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How divisive the BJP is, how narrow-minded it is in politics .. The hearts of the Congress and the voters will not change when they hear the cries.

It is a common misconception that ordinary voters vote based on ideology. Voters have an idea of ​​what options are available to them and which of them is less bad for them and based on that they will vote for or against a change of government. Although this statement is seemingly trivial, deep thought shows its truth. If voter pre-ideology had been an option, India as a whole would have become Sokold secularists during the 60 years of Congress rule, and since 2014, these Indians have had to accept that they have embraced Hindutva. Or West Bengal would have been ‘left’ in 40 years of communism. Not at all. There was no secularism among the voters when Congress came to power. This does not mean that the idea is absurd. That is. But that is definitely not the deciding factor. And he had never been before. Once this vague and neglected truth is accepted, it is important for voters to realize how important it is for political parties to present existing ones as ‘alternatives’. Rahul Gandhi’s ideology also comes to mind. Rahul Gandhi raises this issue at the end of a much-discussed Congress think tank. According to him, only the BJP has the ideological capacity to stand as an alternative, the strength lies with the Congress party and other regional parties are unmatched by the Congress in this regard. Everyone has the right to think that what we have is a hundred numbers. Rahul Gandhi also has. But at the same time, others also have the right not to accept his words literally and to reject him. Based on that, Rahul Gandhi has to show the utter futility.

When Rahul Gandhi raises issues such as regional parties, the limitations of his ideology, it becomes clear that Mamata Banerjee and her Trinamool Congress, Stalin and their DMK leaders and parties are meant for him. But the thing is .. why did the voters in those states not think that the Congress was an alternative to the then ruling party? Voting for Trinamool or DMK does not mean that the policies of both the parties are universally accepted by the voters in the respective states. That will never happen. Voters choose political parties based on what foods they have in front of them and what tastes and interests suit them. Eight years ago in 2014, and then in 2019, the same thing happened nationally. Therefore, it is desirable that no political party should think long and hard about ideology. If ideology is so decisive in the voter, the leader who kills the monkeys in these parties will be elected before the by-elections. Will come anyway. This is because the other options before the voters are worse. So voters have to accept his ideology and if that happens it will become a real challenge for the BJP. If the BJP really wants an alternative, it should not think too much about the voters and its ideology. Instead, they should abandon the idea and try to figure out how to make their party a viable option for more voters. Blaming voters for their situation only shows physical and intellectual laziness. Even in Maharashtra, some leaders are pointing out the plight of their party.

What do voters do if they do not have a promising option in front of them? And secondly, we have only two reasons for independence. If one, the other looks more hopeful and attractive than they are. To this end, political parties and non-ruling leaders should hold memorial meetings to impress their body language. The second reason is that there were not enough voters for the then ruling party. When the behavior of the rulers is beyond the patience of the voters, the voters are losing by casting their votes with the jealousy of ‘send home’ anyone in front of them. This means that if Congress is to regain power it will have to work hard to challenge itself or wait until the people are fed up with the person in power. The second option is dangerous. Because even if the Congress elects him, other political parties will not sit idly by. In fact they may not be. That is, voters choose a new option or, if they do not find it so promising, they vote for it. Therefore, it is a big mistake for Rahul Gandhi to judge regional parties, their ideologies, BJP and Congress on the basis of ideology alone. To prevent that from happening, they and their party must convince voters that we are the right option. Narendra Modi may have become the Prime Minister in 2014; However, it should not be overlooked that soon after Pramod Mahajan’s death, his efforts to create an environment in which he could present himself as an ‘alternative’ to the electorate began. In this context, the Congressmen have to question themselves and their party leaders as to whether the Congress is making such an effort.

I thought something like this would happen in a meditation camp. In fact the Congress party collapsed in the face of this fact. How dual politics the BJP is doing, how narrow politics it is doing. There is no change in the thinking of the voters. It is not surprising that there are no known leaders in Congress. But at present there is no place for those with such consciousness in that party. It seems that the party leaders are choosing an easier way of thinking than that. He can kill time. But politics does not work. If the same ideology continues in the Congress party chief, voters will elect an active candidate among those who come forward. Only Congressmen other than the Congress survive. Not the voters. So the Congress supremacy should take responsibility for its own situation and take steps to change the present situation. Ideology is not a substitute for inaction and the ideology of inaction has no value. The rest of the India-Jodo trip etc are fine.

2022-05-17 21:48:50

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