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At the World Economic Forum in Davos, 23 companies from different countries signed investment agreements worth about Rs 30,000 crore with Maharashtra. The satisfaction expressed by the Minister of State for Industries Subhash Desai in Davos, Switzerland should continue. In June 2020, when global transactions came to a standstill, Maharashtra lost Rs. Signed an investment agreement worth Rs 16,000 crore. Six months later, an investment agreement worth Rs 61,000 crore was signed on the initiative of ‘Magnetic Maharashtra’. According to the state economic survey report, between 2020 and 2021, the state received investments of Rs 1.88 lakh crore. This is natural, because foreign investors have always preferred Maharashtra. The rulers are evading by announcing investment figures of a few thousand crores but the key is how much employment can be created through direct investment. In 2016, the Foxconn consortium agreed to invest Rs 35,000 crore in Maharashtra. In fact, this large conglomerate did not make large investments in the state. As the company upheld the state, the state government finally gave up. Hyundai Motors has started talks for investments in the state, but the project has moved out of the state due to further concessions given by the Andhra Pradesh government. The states of Karnataka, Telangana and Tamil Nadu have been making efforts at various levels to attract investors and are succeeding. The son of the Telangana Chief Minister immediately sent a helicopter to Kochi and summoned the group leaders to Hyderabad after the Kerala-based textile conglomerate Texas agreed with the Kerala government. As a result of these efforts, the Group will invest Rs 2,500 crore in Telangana. Corona has touched the industrial sector, the whole world. This has affected the production of semiconductor chips from China. The absence of these ‘chips’ has increased the waiting list of consumers in the automotive industry. The Modi government has announced a special package of Rs 76,000 crore to manufacture chips in India. While Maharashtra is likely to take advantage of it, states like Tamil Nadu and Telangana are attracting investors in the region. The Tata Group is reportedly in talks with Tamil Nadu, Telangana or Karnataka to manufacture semiconductors. Not attracting the Tata Group to Maharashtra for investment in this sector is definitely not good for the state. The central government has released the latest figures on foreign investment in PIB 2021. 15 1.555 billion in Karnataka and 12 1.222 billion in Maharashtra. In short, a real investment is important, not just a compromise agreement. Growth in the industrial and manufacturing sectors in Maharashtra seems to have slowed over the past few years. OK Mother is in the service area. Why should the rulers and the bureaucracy be pressured to implement the agreement realistically. Otherwise the ink on the contract will dry out.

2022-05-24 18:32:00

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