Country-Time: The Way For Hindi Speakers To Follow .. | Ways of speaking Hindi is the national language country.

Hindi speakers need to avoid many ailments such as insisting on ‘pure’ Hindi, low opinion of others or ignorance of calling Hindi ‘national language’.

The time has come for me to write this article because of the so-called ‘Hindi servants’ who are Hindi lovers in our country or Hindi speakers who ignore the politics of this language. The latest reason for her coming now is Ajay Devgn’s recent Hindi Love. Hindi is the mother tongue of almost everyone and it is the main language. Ajay Devgn brings his love of Hindi to the screen when there is no need to take news about the announcement made by Kannada producer Kicha Sudeep after the energetic and universal success of South Indian language films.

Sudeep can ignore the original statement that ‘Southern language films do not have to go into Hindi because Hindi is not the national language’ and such advertisements are becoming more and more common and how to dub ‘Southern’ films in Hindi. Manufacturers, distributors, etc. who observe the market trend make the decision. But Ajay Devgan (it is not fair to point out which political party he is leaning towards) immediately woke up on Twitter to reply to Sudeep and mentioned the dubbed films of Devgan. Well, the reason for dubbing this movie is to say ‘Hindi is our mother tongue and it has always been the national language. Jana Gana man. In such words, he said that Hindi is the national language. The word ‘hamari’ is used in Hindi to mean ‘ours’ and ‘ours’.

The controversy that erupted after the false claim that ‘Hindi is the national language’ has intensified here as well. The Karnataka (BJP-ruled) chief minister and leader of the opposition – the Congress and the secular Janata Dal – has been embroiled in controversy, with all expressing dissatisfaction with the imposition of Hindi domination. He pointed out that the controversy was well received by the English media and that Hindi was not only the language of communication but also the language of India. After all, both English and Hindi do not even realize that it is useless to brag about the same language. That is why here are five ways for people who love Hindi and love Hindi.

Food 1: There is no mention of ‘national language’ anywhere in our constitution. India has a national flag, there is a national anthem and there is a ‘national anthem’, there is a national animal, there is a national bird, but there is no ‘national language’ because the Constituent Assembly-Constituent Assembly -. The decision to add the Eighth Appendix or Schedule to the Constitution was made later and this appendix contains 22 languages, all of which are the same. Considering this, calling Hindi ‘Rashtrabhasha’ expresses not only ignorance but also arrogance. Therefore, Hindi speakers or Hindi lovers should follow a diet where Hindi is never called the ‘state language’.

Second Diet: Considering the linguistic population of the country, will Hindi become the majority language? Let’s look at the numbers. According to the last census, it is the mother tongue of 44% of Indians and 57% of them know it. This means that the number of non-native speakers of Hindi is high. History of the language- Hindi is the youngest sister to other Indian languages ​​in terms of both its age and vocabulary.

Tamil and Kannada are almost two and a half thousand years old, which is 600 years older than Hindi. The Hindi language spoken or heard today also started 200 to 250 years ago. Trying to know the greatness of other languages ​​without trying to know their greatness is a cruel joke of other languages. In many states Hindi is also taught in schools as per the ‘trilingual principle’ so the number of those who understand Hindi has increased. In addition to this foreignness, Hindi speakers should follow a diet that understands other languages ​​as well.

Third way: a language we call its roots ‘dialect’, ‘dialect’. Are actually in Hindi. But since these languages ​​are considered as ‘dialects’, ten per cent of Indians are of the opinion that Hindi is considered as ‘Hindi speakers’ even though it is not their mother tongue. Bhojpuri, Magahi, Oran, Gondi, Awadhi, Braj, Bundeli, Bagheli, Chhattisgarh, Malvi, Nimadi, Hadauli, Bhili, Marwadi, Mewadi, Bangadi, Mewati, Kumaoni, Garwali, Pahadi .. How many such languages ​​should be named? ! However Sarkar Darbari is recorded in Hindi as only 56 ‘dialects’. In fact, the question of these languages, as well as other languages ​​spoken in India, is a question of literature, script, vocabulary, and the decline of speakers. Hindi speakers can survive if they identify their language origins through these ‘dialects’ and follow the tradition of respecting them as a language without considering them as dialects.

Fourth way: It has been good for a while to call culture ‘culture’ or prison ‘karagrih’ .. It is one’s plot .. but the same is true, even ‘pure’ Hindi speakers have such a stubborn attitude. Although language is basically a means of communication, they are pure. Then they think ‘Bombay Hindi’ or ‘Bihari Hindi’ means less standard. However, their Torah is the entire Hindi language of the country .. How can this be? Even English, which is considered a master of spelling, has now adopted more than one spelling of a single word. Is it possible to speak ‘Takatak’ even if other language words are mixed in Hindi, and how can one forget that Urdu words are mixed or that Hindi is the basis for any other language and emotion is important for conversation? For language expansion, the heart of the speaker must be wide enough to adapt to other languages ​​as well.

The fifth and final food is that Hindi lovers or Hindi speakers should try to use Hindi properly instead of chanting Hindi. In addition to observing ‘Hindi Day’ and ordering all the staff to attend, the nostalgia for waging a religious war for Hindi by denying Hindi as a particular language or Tamuk language .. Why do this? Today, writing children’s literature or teen literature in Hindi, making Hindi ‘Thesaurus’ meaning Shabdaratnakar ‘online’ available to all becomes a real service to the Hindi language. Let’s see if we can calmly and intelligently tell world news and discuss everything in Hindi.

Hindi has never been the national language of India and one should not expect Hindi to do so in this multilingual country. Our country does not need a single national language. Although Communication and Connect Language tools are required .. When can Hindi do that?

.. ‘Panchasheela’ When Hindi speakers follow these five paths and the main thing is that the prosperity of Hindi is expanded by taking words that are understandable to everyone from many other Indian languages!

2022-05-05 18:32:00

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