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It seemed again that the Quad members were not against Russia, but against China, which had declared war on Ukraine. But what does this country actually do?

China has strengthened its economic base in many countries before resorting to military threats, which further exacerbates the country’s challenge. Countries that want to repay it should also increase trade.

Given the two distinctive features of international diplomacy, it is easy to observe the purpose and outcome of a quad conference in Japan. The main purpose of this organization is to retain China, a huge country. But it is never mentioned in the quad goals. The original quad is not a new concept. It has been in existence since the last decade. But lately, the quad seems to be gaining momentum. This is because China is increasingly targeting the four countries in the alliance. The Chinese quadrilateral has four members, the square pain of the US, Australia, Japan and India. Of these four, China has now grown exponentially. Earlier, Australia withdrew from the quad after 2008 to avoid a tough stance against China and we did not show much interest in the quad until we noticed the recent infiltration into the Galvan Valley. But China began to invest heavily in the Solomon Islands off the coast of Australia and began to feel the need for an Australian quad base. The same thing happens to you. There, the US wanted some platform against China and Japan was also looking for some support as China was on the verge of collapse. Thus the needs of all of them were the same and the company was revived and the quadrilateral was created. The truth behind this company is the same. He said the outcome of the meeting in Japan would not be as expected.

It should be done and a lot was achieved in this meeting. But about that. Because no country uttered the word China during this meeting. Asked at a news conference what he would do if China invaded Taiwan, US President Joe Biden said, “We will stop China militarily.” In fact, if Russia has been taking action in Ukraine for the past three months, this statement would not make much sense. The United States provided only financial or military assistance to Ukraine and took no military action to stop Russia. Biden’s statement that he would go to war if China captured Taiwan was very common. Immediately China mocked him. Therefore, given the ‘nice small, bad big’ nature of the quad, it is true that international analysts have described the quad as ‘NATO in Asia’. NATO is a US-centric global organization. Most of the countries in this organization are affiliated with or dependent on the United States. Some scholars have described her Asian appearance as quadrangular. Hard to erase. But President Biden tried to deny it. He just wanted to be noticed. Because it is true that the international media also sees Quad in the same light.

Four members of the quad, nine other heads of state, including the prime minister, president or finance minister, attended the meeting by telephone. This is one of the highlights of this conference. Other participants included South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei and New Zealand. It was decided at the meeting that the 13 countries would form a joint ‘Hindu-Pacific Economic Group’. Looking at all these partner countries, it is important to note that there is a common thread between the four member states of the quad and between them. The same China. All of these countries are persecuted by some or the other subcontinent in China and, in essence, all of them are fighting around the United States. The group was described by US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan as “the Baker’s dozen”. During the Middle Ages, bread sellers in England gave dozens of buyers another loaf of bread, accusing them of fraud. From it came the word ‘Bakers Dozen’. The word dozen refers to a total of 13 members. As expected, the issue of the Ukraine war was discussed at the meeting. Japan and, of course, the United States, took a tough stance and blamed Russia. At that time India had to stay away from it. Although Putin and his Russian leadership have drawn much outrage internationally, it is only natural that this should happen because we have decided to remain neutral. It emphasizes the fact that the only problem that binds all these countries together is China.

However, in the current context, these countries can do nothing but point fingers and break the name of China or the Quad Organization. The basis for such a strong conclusion is the trade deficit. Even a look at the statistics in this regard reveals the oscillation in reducing the shadow over China. The trade deficit is the difference in trade between the two countries. In this context all these countries including China should be taken into consideration. If so, all of these countries would not be importing even one-tenth of what China exports individually or collectively. This means that there is a huge difference between sales from China to these countries and simultaneous purchases from these countries to China. The US-China trade deficit, for example, is estimated at $ 40,400 billion, while the deficit with Japan is estimated at $ 3 trillion. The difference between what India buys from China and what it sells to China is about 4.4 billion. Until last year, Australia was the only country with no trade deficit with China. All this means is that the four countries or dozens of other countries in the quad are more dependent on China for many reasons than any other country. But compared to that China is not so dependent on these countries.

This means that China has strengthened its economic base in many countries before resorting to military threats, which further exacerbates the country’s challenge. Therefore, in order to build an economic face against China, these countries must first set the stage for trade growth in their respective countries. This is not just advertising. For this, steps will be taken to change the land. No matter how much the ‘quad’ nations fall into each other’s hands, these virtual jumps continue to pierce.

2022-05-24 18:32:00

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