Headline: If you come to the side .. complete details check now, latest update

Headline: If you come to the side ..

Nupurbai’s voice was first heard on May 26. That was ten days ago. His response came in the form of riots in Kanpur

The BJP opened its mouth about Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal only after the Arab countries were on the nose. Before that the party had been silent for ten days.

There is a possibility of getting good marks with the strength of education .. BJP looks like the situation of students stuck in unwanted industries. Excellent organization, expertise in crafting political stories and articles, and most importantly, the strengths of the ruling BJP, are air-conditioned competitors. He dreams of being in power for a while longer. It is incomprehensible why a party that has to follow in the footsteps of a Hindu organization by provoking religious sentiments with their army of eloquent speakers. If you look at the differences between the ruling BJP and India over Nopur Sharma and Naveen Kumar Jindal, this ambiguity is even more relevant. Logically, one of the answers might be ‘Yelkot Rahina’. This is similar to the students mentioned above. Not aware of one’s own strengths and not sure about study. The present BJP has also started doing what the ‘student’ does to achieve success. These ‘students’ do not take any test seriously. As a result, it should behave in the same way as it would in fourth grade. If such students are caught doing something they do not like .. ‘They are not ours’ as the school was upset .. Nupur, Naveen BJP said that they are not ours. Shame on the country that happened. So let it go.

Nupurbai’s voice was first heard on May 26. That was ten days ago. After that, his response was in the form of riots in Kanpur and in view of the burning of his statement, a case was registered against him in Mumbai as well. Though it is considered to be the result of the Cold War being waged by the non-BJP states on the central system .. the seriousness of this Nupurbai speech dance is not diminished at all. But the center ignored. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. We ate this vanity, took advantage of the expected success, and if the case was reversed we said no to our relationship. This is how it goes from the horns of the mosque to the Gyanvapi Mosque. The BJP is not immune to political parrots raising issues of horns and mosques. That is why the BJP is trying to cherish these things like a carrot or break it. The same thing happened in the case of Nupurbai or Naveenbabu. The importance of such rhetoric to the BJP is unique. Come to the publication of this Naveenababu book. Delay. It will be interesting to see who among the former top office bearers of the Sangh and office bearers of the ruling BJP are on this Nupurbaini Twitter followers.

These details are important so it is not true that the BJP is saying that it is not ours now. If the ruling BJP thinks so, if the incident happened ten days ago, the BJP would dismiss it and show the way to these vacations. The BJP did not show much vigor. It is true that even now the BJP has not opened its mouth on these two issues until the Arab countries are on the nose. Officials awoke to the fact that the Arab world had taken a firm stance against these atrocities and that this would directly jeopardize possible globalization. In this regard, it can be said that Gemal Abdul Nasser from Egypt did an unacceptable job in the case of the Suez Canal in the 1960s. The unity of the same Arab countries. Countries like Iran and Saudi Arabia have rallied against India through Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. As the boycott of Indian products progressed, both the tough stance of Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and the sweet diplomacy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi were watered down. Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s dinner on a visit to the Gulf was also canceled. The name Corona may have been mentioned in the statement, but it was not identified.

That is why the BJP has taken action against these two speakers. In doing so, he makes an excellent reference to the country’s religious history. Welcome to it. But it would be even more commendable if last week this tradition came to mind and immediate action was taken. Not at all. Because the Prime Minister, who is declaring ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vikas’, cannot move forward unless he himself gets the support of Aurangzeb in the elections. It is well known how much the BJP loves this religious history and tolerance. Hence the Arab countries are not satisfied with the actions taken against both of them. Some even demanded that the government apologize. It remains to be seen how the government will put a stop to this danda going on in the desert.

That is, on the one hand the Arabs who see India as intolerant, and on the other the bitter Hindutvaists who make the same accusations against the Western government. These bitter pro-Hindus are angry at the BJP and some of them are wondering what is the difference between the Congress and the BJP. These bitter pro-Hindus are reminded of the freedom of innovation due to such action and they feel that the BJP action is a blow to freedom of expression. Therefore actions against both of them are not acceptable. Also, surrender to Islamic countries is not acceptable to these bitter Hindutva. These bitter Hindu defenders say that what Nupurbai and Naveenbabu said is part of their freedom of expression. According to all of them, it is a pity that the Congress government is lagging behind the minorities in the country till 2014. Hence the Hindus had to live with their necks bent even if their lives were not in their hands. Since 2014 this declining respect for Hindus has become direct. But churches have criticized the Islamic world for apologizing and deteriorating again. It depends on their world size. But even the pro-Hindu government cannot bear to support the problems of Nupurbai and Naveenbabu.

This is because the BJP wants to run the country. Not a religious institution. This is world history. When the leadership of Saudi Arabia, the center of Islam, came to power, Muhammad bin Ibn Saud had to get rid of the bitter Islamists. Nupurbai and Naveen Babu informed Prime Minister Modi about this. This is the lesson of what happens when those next to you do not come to the center.

Web Title: A series of prophetic remarks on Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal after the Gulf reaction zws BJP action

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