objects left on the other side, as soon as they appear on the opposite side, a natural reaction comes from the mouth. Why so big? Finally, the church needs to know about this. Others say the center of the controversy is the ‘Ramayana Circuit Scheme’. It is a plan to unite the whole of India for Ramanamani. After determining the birthplace of Hanuman, the plan will be developed as well as tourism. The commotion affected the surrounding areas and the common people were immersed in devotion. Ultimately, it will only benefit those who want to control the country. Now tell me what’s wrong with that? If the saints of Karnataka came to Nashik for this purpose, should we not notice the noble feeling of love for religion behind it? And if the saints in Nashik have supported Anjaneri for the same purpose, then their sentiments should also be saluted. If the issue is not resolved through negotiations, the government should intervene. It should be immediately announced that two locations are included in this circuit. Ultimately, whatever happens, the question is not just Hanuman, but the prestige of the religion. That is why the Kashi Mahants, who presided over the House, cleverly declared both regions as their birthplaces. Although it is known from the scriptures that only one party wins in such a meeting! So, those who are debating this issue should sit on the edge of the debate and think about how this development was done for national interests and why it was not compromised but achieved. The conduct of the monks, saints, and sages remains in question. No need to ignore it now. The last eight years have seen his enthusiasm. Some mistakes happen accidentally. So their importance does not diminish somewhat. Ultimately everything is going well with the blessings of these churches, these churches are constantly striving to resolve disputes, whether religious or other religions, immediately and give stability to the country. It should be welcomed.

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