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It is an old habit for politicians to dig into aspects of history as soon as they realize that current problems are problematic. Devendra Fadnavis’ statement regarding Babri, who has now lost power, fits this history. The real reason behind this is that Fadnavis raised the issue that it was inappropriate to commemorate an incident that took place 30 years ago and did not respond to Chief Minister Thackeray despite causing religious hatred. Although the controversy that began with this has now reached the never-ending argument of ‘we are’ and ‘you are not’, the question remains whether it is necessary today. Identity politics is a Shiv Sena tradition. This habit continued even after he came to power. Under such circumstances it would have been appropriate to harass Fadnavis, who has had remarkable successes as Leader of the Opposition, on current issues. They continue to create history without doing so. Today’s generation in their thirties does not know much about this. The questions and challenges these young people face are also different. Jobs, employment and consequent social and economic stability are important issues for this generation. It is up to the ruling opposition as well as the opposition to lay hands on him. The same deficit is visible everywhere we look right now. Whether it was Modi’s speech in Berlin or the issue of Chhatrapati Shivaji’s tomb raised by Raj Thackeray. What has happened in the past, then it is fashionable to ask questions like who is wrong and who is right and make the society look towards the past. Counters are pouring in to bring such issues to the fore. Curiosity as to what is true causes society to distance itself from reality or from the present. Then burning issues such as inflation, rising energy prices, rising unemployment index begin to recede. The discussion on the problems facing the society automatically stops. It doesn’t matter if someone tells you what we did when we came to power. However, it is a political move to tell in detail how we did it in the past and exactly what we did. The same suffix comes to everyone who listens to the speeches of leaders right now. That is why it is doubtful whether it is an act of deliberately ignoring the current problems. Such statements inspire activists but what about society? What about the problems they face? Unfortunately, no one raises such issues and if anyone dares, leaders will ignore them. What is the political rationale behind removing the scars of 1992 when so many wounds were forgotten? However, Fadnavis is trying to challenge the army by raising the same issue. It means that he is falling into the trap of the arrogant politics of the opposition. In view of the polarization of votes in view of the Mumbai and other municipal elections, he questioned whether development was not politicized. The task of the Leader of the Opposition is to lead the government on the path of development. If Fadnavis are trying to get closer to history .. not only the interests of the state but also bringing their family closer to history is not good for a society facing a burning current.

2022-05-03 18:32:00

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