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Yogendra Yadav

Whether it is Jignesh Mewani or Bagga .. how can ‘power’ alone be enough to arrest him?

Many people get angry when it is said that it is common in public life today .. because many people speak the language of principles. But when? When injustice is done to anyone on their side. In fact we lay down the principles of who we are ‘on the side’. Instead of deciding who is right / who is wrong in an event, we should look at ‘who we want to be right’ instead of deciding what an event is, what its principles are or what it is all about. One wonders if this constant will detract from the seriousness of the current principles.

But from my own experience, there are people who think about principles first. No one understands what is right, what is right, what is justice. As a result, almost all philosophers experience bitterness at the instigation of their principles. I share my experience as one of them. However, these experiences are not limited to political life. They can come from university scholars, from government agencies and even from social movements. For example, if the idea of ​​‘friend’ is disturbed or opposed but it is unsustainable, it will affect the friendship. In it, if you accept the hint from the other side, immediately people’s eyebrows will rise and their noses will be distorted. There was a similar reaction on January 26 when I said it was wrong to fly a religious flag at the Red Fort (although the late actor Deep Sidhu was a BJP supporter – if the media was saying ‘farmers march on the Red Fort’). .I was also criticized when I protested the killing of a Dalit Shikha by some Nihangs near the Singh border and I was torn under a jeep in Lakhimpur Kheri and then met a total of ten families in the violence, but one was from the BJP, I visited his family. Done.

Therefore, I am fully prepared (via tweet on Twitter) to welcome the court decision to grant exemption to BJP office bearer Tajinderpal Singh Bagga without arrest till July 6. “This decision is welcome – whatever your opinion is about this person. This is not a way for the police to arrest anyone based on a tweet – be it Jignesh Mewani, Rana couple, Alka Lamba or Disha Ravi. You can see it on my Twitter account. After all, trolls, BJP, apps Whatever the case may be, the disorder is the same in both.Therefore, Jalpaigans mean I am erasing old accounts by keeping away from Jalpaiguri Arivad Kejriwal about this tweet.This is the same Jalpak Sabha, if I say anything good about ‘you’ it means I want to come back to ‘you’!

Beyond individual flaws ..

Some critics have also made notable points. That is to say, the BJP-ruled states are doing to Bagga as they have done to others many times; It is a recent history that the courts at that time did not show such haste and sensitivity. Some even asked me, ‘Did that buggy forget the past?’ These well-wishers have the cash to remind me that Buggy was the mastermind behind the attack on my friend Prashant Bhushan. Others said the buggy was too small and that it was appropriate for Punjab police to “dose” it in their own way.

There is no good opinion about the buggy, it is true. In simple language, such a person can be called anything rude, ugly, disgusting. What’s even weirder about the spring, however, is that no one knows if his Twitter look is real. Anyone who thinks he is anti-BJP knows that attacking him verbally or physically is his business and that is the reason for his political rise. This character can come out of any cartoon and grow in our public life because we hate (without seeing the truth) so much demand!

How to deal with these people? Ignoring them is the ideal bow. Such characters do not need to be given negative importance, then they will fade automatically. Or the way the ‘meme’ hurts it even more. I liked the work done by @RoflGandhi_ on Twitter in this regard. Is less effective than this, so the smartest way to do this is to sit in front of the characters and tell the truth, saying ‘this is not the case – it happened’ or looking at them as if they were talking. The next route is wrong, but it is available. Still, ‘Apart from all this, is it right or wrong to be arrested directly by the police?’ This is a philosophical question.

Let us take a closer look at the sequence of events behind this. In March this year, Bagga wrote a tweet using very offensive words and deleted it, criticizing Kejriwal for making a statement in the Delhi Legislative Assembly that “show Kashmir files on YouTube for free, everyone will see”, a Kejriwal was born. . This language, these tweets are no doubt hateful and provocative. But where is the ‘threat of a criminal nature’ or ‘creating a rift between two societies’? As soon as the Opposition Office Bearer lodged a complaint, the Punjab Police registered a case against Bagga. The accused did not respond to the summons issued by the Punjab police for ‘investigation’. Everyone knows that police interrogation means being mentally and physically abused, but now it is not. The fact of the matter is that the Punjab police seem to be focusing on a single crime in Delhi. The buggy was captured from there.

The dramas in Punjab, Delhi and Haryana police are weirder than a buggy. As bulldozers raided Muslim homes and shops in the area, the secret National Minority Commission (NMC) blamed the police for not allowing the awake Bug to wear his feta. It would be ridiculous on our criminal justice system to open the midnight court doors for this case, but the Punjab and Haryana court order to stop this lengthy and dismal public display is welcome.

The same pattern across the country.

‘Abadubi’ is an old game to remember, so a session to impose and arrest political opponents is currently underway in the country. When the BJP is in power at the center and in many states, the use of party machinery is high and the mainstream media or social media gives more support to the BJP. Behind this, the policy in the BJP states is the same: all complaints with Kasali, imposing harsh and harsh clauses, threatening the police with ‘lakh’ and teaching ‘lakh’ a lesson.

That is why I am quoting the case of Jignesh Mewani here. Characters like Bugs are nothing compared to Mewani’s determination and accordingly his fight for justice, but it’s no comparison. I would like to say that the app for Mewani is the app for Bugs. Now, for the first time, a state (Punjab) police account has fallen into the hands of the ‘Op’ and it is running smoothly here as well, as other governments have misused this account. You have made similar allegations against Kumar Vishwas and Alka Lamba.

The Mahavikas Aghadi government in Maharashtra is doing the same. MP Navneet Rana and her MLA husband Ravi Rana both wanted to recite ‘Hanuman Chalisa’ outside the Chief Minister’s personal residence. The ‘Preventive Arrest’ rule can be used to prevent such incidents. However, they were also charged with treason. Since these are real cases the other cases that really need to be discussed are sidelined. Correspondent Aman Chopra’s allegation of inciting enmity between the two factions is, at first glance, far more true in the case of a separate, serious-criminal case than in these political cases. Only insisting on principles rather than ‘taking sides’ can preserve the concept of ‘Rule of Law’ in our Constitution. Do you notice this?

2022-05-12 18:32:00

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