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Bharti Telecom sold 2.75% stake in Airtel, company to be completely debt free




  • Bharti Telecom has sold 2.75 per cent stake of Airtel to institutional investors.
  • With the sale, Bharti Airtel will become a completely debt-free company
  • Bharti Group and Singtel will continue to hold a majority stake of 56.23 per cent in Bharti Airtel. 


Bharti Telecom has sold 2.75 per cent stake in Airtel to institutional investors for Rs 8,433 crore. In this context, the company said that the sale would be fully utilized for the debt repayment of Bharti Telecom.  In addition to this , Bharti Group and Singtel will have such a share, the company said that this will make it a completely debt-free company. According to the statement issued by the company, after this deal, Bharti Group and Singtel will continue to own a majority stake of 56.23 per cent in Bharti Airtel.  Investors from all categories showed interest  Bharti Airtel announced the completion of the Airtel shares, saying that the issue was subscribed manifold and investors from all categories showed interest, including investors from India, Asia, Europe and America. Are included. 

According to the statement, “Bharti Telecom Ltd, the promoter company of Bharti Airtel Limited, has sold 2.75 per cent stake of Bharti Airtel to institutional investors through the book building process in the secondary market.” Bharti Telecom has raised more than Rs 8,433 crore through this sale. 

The credit profile will also improve, the 
company said, with many existing and new shareholders taking part in the stake sale, including global mutual funds, sovereign wealth funds, multi-strategy funds and domestic institutional investors. With this sale, Bharti Airtel will become a completely debt-free company, which will also improve the company’s credit profile.
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Lokmanas: Rejection of the debate, which is the immaturity of the idea Lokmanas Loksatta Readers’ opinion Lokasatta …




During his visit to Pune, Sharad Pawar arranged meetings with Brahmin organizations. This meeting was really timely. Because right now the issue of caste duality is spreading rapidly through social media. The Brahmin community is portrayed as the enemies of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and Shambhaji Maharaj. Also, Sharad Pawar is openly blaming millions of people for racism. In an environment of religious pollution, the meeting of Brahmin organizations with Sharad Pawar was very important. However, the news (Lok Satta – May 21) read that 12 to 15 Brahmin organizations will be attending the meeting and two organizations, the Brahmin Federation and Parashuram Seva Sangh, will not be attending the meeting. He demanded that Pawar clarify his stance on his ministers before the meeting. It is very unfortunate for the Brahmin community that these two institutions are away from the meeting. Sharad Pawar is not only a senior and experienced politician, he is also a very moderate and strategic leader. The decision to participate in the discussion after the completion of the preconditions is only the immaturity of the idea. Such a decision will not solve the problems and grievances of the Brahmin community. Public discussion is not required in advance. These two Brahminical institutions should try to find a way through open discussion with Pawar. The other 15 organizations participating in the conference belong to these Brahmins. The non-participation of two Brahmin organizations in this meeting will create opposition to the remaining 15 Brahmin communities. I think they should take part in the discussion keeping in view the interests of the Brahmins rather than the conditions.

– Sharad Bapat, Pune

This is a politically misguided move.

I read the article ‘History and Present (Greece Lessons-1)’ by Girish Kuber in ‘If Not’. ‘The burdens of history do not have to flow in the present ..’ This is a lesson that even a small country can teach India. India was ruled by Muslim and British rulers for about a thousand years. The whole country will be immersed in it for hundreds of years to correct the injustices they have committed in history under the slogan of reaction to action. It can only lead to religious riots in the society. The country goes back to the Stone Age. It is completely inappropriate to politicize religious identities for immediate political gain. Today, as inflation peaks in the last 22 years, the entire country is looking towards the Gnanavapi Mosque. This is a politically misguided path. Many ‘subjects’ such as the Taj Mahal, Qutub Minar and Mathura are being taken out of the ship. It is endless. These discussions should be paused and focused on development. Inflation, unemployment, inequality are the basic problems of the people. Achieving ‘Sab Ka Saath Sab Ka Vikas’ requires maintaining peace, tranquility, harmony and unity.

– Dr. Vikas Inamdar, Pune

Do you see positive effects on the economy?

‘RBI pays dividend of Rs. 30,307 crore to the Center ‘(May 21). The accompanying box also reads the details of dividends paid by the Reserve Bank to the Central Government over the last three years. With a budget deficit (Rs 15.91 lakh crore this year), it is clear that the government will look at different sources of revenue. Since coming to power in 2014, the government seems to have found new sources of revenue called the ‘excise tax on fuel’ or cess. The central government has mobilized Rs 3.73 lakh crore through this in 2020-21. It is also understood that Rs 10.72 lakh crore (unwritten) debts of the industrial world have been written off during the last seven years under the Central Government, which has been raising revenue in various ways. How can a government that oppresses the masses be so kind to industrialists? The question is whether all these positive effects are visible in the country’s economy! So whose, where and what is wrong?

