Equilibrium: The way of cultivation, check now full coverage about equilibrium

Equilibrium: The way of cultivation

In his lecture on the first analogy, Vinoba compared two great men. Wordsworth and Namdevroy

Atul Sulakhe

Vinoba’s most important composition in relation to composition is ‘Samyasutrani’. Their number is 108. These principles have been commented on in the Gita sermons, and Vinoba has also given lectures on some of these principles.

His words like ‘I am wandering in the Gita sky or I am drowning in the Gita sea’ have a special meaning. What does it mean to go for a walk or dive?

In his lecture on the first analogy, Vinoba compared two great men. Wordsworth and Namdevroy. Vinoba, who says that he will wander in the Gita space, gave the sign to the devotee based on these two verses.

‘To the Skylark’ is Wordsworth’s most famous poem. Many of her positions have been misunderstood by critics. This includes Vinob.

In this verse, Vinoba saw the signs of a wise devotee. According to him, Wordsworth has an explorer at this level. The poet is not just a genius. Before him ‘Samaj-Seva-Parayan Jnani’ means devotee. ‘A devotee who sees intellectual knowledge firsthand in his life.’

The following lines describing this feature are quoted by Vinoba.

The kind of flying wisdom,

But never wanders;

True to the relative points of heaven and home

Wordsworth ‘Chandol’ is a brilliant man. He also keeps an eye on his own nest while flying in the sky. His Lord is in heaven and He is in the nest. Had he thought of only one of these goals, his flight would not have become a ‘vihar’.

Namadevaraya refuted the Wordsworth metaphor. He writes,

‘The bird flew into space.

Keep the baby close to your heart.

Namidio’s bird wanders in the sky but her lord is in the nest. So she does not have to look towards heaven.

The wise man of Wordsworth sees the world in his nest and the Lord in heaven. Namdev is associated with God in the nest and in the form of children. The sleeping bird is our original form. Seeking Him means having a relationship with God. Vihar is everywhere but the will is real. It is a sign of stagnation. Said Namdevroy.

How to keep this mind in its original form while doing public service. This service should be science based. Vinob says the ultimate goal of this work is to purify the mind while doing very little service.

Most importantly, both Vihar and Chitta are subject to human effort. I wanted to see the inner salutation of access to God. The more you serve, the clearer the vision of God will be. The touch of worldliness and privacy is a distinctive feature of our tradition.

In the Sarvodaya definition, there is a dual practice of productive physical activity and prayer. Vinoba saw the synopsis from a village in Koraput. This is an example of an ideal tool.

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