From Chandni Chowk: Who was first?


Elections for president and vice president will be held by July 24. That is why the political exercise has now begun. Dharmendra Pradhan’s visit to Bihar last month is said to be for testing. The BJP is trying to divert the votes of regional parties that do not want to join the Congress. Though Janata Dal (S) chief and Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is with the BJP, his dissatisfaction has been growing in recent times. He called on Prime Minister Nitish Kumar ahead of the presidential election to bridge the gap between the two parties and wager for votes. The BJP has focused on non-NDM parties like TRS, YSR Congress, Biju Janata Dal, BSP and Northeast. The debate began in the opposition as well. How else the Congress initiative will benefit! However, it is learned that the Congress is currently in informal talks with non-BJP regional parties. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Venkaiah Naidu is ready to clash with the BJP. Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan is reportedly interested in becoming the Vice President. Who is interested in the opposition? Opposing candidates are less likely to win.

On the occasion of Udaipur ..

Congress spent three days trying to reform its own organization. You get what you want from it. It is not known why he had to go to Udaipur in the south of Rajasthan. There are two reasons for this. Congress has only two states. The idea should not happen in Delhi. It would be better to go to Chhattisgarh or Rajasthan i.e. ‘our’ state than to summon about 500 office bearers and discuss in the capital. Rajasthan is better than Chhattisgarh. It is always good to hold a meditation camp in a big state where Congress is in power. Elections will be held in Gujarat later this year. After that in Rajasthan. Rajasthan has also proved to be a conducive environment for the Congress. If you want to think in Rajasthan, do it in Jaipur. However, the Congress chose Udaipur. Udaipur falls in the Mewar region. It is said that Rajasthan will come to power if it dominates Mewar. Mewar must win the hearts of voters again if Congress is to stay in power. He says it will be difficult for the Congress to retain power if elections are held now. The issue of controversies and unemployment came to the notice of the people during the Congress regime! The second point is that Udaipur is near Gujarat. It is said that the Congress gave an indirect message to the Gujarat voters by holding a meditation camp there. Rahul Gandhi also held meetings in tribal areas. Of course, just texting means nothing!

What happened to Pike?

Political supremacist Prashant Kishore alias PK has slammed the Congress supremacy for his ambition. PK is befriending many senior Congress leaders. PK, a leader of the Congress is reported to be mediating. It is learned that at all the meetings held under the auspices of the Congress, PK himself expressed his desire to join the Congress. PK has reportedly made it clear at least three times that he wants to join Congress. If leaders like former finance ministers are conversing with PK, who will be responsible for PK coming into Congress? PK has been holding official talks with the Congress for ten days. He held four days of talks with the Congress leadership, leaders and the Chief Minister. It shows PK slides on 50 out of 500 strategies, as well as a large number of Congress leaders. So far so good. Pinky’s business acumen in Telangana and the clash of political aspirations in the Congress may have happened after that. PK I-Pack agreement with Telangana National Committee (TRS). You have nothing to do with it, but they may say that the company listens to you. How can Congress accept this contradiction? Issues such as ownership and liability are often raised.

In it, PK wants Congress to ally with the TRS. Since the Congress is the rival to the TRS in Telangana, how can there be an alliance? PK must be loyal to his company, to the TRS or to Congress. At the same time there may also be an argument about how to be obedient to everyone. Negotiations are said to be in full swing. But, that is the role of Congress. Instead of being obedient ‘let’s go alone’ said PK!

Leaders with laptops

If you are listening to the stories of Narasimha Rao period, a prominent journalist covering the Congress beat, then spokesperson Vithal Rao told about Gadgil. He was then at the Congress headquarters. Leaders-office staff and commoners used to come and go to the headquarters. Journalists also say that a round trip to headquarters all day brings two or four headlines. Vithal Rao Gadgil spoke informally with reporters who arranged the official press conference. He laid down the rules for not writing or publishing developments in the central government and in Congress. Any journalist is more interested in informal communication than formal communication. That is why the talk show with the Congress spokesperson was only ten minutes long.

Now the picture is reversed at the Congress headquarters. Rahul Gandhi admitted at the Chintan Shivir in Udaipur that the Congress media was much weaker than the BJP. This section is full of their loyalists, this section is different! There is no big debriefing from the delegates of this department and if there is, it does not make much sense. The time has come for a senior Congress leader to ‘explain’. Two days before the Chintan camp, a senior Congress leader called ten to fifteen selected journalists for ‘debriefing’.

‘Debriefing’ means unauthorized gossip. The reason for calling journalists is to inform them of the main points of the meditation camp. But there are so many things in this chat. For the first time in two years, a Congress leader spoke to reporters. As one of Sonia Gandhi’s loyalist debriefing leaders, her information is important. Due to the new rules in the thinking camp, no office bearer should hold the same position for more than five years. If this rule is strictly adhered to, changes will have to be made in the Congress media department as well. Those who like Rahul Gandhi will not leave this branch so easily. But if the same happens the party media section is likely to be run by depressing leaders. Discussions about his potential new responsibilities began before the meditation camp. The leader’s six-year term in the Rajya Sabha has also come to an end. Becoming the head of the media department can be seen holding a press conference with a laptop. Two-and-a-half years ago, the Mahavikas Aghadi government was in the process of being formed in the state. There, as Sonia Gandhi’s envoy, these senior leaders were seen taking notes with laptops. After the meeting, go straight to ‘Daha Janpath’ and give a briefing .. not to journalists, but to the party president!

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