Headline: Conditions for friendship!

Democratic Russia has become important for power and trade in the eyes of the European community, keeping in mind the real aspirations of Russia and China.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s first foreign trip in 2022 is significant in the current context. Russia, which invaded Ukraine in the last week of February for various reasons, has broken its supply chain of fuel, grain and minerals. It is clear that the imposition of sanctions on Russia as punishment for this aggression, and the boycott of Russian goods and cooperation, means that for some time to come, Russia will not be considered for the supply of various components. At the same time, it became clear that war-torn Ukraine needed to be redefined, as well. How should this redesign be done? How much water should be released with the help of Russia? If so, what is the capacity of other countries to provide alternative assistance? The answers to all these questions are very complex and not easy to solve. It is only natural that the United States should become more aggressive towards Russia, which is relatively dependent on Russia’s minerals, fossil fuels, grain and military equipment. Others may not be. This includes major European countries and India. The world is particularly interested in India’s role because it has the largest democracy, the largest market and the largest number of skilled labor suppliers. In addition, India now has the potential to play the role of an alternative grain supplier in addition to the guaranteed gluten. For days last month, diplomats or leaders from all major countries visited India, most recently Modi also visited Europe, not just to test ‘who are you, who are we’. For constructive and development partnerships, it is worthwhile to examine whether European countries and especially India are beginning to see each other as competent, reliable partners.

The first destination of Modi’s tour of Europe is Germany and the last destination is France. These are the two largest and most influential countries in the European trade and currency community. In the present situation the situation in Germany is somewhat similar to that in India. The only difference is that while we rely heavily on Russia for defense equipment, Germany relies heavily on natural gas supplies. However Germany took a more reassuring stance against Russia. But no such demand was made for India. This should be considered as the most important achievement of India. From the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the German Chancellor Olaf Schultz, many have now taken on the role of ‘we understand the key to India’, which is correct. When European Commission President Ursula van der Lion visited India last week, he suggested that India and the European Union should strengthen their partnership and suggest a more aggressive approach to Russia. It is noteworthy that German Chancellor Schultz, and later re-elected President of France Emmanuel Macron, ignored such perseverance. While Germany is India’s oldest partner in the field of engineering and technology, France is India’s most trusted new partner in the field of defense equipment. Germany is now cooperating in the field of green technology and digital technology. India can get important technology in the field of nuclear energy from France. On the one hand, the need and availability of renewable energy, on the other hand, the problem of increasing climate change, on the other hand, the growing current and future Indian governments need to work towards recovery. Energy hunger. The ability of European countries to develop such technology is undoubtedly ideal. That is why Modi’s visit has focused not only on strengthening strategic and political ties but also on technical cooperation. The meeting of Nordic and Scandinavian heads of state was another important milestone in the visit.

The United States and Western Europe, particularly Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland, have made significant progress in the areas of human development index, freedom of expression, pollution-free lifestyle and childcare. Meeting separately with the heads of state of all these countries became another highlight of Modi’s visit to Europe. India is making strides in the field of digitization. We focus on increasing the use of alternative energy sources to reduce reliance on fossil fuels. The cooperation of the Scandinavian countries is important in these two tours. This collaboration has certainly given a lasting, reassuring impetus to Modi’s visit. If cooperation with these important countries in Europe were followed and Britain provided a new direction, there would be no need to experience the consequences of dependence on certain countries in the future. The festival is more fruitful than the collaboration of Russia, America, China, Japan and the Gulf countries. Russia and China have demonstrated their true ambition by displaying aggression over the past few months. The Acharat type of 21st century is unimaginable from superpowers like him. That is why the European Union, which relies heavily on these two countries for energy and trade, is looking for new allies and new equations. That is why democratic India is so important to Europe. He is not a new ally, but European nations believe that new equations can be formed with him. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. Western European and Scandinavian countries are particularly adamant about the rule-based system. Religious tolerance, freedom of expression and a transparent system are important. In these respects, the book Progress of India has always been an inspiration to Hindus. This betas talk performance can be fatal for further collaboration. We do not condone any other aspect of our democracy, especially multinational corporations. We must give up the habit of making such immature gestures. This illusion is caused by the illusion that what we are doing is right and that the intentions of others are unclean. Such issues are often raised in the US Congress and the British Parliament. It should be noted that Scandinavian countries are more sensitive to these issues. The network of projects arising out of this friendship should be extended to states across the country, giving priority to setting up projects even for backward states. It should be noted that only some states are starving for projects as well as other states. For years, rulers have been accustomed to looking beyond development and welfare policies to politics in the European countries with which we are allied. Good luck keeping these conditions in mind!

2022-05-08 19:40:15

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