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According to the Central Family Health Survey, 89.9 per cent of children of the same age in the country do not have access to food that is essential for their physical growth. This matter was very painful during the ambrosial years of independence. Although the survey found that infants between the ages of 6 and 23 do not get the nutritional value they need without breastfeeding, this year’s figures have improved slightly compared to the past five years. However, the reason for not being satisfied with this is that future generations of this country will have to face a dangerous disease for the future of the country due to malnutrition. Every child should have the right to proper nutrition in old age. Not getting enough food at such a young age can exacerbate malnutrition and the resulting health problems. India is the most malnourished country in the world. Therefore, this question needs immediate attention. In states like Meghalaya, 28.5 per cent of children under this age are getting adequate nutrition, while in Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat the rate is as low as 5.9 per cent. It is unfortunate that this is the situation in the states where development is said to be taking place. The situation is not much different in Assam, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. There this ratio is only 7.2 to 9.1 percent. In comparison, Sikkim (23.8), Kerala (23.3), Ladakh (23.1) and Puducherry (22.9) were the lowest. This does not mean that there is an albatross everywhere. At the national level this ratio should be viewed with more sympathy if it is 89 per cent. The World Health Organization has issued guidelines on what the minimum diet should be. Company guidelines state that foods other than breast milk should be provided at least four times a day. Due to poverty, children do not get food like fruits, whole grains, vegetables and eggs. During the first thousand days after birth, the baby’s immune system, language ability, and brain development are regulated by the food they receive. It is a serious matter that only 10 per cent of children in India get such food. The survey revealed how the government’s plans to eradicate malnutrition have backfired. India currently has a large number of young people in the total population. Strong citizens will be an important investment for India to grow in the future.

2022-05-11 18:32:00

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