Shailesh no. Purohit, Mulund East (Mumbai)

It is dangerous to think that religion is bigger than the country

You will notice that most of the controversies going on in the country right now are related to this religion. Many controversies have arisen as to why some conservative organizations and parties have succeeded in convincing the public to some extent of how their religion is in crisis. The mentality of believing religion to be greater than the nation is leading the country towards degeneration. Many speakers are calling for a debate and the news channels are committing the sin of further deteriorating the atmosphere. The country will have to pay a heavy price if the charities succeed in creating religious divisions and burning their nests. Can the next generation growing up in such a collective environment turn India into a superpower?

– G. M. Deshramukh, Parbhani

Theoretical Legacy of Jijavu, Ahilya Devi ..

What escapes the debate over the Gnanvapi Mosque is related to Maharashtra. The Kashi Vishwanath Temple near this place was restored in 1750 by Ahilyabai Holkar. Aurangzeb demolished the temple of Kashi Vishwanath fifty years ago. During the reconstruction of the temple, Queen Ahilyabai established the Shivilga. Ahilyabai is the ruler of Indore Sansthan. Does it mean that they do not have the idea / knowledge to be civil even in ‘Gnanavapi’ or do they have information and ignore it? Maharani Ahilya Devi has done many public works all over the country. He and his dynasty rejected the then method of sati. Earlier, Jijavu, the mother of Chhatrapati Shivaji Rani, also rejected the Sati ritual. It was a step towards great social progress at that time. Ahilyabai was also mentioned during the inauguration of the ‘Corridor’ of the Kashi Vishwanath Temple in Varanasi. Why is there anger against Jijavu and Ahilyabai for breaking the bonds imposed on women by Manusmriti? The Herwad Gram Panchayat in Maharashtra has decided to put an end to the misconduct of widows. The Herwad Gram Panchayat has carried forward the tradition of Rajmata Jijavu and Punyashlok Ahilyabai. Widow (VPM-2022 / Pr. No. 192 / Pt. Ra-3) The Rural Development Department issued a circular on May 17 to stop the practice of widowhood. There is less talk about it but the same talk on the news channels about Gnanvapi in the chatterbox!

– Jaiprakash Narkar, Pachal (Tal. Rajapur, District. Ratnagiri)

Let’s greet Jyotiba first ..

Read the ‘Next Step ..’ editorial (May 21). Decisions like Hervad prove the importance of the social reforms made by social reformers throughout history. How did men get the right to impose unjust restrictions on women when nature gave them equal rights to live as human beings? Thanks to the tireless efforts of these great social reformers, today’s generation has emerged from this undesirable norm. They should pay tribute to the struggle of Mahatma Phule to stop the cruel and insulting practice of hairdressing. Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl.

– Gopal Routh, Parbhani

Respected members of the community ..

Read the ‘Next Step ..’ Saturday editorial (May 21). The village of Hervard was truly idealized by the decision to honor women. While it is true that the wife’s condition deteriorated after her death, changes have taken place in urban areas. Rural regulations are still outdated. Joining a widow in a joint family is often unfortunate. At such a juncture, reformist ideas such as wearing saffron and wearing a bracelet as a tribute to Tilanjali’s misdeeds after the death of her husband in a town like Hervad are proof that they are coming true. Society will prosper further if the mentality that widows are to be respected in society is not wasted.

– Maya Hemant Bhatkar, Charkop Gaon (Mumbai)

2022-05-21 18:32:00

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From the front bench: Show courage again .. | Samorchya Bakavrun Chidambaram Inflation …




As inflation, unemployment and inequality rise on many levels, Dr. The courage shown by Manmohan Singh in 1991 is needed again today. But how dare the government, which is stuck in the ‘Hindutva’ wind, recommend employment for ‘frying’?

P. Chidambaram

Thirty-one years have passed since the unbelievable thing happened. On July 1, 1991, the rupee depreciated and economic changes began! It was truly a dramatic step towards a radical change in the system of the day. He was vehemently opposed. Prime Minister P Chidambaram’s next step in this economic transformation process is serious. V. Narasimha Rao was a bit embarrassed. According to him, the then Finance Minister Dr. Starring Manmohan Singh. Reserve Bank Deputy Governor Dr. C. Rangarajan became ‘unavailable’ but in the next 48 hours the rupee depreciated again and the trumpet of economic reforms rang again. It is a skillfully performed dance with the motto ‘One step back, only after that’.

