Headline: ‘Bang Bang’ Big Bang ‘!

Political observers are surprised by Marcos’ victory in the election. Because their focus on electoral judgment has become a nightmare.

The success of the next generation in the Marcos family in the Philippines was not due to a concrete program, but to a storyline and an alliance with another influential political family.

The eighties of the last century were a tumultuous decade of political developments around the world. The United States and the Soviet Union are negotiating a nuclear non-proliferation treaty and a missile reduction agreement, but the Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. As a result, countries of the Soviet family in Eastern Europe began to lead the communist system. Divided Germany is trying to unite. During the same decade, the democratic movement in China was severely repressed. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, Philippines impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. Dictator Ferdinand Marcos was forced to flee the country in the wake of the uprising. This triumph of the people’s movement brings joy and reassurance to lovers of democratic values. Many who witnessed those resurrection moments are still alive today. When Ferdinand Marcos’ successor Ferdinand Marcos came to power today after the fall of Ferdinand Marcos, many witnesses may have been mentally disturbed. But Marcos received nearly 59 percent of the vote and was never elected by such a large majority in every presidential election since the fall of his father. How did this happen? The wealth of Filipinos who fled the country after Marcos’ family was ousted from power is still being counted. About half of that wealth was deposited in the Philippine government treasury. Moreover, no one in Marcos’ family regretted a single word about the robbery or the unspeakable atrocities that took place at that time. Some of these events are not old enough to be completely forgotten. The success story of the new Marcos, however, cannot be cured by some concerns. For this, it is advisable to consider several factors.

For that we have to go back a bit. Ferdinand Marcos Thoreau ruled the Philippines from 1965 to 1986. A year before the end of his second term as president, Marcos began preparations to stay in power illegally for a long time. Arresting dissidents, stifling freedom of expression and imposing direct martial law, Marcos dissolved parliament. The Filipino people have tried their best to oppose this monopoly, which began in 1972. But Marcos, himself an expert lawyer, also brought the judiciary to power. As a result, the judicial process seeking redressal of their grievances was also closed. There were unrest in the streets and it was suppressed. But instead of being torn apart by repression, public protest is growing. As the atrocities unfolded, stories of the Marcos family’s prosperity were added to the discontent. As government debt has risen, welfare schemes and infrastructure have become increasingly unsustainable. As a result, millions of poor Filipinos are affected. But at the same time, the Marcos family is growing stronger. Aishwarya Marcos Presidential Palace looked like an insult to the medieval period. Dissatisfaction with Marcos’ relentless oppression and poor lifestyle erupted in 1983. In August of the same year, Marcos’ main rival Benigno Aquino returned to the Philippines from the United States, but was shot shortly after landing at the airport. Aquino is very popular. There is no need to investigate whether Marcos had a hand in these murders. The ensuing uprising led to the downfall of Marcos. The Filipino people stood firm behind Aquino’s wife Corey. Later, in the 1986 election, Corey Aquino fought Marcos. Marcos was declared the winner, but there was widespread fraud in the election. Anti-Marcos protests erupted in the Philippines, known as the “People’s Power Revolution”. The rate of this revolution was decisive and the Marcos family had to leave the country to become exiles. Marcos’ wife Imelda found more than 3,000 couples from around the world in the presidential palace. French Empress Marie Antoinette says the show has not received much attention in recent episodes. However, Filipinos were much more polite and forgiving than the French. They allowed Marcos to leave the country and his family to return home after Ferdinand’s death.

Along with young Chiranjeev Ferdinand ‘Bang Bang’ Marcos Jr., Marcos took full advantage of the opportunity at the time along with his ambitious mother Emelda and sister Emmy. Marcos Jr. won the Philippine Congress seat, the Senate seat and the governorship of Fort Marcos in the north of the Philippines. More importantly, he undertook the task of ‘lighting up the memories of the Golden Age’! Attempts were systematically begun to systematize and teach the story of whether Marcos Thorle’s period was progress, what happened to Filipinos during that time, but not about infrastructure and prosperity. On the one hand, the Commission of Inquiry is working to transfer some of Marcos’ plundered property to the Philippine government’s treasury. The time has come to use it to our advantage, “said Marcos. The fact that the number of those praying for the resurrection of the ‘Marcos era’ is increasing is even more unbelievable. Attempts have been made to publicize this article through social media over the last ten years. Marcos Jr. has no definite plans to run for president. He did not give a single assurance that living standards would change once he came to power. He reduced political opposition only by allying with Duterte, another influential dynasty in the Philippines. Rodrigo Duterte is the outgoing president of the Philippines, while his daughter Sarah Duterte is the future vice president of the Philippines and Marcos ally. Marcos has the support of a large percentage of rural and young voters in the country.

Another aspect of this draft is underlined. That is to say, being immaculate, serene, and indifferent does not mean gaining mass support. Political observers are surprised that people like Marcos have won the election. Because their focus on electoral judgment has become a nightmare. Voters who are delusional in daily life can win with the strength of attractive appearances and passive stories of past governments, a growing number of leaders around the world. The illusion that they are telling the truth, or that they will keep their word after the election, is limited to net practitioners. Bangbong is the nickname of Ferdinand Marcos Jr. The Big Bang that this Bang Bang showed in the election became the political ‘Big Bang’. He was neither the first nor the last.

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