Headline: Multiplication of quality!

Emerging badminton players from all over the country are fighting for the guidance of Prakash Padukone from Bangalore and Gopichand from Hyderabad. We are playing in Natekar’s memory.

Celebrities like Lakshya Sen, Kidambi Srikanth, Saisatvik Rankireddy and Chirag Shetty are famous in Indian sports. But the news that the Indian team was a miracle in the Thomas Cup came to the attention of millions of people who sighed or watched the IPL on TV while drinking tea on Sunday afternoon. Watching videos of that match or that moment on TV or mobile is definitely not a real pleasure. The hallmark of this country is its lack of knowledge about the merits of non-cricket Indian sports. Prakash Padukone, Pullela Gopichand, Saina Nehwal and P. V. Zuzbi is not beyond information about the Indus. In the next four years at the Olympics, an innovative Bindra or Neeraj Chopra will wake up and leave nearly 900 million cricket fans. That is why India reached the semi-finals and reached the final and won the Thomas Cup for the first time; In doing so, it will take some time to figure out what the verse is about beating former winners Malaysia, Denmark and Indonesia respectively. In the case of Indonesia, the match was very one-sided and the past winners were not given a chance to recover by India.

In a way, a circle was completed on the occasion of this victory. Because to this day, the personal appearance of the game is known to many outside the perimeter of badminton. Prakash Padukone and Gopichand All England title, Saina Nehwal’s first Olympic medal, p. V. The Indus World Championships and Olympic medals have shown Indian quality on an individual level. But there is no continuation. The performance of Padukone-Gopichand in the last phase of the last century. It is widely believed that India excelled in the women’s category due to the Indus-Sainas. In fact, over the past decade, Indian men have also started winning important competitions in badminton. However, his importance did not extend beyond the badminton circle. This situation must change now. But this question changes.

With the hints about the amazing performance of Indian badminton players, everyone from the government to the third party was relieved of their duties by expressing their grievances on social media! Some of them even watch their badminton players’ last three matches, but their progress in the game is eye-opening. Badminton is one of the sports that tests physical fitness and perseverance. According to a statistic, badminton is the second most popular sport in India after cricket. Badminton is very popular in the middle class because it is perfect if you want to do anything to stay fit. The percentage of reaching the top in the world of cricket is very low. Despite the popularity of football and hockey across the country, we do not have the equipment and resources needed to grow into one of the best players in the world of football. Despite the recent change in hockey days, it is clear that the game is lagging behind in terms of popularity. The day will come when the hoax of reconnecting hockey success with the old golden age will come to an end. Not so with badminton. The game, like chess, has become popular across the country, but India’s dominance at the international level has only increased in the last three decades. First, in 1980, Prakash Padukone’s All England title came to prominence. Recently, beyond that event, the process of training and development of players through badminton academies in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh has begun. Then in 2001 Pullela Gopichand also won the All England title. At the end of the first decade of the new millennium Saina Nehwal began to sparkle in the international badminton world. Inspired by her, Sindhu and many other badminton players started competing with world powers like China, Indonesia, Malaysia and Japan. But it has become a surface detail. Padukone and Gopichand should be credited for this new revolution. After retiring from the sport, the two continued to develop excellent badminton players through training. While Bangalore is the domain, Hyderabad is owned by Gopichand. There is no need to acquire land for the academy and there are no delays, delays or excuses to use the land properly once the plot is acquired. Praise the governments of the day. Administrative affairs accelerated. Today, emerging badminton players across the country are fighting for the guidance of these two. Sometimes there were conflicts. Saina Nehwal is a good example of this. But the differences did not affect the quality. Collaborating with each other is not part of it. However the two goals are the same, mutual respect is high and competition is not a task, but a brainless one. As a result the quality has doubled and their fruits have been seen not only in Saina-Sindhu form in the last decade but also in Srikanth, Pranay, Lakshya, Sai-Satvik and Chiragjala games. India advanced to the semis with a decisive victory over Malaysia. In the final, they lost the first game against a powerful Indonesia and the Satvik-Chirag duo retained four match points. The difference between a good player and a good player is that it is not a matter of quality, it is a matter of winning under adverse conditions. Consistency in sustaining this success leads to exceptions. That should be your goal. Hence the ‘aha. Reaching the semi-finals, at least one bronze sure ‘or’ silver sure now, however, now ‘we do not trust our players, that’s our focus. The hidden strength of the lower and middle classes in this country is that many of our non-cricketers win big matches. Although Khashaba became Jadav in Marhati land, today we are nowhere to be found in wrestling. In Natekar inspired badminton in many homes, but his percentage in that sport is not large now. The cities of Pune and Thane were once considered centers of quality for badminton. But the corporate, political leadership here has not been able to carry that glory forward. While some states in the north and some states in the south are constantly campaigning for non-cricket and supporting the players, before that we have a perpetual drought! Once a venue for cricket and other sports, the state continues to be miserable in such golden moments. The psychological, political and strategic divisions over the past few years, the lack of political prestige as in Gujarat and the fundamentally changing priorities are some of the reasons or reasons. That’s why so far in Thomas Cup wins we have nothing but admiration for most unknown, unknown heroes. OK in any area. Unless you make a habit of multiplying quality, the situation is unlikely to change much.

2022-05-16 22:38:31

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