What happened after that can only be described in the word ‘courage’. Then the government did one thing after another. Announced trade policy reforms. Brought in a new industrial policy. And in the same month (July 24) the new government presented a budget that would take the country in a whole new direction. The world immediately noticed these moves of the government. The whole world has noticed this courage of the government, its clarity and its speed. The country’s economy is booming. The Indian economy is as big as an elephant. The world now knows that the elephant looks beautiful as it dances!

Determination of the open economy

After the Congress-led government ushered in the era of liberalization, the country has benefited immensely in various fields in the last 30 years. In this context, wealth creation, new businesses, new entrepreneurs, a large number of newly created middle classes, the creation of millions of jobs, increased exports and 270 million (27 crore) people out of poverty can be mentioned. However, it is undeniable that a large number of people are still living in extreme poverty. According to the World Hunger Index 2021, India ranks 101st out of 116 countries. According to the National Family Health Survey-5, a large number of women and children are still suffering from malnutrition. According to annual academic reports, our level of education is worse. Unemployment is high in our country. Inflation is steadily rising. There is a huge difference in people’s income, people’s wealth and this is widening the gap. We have a lot of discrimination at the gender level. There is a huge imbalance at the regional level. Fair and equal opportunities are denied to many sections of society.

We can no longer stray from the path of an open, liberal and market-based economy that began 30 years ago. Doing so after such a long journey would be suicidal. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. We need to periodically review domestic and global developments and redefine our economic policies, taking into account the situation at these levels. For this, the courage, clarity and speed shown by the then government in 1991 must be increased.

Domestic and global development

Note the global developments first. Rich countries have become rich and the gap between some countries has widened. For example, India and China. In 2022, China’s gross domestic product (excluding inflation) will be US 16 16.7 trillion, while India’s will be US $ 3 trillion. Digital technology pervades every aspect of human life. Vida (data) becomes the new property. Automation, robotics, machine learning and artificial intelligence will rule the world and the role of man in this world will be reconstructed. In this new world, FiveG, Internet 3.0, Blockchain, Metawares and more will take place. Mankind will have to face the effects of climate change. You have to work hard to get out of it. Fossil fuels will be depleted and renewable sources of pure energy will have to be forced to grow to sustain life on Earth.

Now consider the domestic developments. Total fertility rate (TFR) dropped to 2.0. This is less than the replacement rate (replacement rate). The proportion of under-15 population in 2015-16 was 28.6 per cent. Decreased to 26.5 percent in 2019-21. When the country has a large young population, its production process benefits. The declining population of the youth is a sign that this benefit is likely to decrease in the coming period. Although the average farmer produces more, his standard of living has not changed. The belief that agriculture is not profitable is getting stronger day by day among the farmers. Their children do not like farming. Urbanization is accelerating and an army of urban unemployed is forming. The expanding speed of digitization; At the same level the gap between rich and poor is widening. The prevalence of the plural in our public life is slowly increasing. The politics of hatred and polarization are likely to affect our economy. No country excludes 20 percent of its population from its political and economic structure.

The exception is self-defeat

With all of this in mind, the time has come to do Hari Om again – the same courage, the same speed of decision and the same courage – to show again. It is not acceptable for a country to develop without creating new jobs. Employment development needs to be a cornerstone, while the rest is done automatically through job creation. From the lofty promises of creating two crore jobs a year to the language of ‘betting’ employment, the Modi government has disappointed working families. Because parents in these families have invested heavily in their children’s education rather than dreaming of a brighter tomorrow and now the same children are not getting employment.

The Modi government may be temporarily free from Hindutva temptations, but the youth of the country will soon realize that the BJP is Hindutva (and a certified and divided society) whether he / she is a Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or any other religion or atheist. ) None of them can get employment due to ‘Hindutva’.

This debate will inevitably lead to a changed balance in center-state relations. There has never been so much distance in this relationship; The financial condition of the states has never been so miserable. States are left without their own resources. The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has become very confusing. It is better not to talk about the way it is being implemented. Confidence between the center and the states was completely shattered. The GST exit is being debated, as is Brexit (Britain’s exit from the EU economy). By encroaching on the statutory jurisdiction of the states, the Center is using its administrative as well as economic powers to make the states head before them. Not only the policies of the Modi government but also the path they have chosen is leading to federal destruction.

The author is a former Finance Minister of India.


Twitter: chPchidambaram_IN

2022-05-21 18:32:00

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‘Krishna’ in the Milky Way




Dr. Girish Acne

The black hole has always been a mystery to man. The availability of photographs of Sagittarius A is an important milestone in space research. This photographic study illuminates the ‘dark’ lilies in the center of our galaxy.

Looking at the moonlit sky it is hard to find a person who will not go anywhere. But there are many other elements in the sky besides the stars. The most mysterious of these elements is the black hole. What is a black hole? Some more information is needed to answer this question. Just as humans have a life cycle, so do stars. That is, he is born, grows very slowly, grows up, ages and eventually dies. This is the real interesting part. We do not know what happens after the death of man; But after much research, scientists have discovered what happens to a star! There are four possibilities for what happens when a star dies. One of them is the black hole.

