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Add. Bhausaheb Azbe

At a recent Congress meditation camp in Udaipur, Rajasthan, party president Sonia Gandhi called for ‘revenge’. The article stated that the Congress was aware of the matter.

Congress has faced many challenges over the past decade. It is worrying that the party has not yet grown despite having 20 per cent of the electorate. The party has not yet received the support it deserves from the youth. The BJP has cracked down on the Congress for fear of the EDI and the CBI, showing a lucrative carat of power. The BJP has set up a massive campaign system. Democratic systems are being weakened by the BJP. Aware of these and similar challenges, the Indian National Congress organized a three-day ‘Nav Sankalp Chintan Shibir’ in Udaipur with the agenda of revising its political roles and organizational changes.

Before independence, the Congress emerged as a ‘people’s movement’. That is the Congress ‘DNA’. The Congress was able to build the country because it believed in the ‘dialogue’. This dialogue, whether it is between the people or between different parties, or between states, or between states or between democratic institutions, is the basis of Indian democracy. The violence begins as soon as this ‘dialogue’ is over. BJP politics put an end to ‘dialogue’. As a result ‘violence’ vibrations began. The fight against BJP politics is not just against the BJP. It is against the Sangh Parivar alliance, the democratic institutions hijacked by the BJP, the media belonging to the BJP and the industrialists made big by the BJP. Congress is ready for that. That is why it was revealed in the suburbs of Chintan that the Congress was going to enter the field to revive the ‘dialogue’. Its motto is ‘Bharat Jodo’. That is why this year the Congress has organized large-scale programs in the suburbs of Chintan to reach out directly to the people and make them partners in the struggle. The ‘Janajagaran Abhiyan’ will be launched across the country from June. Unemployment, inflation and other public issues will be raised. ‘Kashmir to Kanyakumari’ Bharat Jodo Padayatra will start from October 2.

The BJP’s economic policies are against the interests of the people. Only a handful of entrepreneurs in the last eight years have had ‘good days’. The slowdown in growth rate, inflation and unemployment have affected the common man. That is why Congress has proposed a new economic resolution. In this, the Congress opposed the complete privatization of state-owned enterprises. The Center-State has taken on the role of reviewing economic relations. The party’s priority is employment-based finance. Congress has endorsed some radical changes in agriculture. Krishimalala M.S. The party took the stand that Swaminathan should guarantee ‘C2 + 50 per cent’ formula prices, that the principle of agricultural insurance was ‘no profit loss’ and that an independent agricultural budget should be submitted.

The Congress is determined to stand up against the ongoing discrimination against Dalits, Adivasis, OBCs and minorities. Emphasized the need for a special ‘Health Mission’ for the tribals. In this camp, the Congress reiterated that 33% reservation should be given to women in the Assembly and Parliament. It also took a stand to disclose race census data. The camp approved the proposal that poor students should get free education in colleges and universities.

The three-day camp in Udaipur was attended by 430 Congress delegates from across the country. Delegates discussed a wide range of topics, from organizational change to agricultural policies. These delegates were divided into six groups. The six groups discussed issues related to organization, politics, economics, agriculture, youth and social justice and empowerment. Following his instructions, the party decided to make some important changes in the structure and functioning of the party. To increase youth participation in the organization 50 per cent posts and responsibilities in the organization at all levels like booth, taluka, district, state, congress working committee are given to those under 50 years. It is not possible to continue in the same post after the end of the five-year term. For this, a ‘rest’ for three years was decided. One person from the same family will be nominated for the election. No other member of the family will receive the candidature unless he has worked in the party organization for at least five years. Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes and Backward Classes are given a place in the organization. The representation of women in the organization is also balanced.

It was decided to start three new divisions in the company. Assembly elections are held every year in India along with the Lok Sabha elections. That is why election management has become a 24 hour task. Therefore, it was decided to set up an ‘Election Management Department’ within the party. Another thing related to this is that it is also necessary to check the sentiment of the people from time to time. A ‘Public Insight’ section will also be set up for this purpose. There will also be a ‘Performance Evaluation’ section to evaluate office bearers and organizational work.

‘Social justice’ remains an important part of Congress’ goals and policies. Therefore, a ‘Social Justice Advisory Council’ will be set up to advise on issues related to social justice. In addition, a ‘National Training Institute’ will be set up for the comprehensive training of office bearers and workers. He said the aim was to promote the party’s ideology and objectives, while at the same time enabling office bearers to carry out their responsibilities effectively.

From time to time Congress is becoming uncompromising in terms of ideology, the same Congress strength. Congress is now embarking on a new change. Necessary organizational changes were proposed in Udaipur to counter BJP politics and system. This is the beginning of change. Therefore, many small and big changes will be made in the future. These are organizational changes that will make the youth the oldest party in the country in the near future. The ill effects of the BJP’s economic and social policies are now apparent. Therefore, he discussed alternative policies in Bernav. This process continues. The ‘new resolution’ made in terms of institutions and policies quotes Congress. It will definitely give strength to defeat BJP politics.

2022-05-18 18:32:00

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