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Cover: Tell Bholanath.

Skymet is a private meteorologist and forecasting firm.

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If there were any objections as per the instructions of the Meteorological Department it would have been better if they had been ignored; But the objection that ‘this was a deliberate mistake’ is serious.

Skymet is a private meteorologist and forecasting firm. Once upon a time there was a monopoly on the meteorological department such as radio and television. The monopoly of radio and television ended in the last decade of the twentieth century and the Department of Meteorology found a competitor in the first decade of the twenty-first century. At the end of a news broadcast on a private news channel, a young man named Jatin Singh, a meteorologist, founded Skymet 19 years ago and it was time to look into the government’s meteorological department. Today, companies like Godrej and consumer investments such as domestic and foreign media, energy companies such as Tata and Skymet are well established in the sector, which poses a challenge to the government meteorological department. Skymet’s weather forecasts seem to be gaining traction in recent years due to its professionalism in accommodating many retired Air Force personnel, including computer experts. This may be due to the confidence formed, but Skymet directly questioned the government’s weather forecast. Many feel that there is truth in this question. In a few days, it will be clear who is right and who is wrong. However the questions posed by Skymet on this occasion are noteworthy.

According to Skymet, the government meteorological department has not received its own standards for seasonal rainfall forecasts. The question is whether there are monsoons in Kerala or not. The state Meteorological Department has already forecast better-than-normal rainfall this year. That is why the meteorological department has announced that monsoons will hit Kerala three days earlier this year. Skymet’s definite objection is to this. Before announcing the arrival of such rains, certain criteria need to be followed. For example, wind speed, changes in the intensity of sunlight before it rains, and the amount of pre-seasonal rainfall are considered. For this, 13 weather registration centers have been set up in Kerala and the southern coastal region. Analyzing the records of these centers with the arrival of monsoons from May 10, it is not expected that rains will fall unless at least 60 per cent of these records are in favor of the arrival of rains.

According to Skymet, the same government meteorological department broke up this year. Skymet alleges that the Department of Meteorology quickly reversed the drought conditions. The meteorological department has forecast 2.5 mm of rainfall in a single day without forecast for two consecutive days of favorable conditions and three days earlier in Kerala. In fact it is not so. The rains had not yet come fast enough. So last week the Meteorological Department had to revise its forecast and announce that the monsoon progress had stopped. Nearly two days later, the Meteorological Department announced the start of the monsoon again, and then issued direct rain signals. At present, if what the Meteorological Department is saying is true, then the monsoon rains should stabilize and move forward after stabilization. But that does not seem to be the case. That is why many believe that Skymet’s objection to the weather forecast is justified. It would have been nice to have ignored so many objections to the weather forecast. But the Skymet argument is not just a mistake, it is a mistake made by the Meteorological Department and an attempt to show that its predictions were correct. The Meteorological Department is responding by ignoring this. However it casts doubt on the intentions of the Meteorological Department.

The reason for this is that it is no longer a secret how much pressure the government puts on the Meteorological Department to make ‘good, positive’ predictions. While being the head of this department, Dr. Vasant Gowariker spoke boldly against this pressure at the time. But the question today is whether those who have such courage are born or not. Therefore, there is no open opportunity for anyone to talk about government pressures in the government system and in the central government. Therefore, it is unrealistic to assume that this account should not be forced to make pleasant predictions to the mind. In fact, Skymet has been criticized at least twice before, in 2013 and 2015. This estimate says that once it rains well it will be low next time. In both cases there is a complete digestive tract. That is, guessing is not an objection. It’s about ignoring self – determined criteria. The winds in the Indian Ocean do not seem to be cooperating as expected after the Meteorological Department announced the good news that it will rain this year. Therefore, it is safe to assume that the meteorological department is likely to rain before confirming the wind direction and their potential. However, it is not appropriate to view this dispute from the limited framework of private versus government. Because recently, there has been a tendency to consider what is private to be original and nutritious. It is more important to consider how scientific a company is than whether it is privately owned or publicly owned. There is an actual flaw in this scientific perspective. Only astronomers can predict the scientific future of a country with less than one percent of GDP allocated to science and research. This atheism was consumed by Ervi. But in a country where more than one sector such as agriculture, irrigation, water planning, power generation and distribution are dependent on weather forecasting, investment in this sector should also be given priority at the government level. Without it, many industries today are shifting to relatively young companies like Skymet. Hey; It was like the unwritten policy of ‘let public institutions die, let private money not flow’. If the meteorological department, like other science-based sectors, is neglected, the ‘Sung Sang Bholanath ..’ route would seem better and cheaper than the government meteorological department. Until then the way was wide open to get the services of a company like Skymet that paid money and provided accurate information to the wealthy.

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