In short, a black hole is the state of a dying star. It has tremendous contraction as it is formed. Massive mass is small in size. This creates massive density and gravity. No matter how intense this gravitational force is, if an object gets some distance around the black hole, it will be pulled towards it with tremendous speed. Not only objects, but also light are drawn. That is, light does not come to us from such a hole. So it looks black. That is why it is called ‘Krishna’ Weaver. We still do not understand exactly what is inside the black hole and what happens to the objects inside. Many miracles take place in the area around him. For all these reasons, the subject of black holes has become a mystery not only to scientists but also to the general public.

There are billions of such groups in space. Such a group is called a galaxy. Our galaxy is called the Milky Way. Researchers have long believed that there should be a large black hole in the center of the galaxy. This is logical. See how- the reason the moon revolves around the earth is the gravity of the earth. The earth revolves around the sun due to the gravitational force of the sun. Now the next question is, is the sun also orbiting ‘something’? The answer is yes. The sun and all other stars revolve around the center of the galaxy. That is, there must be something at the center of gravity. This object is a giant black hole. The existence of such a statement has now become universal. A similar hole is in the center of our Milky Way galaxy, which has recently been proven with the help of mathematics and observations. It was named ‘Sagittarius A’. This research won the 2020 Nobel Prize in Physics. But still, without seeing an element – at least without looking at its photographs, you will not be satisfied and you will not believe in its existence. This is scientifically correct. In the case of a black hole, the biggest problem with taking such a photo is not only the light coming out of it, but how to take a photo of it? But how do you become a scientist if you succumb to such difficulties?

To overcome this challenge a massive system was set up and examined at length on the ‘Sagittarius’. Researchers have recently succeeded in capturing his photographs and there is no doubt that this phenomenon will be a milestone in astronomy. Scientists have wondered if this is the first photograph of a hole in the center of our Milky Way galaxy.

This crater in the center of our galaxy is called the ‘Giant’. Because if it is placed on one side of the scales, it will take 40 million suns on the other side to balance it. This enormous mass (relatively) lies in a sphere with a radius of about 2,400 km.

How far is Sagittarius A from Earth? This distance is 26,000 light years. So the photograph we have today is 26,000 years old! There are a large number of stars at some distance around this crater. When the gas in it pulls that hole towards you, it emits radio waves. The black hole image was created with the help of those waves. It took more than a decade of research to accomplish this very difficult task. The brightness in this image is created by radio waves to external opacity. The middle part is black because the waves trying to get out of that part are pulled through the details. In that sense the film is truly a ‘shadow’ film.

How did you come up with this film? The researchers developed a large system called the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT). The system is a network of eight radio telescopes. These telescopes are arranged in six locations away from each other on Earth. Telescopes have been installed at various locations in the United States, from the state of Arizona to the South Pole and from the island of Hawaii to Spain. This unique design created a dish antenna with an area of ​​approximately 12,000 km in diameter. The system operates at the same resolution as a dish antenna with a diameter of 12,000 km.

Getting a black hole picture is a very difficult task. Using all of the radio telescopes mentioned above, scientists have collected huge amounts of Veda. How big? So 100 Million TickTalk Videos Can Be Made! Technically three and a half petabytes. This release is too large to be sent via Google Drive or similar. So each telescope stores this release on its own hard disk and sends those disks directly to the main hub. There all these factors are put together and how they are related to each other is determined. Thousands of such images were formed. Their ‘average’ accompanying film.

This hole in the heart of our galaxy is not ‘silent’. There is always something going on. Hot air bubbles are drawn in from nearby stars, causing a sensation. As a result, the waves emanating from those gases also undergo major changes. Fast moving electrons create a magnetic field. That area is also constantly changing. This makes it even more difficult to get a picture of the black hole. Also, you can not clearly see the ERV in the center of your galaxy. Because it is surrounded by a variety of gases and dirt. Therefore, observing a black hole in such a center is even more challenging. So many sophisticated computers and many advanced algorithms were used in this experiment. It is important to note that this figure proves that Einstein’s mathematical theory of relativity 100 years ago was correct in determining the approximate diameter of the sides around a hole. Einstein’s supernatural intelligence came to the fore once again. A detailed study of this film is now underway. This study sheds light on the ‘dark’ lilies in the center of our galaxy.

What is the use of such research in astronomy for the common man? A separate article will be written to give a detailed answer. Turtas cites only one example – if Einstein had not proposed the theory of relativity, GPS, Google Earth, Google Maps, etc. would not have been born today!

2022-05-21 18:32:00

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